Editorial Guidelines

Last updated: October 25, 2023

Our Vision

At PointerClicker, our mission is to demystify technology for those who aren’t tech-savvy. We aim to provide clear step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot and operate home entertainment devices, helping our readers save both time and money.

Our primary audience comprises individuals who are not deeply familiar with tech. We are here to be the bridge of understanding for them.

Content Types

While we specialize in troubleshooting guides and how-to tutorials, we also offer select product reviews. Stay tuned, as we are excited to introduce tech news in the near future!

Voice and Tone

Our content embodies a professional, informative, yet user-friendly tone. We’re not just about providing information; we ensure that our readers can understand and act on it.

Content Quality

We prioritize the highest quality in our articles, often validating our content by purchasing and personally testing tech devices and products. Every fact is checked, and all sources are diligently cited.

Our articles are enriched with images that vividly depict each step of our instructions. For more complex procedures, we sometimes incorporate videos.

SEO Guidelines

While we optimize our content for Google and other search engines, our readers always come first. We write for you, not for algorithms.

Citing Sources

Every factual claim or statistic is backed by authoritative sources. These are always directly linked within the content, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Originality and Plagiarism

To guarantee the originality of our content, we use Quetext for plagiarism detection. We uphold the authenticity of our content and never compromise on it.

Images and Multimedia

Our in-house team captures original photos of the products we test. When needed, we also source high-quality images from trusted platforms such as Shutterstock, Depositphotos, and Canva. Unauthorized use of images is strictly against our policy.

Editorial Process

Every article begins with our tech editors, who propose topics rooted in reader benefits. Once a topic gets the green light from our chief editors, in-depth research ensues. Following the research, an outline is sent to our writers, who then draft the article.

After the drafting process, our tech editors once again review the content before publishing. Our chief editors also conduct spot checks post-publication.

This comprehensive process ensures that every article is factually accurate, well-organized, and reader-friendly. To ensure relevancy, articles are re-evaluated and updated, if necessary, annually or sooner.

Authorship and Bylines

Our team’s credentials are proudly displayed on our About Us page, complete with their individual expertise and LinkedIn profiles.

We don’t host guest posts; every article is crafted in-house under close supervision.

Legal and Ethical Guidelines

We respect and adhere to all legal guidelines, especially copyright laws. Please visit our Privacy Policy for details on how we handle personal data.

Update and Maintenance

To ensure the relevance of our content, articles are revisited and, if needed, updated or removed based on their timeliness and accuracy.

Conflict of Interest

Yes, we have affiliations and sponsorships, which are transparently mentioned in our Disclosure page. However, these partnerships never influence our recommendations, which are solely based on the quality and trustworthiness of the products.

Feedback and Communication

Both writers and readers are encouraged to provide feedback. Should you have any questions or require clarifications, please reach out to us here.

Comments are welcomed and moderated for appropriateness. We value your feedback and aim to respond whenever possible.

Training and Resources

Our team has access to continuous training and updated resources, ensuring that we always deliver the best content.

We hope these guidelines provide clarity on our processes and standards. Your trust is essential to us, and we strive to earn it with every article. For any further queries or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.