How to Hang a Projector Screen Without Drilling: 5 Renter-Friendly Mounting Solutions

how to mount a projector screen without drilling

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What To Know

  • Velcro tape provides an easy and wall-friendly method to hang a projector screen without drilling, suitable for both solo and two-person setups.
  • Tension rods offer a drill-free, apartment-friendly alternative for mounting projector screens, requiring some assembly but no power tools.
  • For a sturdier setup without drilling, a PVC pipe frame can be constructed to support the projector screen, with customization options for outdoor stability.

In this article, I’ll guide you through five simple, renter-friendly solutions on how to hang a projector screen without drilling, ensuring your walls remain intact.

Let’s explore these hassle-free options together!

5 Ideas to Mount Projector Screens Without Drilling

a projector screen is mounted without drilling

There are countless ways to hang a projector screen, from inexpensive do-it-yourself projects to extensive projects for that carpenter/handyman in your family.

But what if you’re not handy or a carpenter? Are there easier ways that require fewer tools?

The quick answer is yes. There are many ways to hang a projector screen that are inexpensive and good for your walls. But most importantly, these ideas are low maintenance.

In the following paragraph, we will show you five methods you can follow independently or with a friend. Nevertheless, they will get a projector screen on your wall without any holes.

1) The Easy Velcro Way

Mounting a projector screen without drilling holes in your wall sounds impossible. You might think there’s no way of doing it. However, here is one idea that’s so easy it will blow you away. So, let’s get some velcro !

Before we get into the specifics, here is a quick YouTube video for visual learners. You can read along as you watch the video.

£16 Projector Screen No Mess Install

Depending on your projector, you might need to purchase a screen that’s the appropriate size. However, buying a large screen is not an issue. The issue resides in buying a screen that’s too small for your image.

For these ideas, we’re assuming you already have a screen purchased. If not, we recommend the Dreokee  100-inch screen. But any flat screen will do.

Now, let’s get our Velcro tape. If you’re unfamiliar with Velcro tape, it has a strong adhesive on both sides but uniquely attaches to itself with its fabric. Similar to tape, you can extend and cut an appropriate length. 

Some Velcro has a protective plastic strip to ensure the stickiness stays intact. If so, feel free to remove it from one side at this time.

Stick one side of the adhesive to the back of your projector screen. 

Once your Velcro is stuck to the back of your projector screen, remove any remaining adhesive protection from the Velcro.

Depending on the size of your screen, you can either do this yourself or with a companion.

Next, take your projector screen and stick it to the wall.

That’s it. No drilling. No holes in your walls. It’s simple, inexpensive, and relatively hassle-free.

2) Apartment Friendly Tension Rods Idea

Our next idea is a tad more complex. However, it’s apartment-friendly and doesn’t involve drilling. In fact, no power tools whatsoever are used for this project.

For this idea, our projector screen hangs between two tension rods. It’s easy, but it requires some assembly and more patience than our previous idea.

You’ll need the Yescom  92-inch motorized projector screen, two Carabiner Clips , and two Price Hanger  tension rods for this project.

However, before we get into the details, here’s a video for you to follow along.

DIY Home Theater for Your Apartment! | RENTER FRIENDLY| AFFORDABLE

The first thing we want to do is unpack our tension rods. 

Once you’ve unpacked them, follow the instructions on how to build them. It’s pretty easy. They stack on top of each other, creating a long rod that’s retractable.

Once built, the stack of rods creates tension between the floor and the ceiling of your apartment.

The tension rods contain flat surfaces at each end to stop them from sliding. Each rod also contains hooks for proper screen attachment.

Once you’ve stacked the rods together and placed each hook accordingly, you can move each rod to the proper place in your house.

It’s essential to measure the distance between each rod so you can properly space them apart.

Once you’ve done so, our next step is getting the projector screen onto our rods.

Let’s unpack our projector screen.

The projector is straightforward to install and operate. Essentially all you have to do is plug it in, and it’s ready to go. However, we’re not there yet. First, we need to mount it to our rods.

The projector comes with two rings, one on each end. Use one Carabiner clip for each ring. Hook each clip on the hooks of the rods.

Plug your projector in, and you’re done.

Customization Options 

The rods come in white but feel free to paint them any color you want. You can also wrap colorful tape around them and create a pattern. It’s up to you, your taste, and your walls, though.

If you like the white-colored rods, leave them as they are.

3) PVC Pipe Screen Idea

This projector screen idea is for those who want something a little sturdy that requires more effort but creates a great screen without many tools. Once it’s complete, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment.

You’ll need more tools and equipment than the last two ideas on our list, but there’s no drilling involved.

For this idea, you’ll need to purchase a few things. If you don’t have a screen yet and want to do it yourself, buy Projector Screen Material  to create your screen.

You’ll also need PVC pipes, 90-degree PVC pipe elbows, and PVC tees. We chose a ¾-inch thickness for all PVC products, but this can also work with thinner or thicker pipes.

The building materials include Iron-On Hemming tape and PVC cutters. There’s no need to purchase an iron if you already have one, but you’ll need an iron for this project.

Next, we’ll get into the steps you need to create this projector screen without drilling. But here’s a video to make it easier to follow along.

DIY Outdoor Projector Screen - Plus Micro Projector Review

PVC Pipe Projector Screen, Step by Step

One thing we should mention upfront is that your screen size depends on your projector. Nevertheless, we’ll start with the Projector Screen Material. Considering it comes in a 130-inch size, we can cut it down to fit any size.

Here’s what we’ll do. First, fold each side of the material until you have a four-inch border all around.

Next, we’ll use the Iron-On Hemming tape to make sure our border stays put. 

Get your iron and proceed to iron the tape. You’ll need a towel under and above your screen to iron the adhesive on.

Now, we’ll need to cut the corners off. Cutting the corners gives us a place to stick the PVC pipes.

As for the PVC pipes, we’ll have to measure the size and make sure they’re long enough for our screen. If you need to cut it using PVC cutters, feel free to do so.

You’ll use one 90-degree PVC elbow for both top corners. We’ll also use one PVC tee for the two bottom corners.

Next, we’ll build our legs. These legs will hold the screen upright.

Cut two small 18-inch pieces of pipe and attach another two-foot pipe to them with PVC tees. Do this twice to make both legs.

Now you can attach the legs to the screen.

You can place your newly built PVC projector screen in your backyard, in your room, or anywhere you wish.

Improvements and Alternatives

If you’re using this PVC screen mount outdoors, you might want to attach a rope to protect it from the wind. Using sandbags on the legs is another excellent alternative if you live in a windy area.

Another option for improving the screen is to place another PVC through the middle of the screen’s backside to stretch it out. This requires you to drill a couple of holes, though.

4) Useful Indoors and Outdoors Screen

This next idea is useful indoors and outdoors. It’s also inexpensive and easy to replicate.

The video shows you how to mount it outdoors, but we are taking this idea and bringing it inside our house (drill-free.) And even though we don’t need to use everything from this video, we want to learn how to mount it.

Dollar Tree DIY Outdoor Movie Theater | Projection Screen

If you already have a screen, this information will be helpful. 

However, if you don’t have a screen and want to make one feel free to follow along.

We’ll need your screen, double-sided Gorilla Tape , scrubbing pads, scissors, black spray paint, and if you don’t have a screen yet, we’ll make one out of a shower curtain.

Our first step is to cut our Gorilla Tape and either place it on our wall or the backside of the screen. This double-sided Gorilla Tape is very strong and works great for mounting screens.

Now proceed to stick your projector screen on your wall. Try to iron out any wrinkles with your hands. That’s pretty much it. You’re done.

Alternatives (If you don’t have a screen)

measuring a curtain

If you don’t have a screen, you can measure the shower curtain and cut it to the size you need. 

You can then paste it onto your wall using the Gorilla Tape. Feel free to stretch the curtain to remove any wrinkles.

Grab the black spray paint and spray the scrubbing pads. Attach the scrubbing pads around the border of the screen to create a black frame.

Presto. You’re done.

5) No Fuss Idea

If you’re in a rush and need something quick, consider the Portable 80-inch Projector Stand . It’s also less expensive than other stands.

This projector stand is by far the easiest to build. Here’s a quick video on how to make it, but we can walk you through it below.

Unpack it from its box and get the stand. Extend the legs of the stand, so it stands upright on its own.

Now grab the four rods and place them inside the center console.

Attach the screen using the clips on each rod. 

The final touch is adjusting the screen height to meet your needs.

An Alternative

KSAN Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand, Portable Outdoor Movie Screen 120 Inch (16:9), Portable with Full-Set Bag for Home Theatre Camping and Recreational Events

The KSAN projector stand comes in 120 inches in case you’re looking for something bigger. Although there’s a plethora of projector stands available, the KSAN Projector  stand is great for indoor and outdoor use.

It comes equipped with everything you need. There’s no need to cut, paste, tape, or iron anything because everything is already pre-made.

Simply put it together and place it in any room of your house.

That’s a Wrap

a projector screen placed in a bright room

There are many options for mounting a projector screen without drilling holes. However, these options are some of the easiest.

So, are you a do-it-yourself crafty person? Or do you want something quick and easy? Either way, we have some no-fuss ideas that are perfect for your projector screen.

So, what’s it going to be? Some good old-fashioned Gorilla Tape or Velcro? Or will you just purchase what you need and go?

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