Fire TV Stick Keeps Turning Off? 8 Fixes for the Shut-Off Cycle

Amazon fire stick is plugged into HDMI port on a TV

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Solutions To Try

  • Ensure a secure connection between the Firestick and TV; a poor connection can cause power issues, leading to random shutdowns.
  • Check your TV, HDMI cables, and power adapters; issues with these can result in the Firestick turning off—consider a charger cord or USB Power Adapter replacement.
  • Avoid unofficial, third-party products; ensure your Fire Stick is directly connected to the TV and not falling asleep (Settings > Display & Sounds > Screensaver > Start Time > Never).

Are you tired of your Firestick shutting down unexpectedly?

Our in-depth article tackles this annoyance head-on.

From connection woes to faulty adapters, dive in for tailored solutions to your Fire TV’s persistence in turning off.

1. The Connection Between Your Firestick and TV is Bad

fire stick says no signal

If your Fire Stick turns off at random times, make sure the connection between your TV and your device is secure.

If your connections are partially inserted, your device might not receive the correct energy amount needed to stay on and run properly.

Sometimes, I disconnect everything and reconnect it all, making sure everything is connected securely.

After doing so, test your device and see if the problem persists.

If it continues, it might be a different issue entirely. 

Let’s keep reading to find out what else causes your Fire Stick to turn off randomly.

2. The Issue is Your TV

man is trying to fix a TV that keeps turning off

You’ve checked all of your connections, and your Fire Stick is still turning itself off randomly. What is happening?

If the problem continues, it could be your TV. 

To troubleshoot, disconnect your Fire Stick from your current TV and reconnect it to another display (TV, Monitor, or Projector). If your Fire Stick works without issues, you’ve solved the problem.

However, if the issue continues, it could be something else.

3. The Cables Are No Good

input devices

We often overlook the cables. Have you checked your HDMI cable? Is it frayed, broken, or bent out of shape? These cables are sensitive, and sometimes a badly bent HDMI cable is the problem.

As a side note, this might only be an issue if your Fire Stick is not connected directly to your TV. That’s because the Fire Stick already has a built-in HDMI connection you can plug directly into your TV.

If you believe it’s the HDMI connection, try using another port behind your TV and see if the issue continues.

Although the Fire Stick comes with other plugs and connections, you must also check those.

4. It’s Your Power Adapters Fault

a service man fixes the wiring of a TV

The Fire Stick requires at least 5V1A of power to run efficiently. If your Fire Stick is plugged into a faulty outlet, it may not receive the proper amount of electricity it needs.

The Fire Stick must have a steady source of power to run smoothly. The power must run through all parts, cords, and plugs to function as it should. Therefore, if there is a loss in electricity, you are using an HDMI to USB adapter to plug in your device, a lack of electricity may cause your item to turn off.

To solve the issue, we suggest trying a charger cord replacement , this can solve any faulty wires or r issues. You can also try the QFUB USB Power Adapter replacement , it eliminates the need for a power adapter and power cord while still giving you the correct amount of juice needed to power your device.

5. It’s Not Directly Connected to Your TV

To piggyback off the last section, if you have a hub or adapters where you connect your devices, perhaps it’s not receiving enough electricity to keep itself on.

However, it could also mean that none of your additional devices are compatible with your Fire Stick or your TV.

Try connecting your Fire Stick directly to your TV instead.

6. You Are Using Unofficial, Third-Party Products

It’s okay to use unofficial, third-party products. That’s not necessarily the issue. However, the problem lies in whether those products are HDCP compliant. If you’ve purchased a “Fire Stick” imitation, for example, it might not be HDCP compliant, and that’s where the problem lies. 

To solve the issue, it’s best to purchase a Fire Stick  directly from Amazon.

If you’ve purchased an Amazon Fire stick and you’re still having issues, please contact Amazon customer support for further assistance.

7. It’s Falling Asleep

If your device continually falls asleep while you’re trying to watch something, count your blessings because this is an easy one to fix.

Sometimes, we just need to adjust our Sleep settings in order to continue watching our all-day movie marathon.

To disable your screensaver, navigate to Settings > Display & Sounds > Screensaver > Start Time.

Look at the options provided and navigate to Never. You’ve now fixed the sleeping issue. If you wish to view a video tutorial on how to fix it, please see this video here.

Does the Fire Stick Shut Off Automatically? | 3 Easy Ways to Turn Off a Fire Stick

8. The Fire TV Stick is Faulty

Sometimes, the easiest answer is the correct one. It could be that your Fire Stick keeps turning off because it is simply faulty. 

If you tried troubleshooting through all other methods to no avail, the best thing to do is contact Amazon customer service for assistance. If they are unable to help you in this situation, you might be able to get a refund, or they can send you a new one.

Bonus: Firestick is Turning off and Restarting On Its Own

If your Fire Stick turns off and then turns itself back on continuously, it is most likely a different problem entirely.

It could be a lack of electricity or a faulty power adapter issue. Chances are it can also be software-related. Although this topic requires more in-depth attention, here are a few troubleshooting techniques you can try to address the issue in this video.

Fire TV Stick 4k: Keeps Restarting? 4 Fixes!


The video explains how this user tried objects he already had lying around the house that helped him solve his issues. He tried a cell phone micro USB cable that seemed to solve his problem. Sometimes the issue lies within the product itself. If the product is faulty, contact Amazon for a replacement.

Did any of that work? If it didn’t, try using a different HDMI port.

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