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James Quintanilla

James Quintanilla is a technical copywriter. Although his experience allows him to write on many topics, he loves to focus on tech and travel. As a freelancer, James has worked on projects with Pointer Clicker, Lonely Planet, and the Travel Channel. When he’s not writing or planning his next adventure, he’s watching a scary movie.

Why Does My Roku Remote Eat a Lot of Batteries?

I love Roku, but have you noticed how fast it goes through batteries? Why does my Roku remote eat a lot of batteries?  It’s such a hassle to purchase so many. Or worse yet, remove the batteries from your remote, so they don’t drain overnight. So, what’s going on Roku? In the following paragraphs, we’ll …

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​​Are Fire Stick Remotes Interchangeable?

Amazon produces a lot of streaming devices to compete in today’s market. The original Firestick was released in 2014, with a follow-up generation in 2016 (second generation).  Then, Amazon unveiled the 4K Firestick in 2018. But in 2020, Amazon released a first-generation Fire TV Stick Lite, quickly followed by the third generation of the original …

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Why Does My Fire Stick Keep Freezing?

New gadgets are fun. Devices like Fire Sticks provide endless entertainment for you, your friends, and your family. But when technology fails us, it can be rather annoying. So when you discovered your Fire Stick was frozen, you panicked. Why does your Amazon Fire Stick keep freezing? What are the reasons? And how can you …

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Flight Simulator Projector Setup: A 101 Guide

If you’re an aviation geek like me and have a dying urge to either get your wings or feel like you’re flying high in the sky, then setting up a flight simulator with your projector is the next obvious step. It sounds like a daunting task. Where do you start?  Today we’ll break down everything …

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