7 Apartment TV Mount Ideas That Are Renter-Friendly

7 renter-friendly tv mount ideas

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What To Know

  • Wall-mounted TVs are a space-saving solution in small apartments, but many landlords prohibit them due to the potential damage to walls.
  • Before mounting a TV, tenants should consider wall strength, noise for neighbors, installation risks, and have a financial plan for potential damages.
  • There are renter-friendly TV mounting options like floor stands, media units, corner stands, desk mounts, adhesive mounts, ceiling mounts, and no-stud wall mounts that don’t require drilling into walls.

Are you wondering if you can mount a TV in your apartment without upsetting your landlord or forfeiting your deposit?

In this guide, I will offer practical solutions for safely personalizing your rental space with TV mounting options that won’t leave a trace.

Do Apartments Allow TV Mounts?

A family moving into an apartment

No, most apartments don’t allow TV mounts. 

But it really depends on the landlord and the type of mount you’re planning on using.

Some landlords don’t want to deal with hole-y dry walls when ex-tenants move out. In addition to being expensive to fix, it also devalues their properties.

That said, some landlords do allow their tenants to mount their TVs as long as they promise to foot the bill for the repairs when they move out.

So make sure to read your contract and speak to your landlord before making any holes in the wall. 

7 Apartment & Renter-Friendly TV Mount Options

Finding the perfect spot for your TV in a rental or in an apartment can be tricky. 

You don’t want to damage the walls or violate your lease agreement. 

7 renter-friendly tv mount ideas that won't risk your security deposit

Thankfully, there are several smart and easy-to-install mounting options that are perfect for renters. 

These solutions are not just practical, but also ensure a neat and personalized feel to your space. 

Want to avoid damage as much as possible? Not to worry, here are a few apartment-friendly TV wall mounts! 

1. Floor Stands

TV Floor stand in a modern living room

A TV floor stand is a perfect choice if you’re not keen on hanging your TV on a wall.

These stands are tough, easy to tweak, and can help you get your TV at just the right height for comfortable viewing. 

TV Floor stand in White Living room

Plus, lots of them have extra shelves built right in, which means you score some bonus storage space without eating up too much room. 

And you know what’s even cooler? Some TV floor stands  come with a cabinet so you can store things more conveniently.

FITUEYES TV Stand with Mount for 32-70 inch TVs, Swivel Floor Entertainment Center with Wood Console Holds Up to 110 Pounds For Living Room, Bedroom (Walnut Television Stands)

Check out this cool floor stand design that can make your TV look just like a piece of art. Take the VIVO Tripod TV Stand , for example. Plop your TV on top of this groovy stand, and you’ve got yourself an instant artsy vibe in the room.

VIVO Artistic Easel 45 to 65 inch LED LCD Screen, Studio TV Display Stand, Adjustable TV Mount with Swivel and Tripod Base, Black Bracket, Dark Walnut Legs, STAND-TV65A

Easel Tripod TV Stand from VIVO: 

STAND-TV65A Black Easel Stand for 45" to 65" TVs by VIVO


2. TV Stands & Media Units 

When it comes to dressing up a room with a TV, I usually stick to the usual TV stands or media units. 

Choosing the ideal design and color for your TV stand can truly enhance the overall look of your interior space. If you’re a fan of that modern, clean-cut look, check out this cool TV stand from Walker Edison .  

WLIVE LED TV Stand for 55/60/65/70 Inch TV, Modern Entertainment Center with Open Shelves, Wood TV Console with 2 Storage Drawers for Bedroom, Living Room, Gaming Media Stand with Display Glass, Black

And if you have a thing for wooden interiors? – This Modway TV Stand  might be just the thing for your space.

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile 59 Inch TV Stand in Walnut

3. Corner Stands

Now, I’m not really a fan of corner stands. They kind of throw off the balance of the room, you know? – But they do have their uses, so I’m gonna mention them anyway.

Corner stands are fantastic if you’re tight on space. 

But for those movie marathons? 

Not so much. I mean, who wants to cuddle up on the sofa or in bed facing a corner? – It just doesn’t feel right to me.

Walker Edison Simple Farmhouse Wood Universal TV Stand with Storage Cabinets for TV's up to 58" Flat Screen Living Room Entertainment Center, 52 Inch, White

But hey, if you’re using your TV more as decoration, then corner stands could work for you. Check out this   farmhouse-style wooden TV stand   from Walker Edison or this modern TV stand with an electric fireplace  from Ameriwood Home.

Ameriwood Home Overland Electric Corner Fireplace for TVs up to 50" Wide, Espresso Or if you’re more about that minimalist life, this 2-Shelf Corner TV Stand ,  also from Walker Edison, could be a perfect fit.

Walker Edison Maxwell Classic 2 Shelf Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 65 Inches, 58 Inch, Driftwood

4. Desk Mounts & Adjustable Arms

Another way to mount your TV is to use a desk mount with an adjustable arm. 

You won’t need to drill or damage the wall, and you can move your TV up, down, or side to side. 

VIVO Ultra Wide Screen TV Desk Mount for up to 55 inch Screens, Full Motion Height Adjustable Single Television Stand with Articulating Arm, VESA 75x75mm to 400x400mm, Black, STAND-V155M

Just keep in mind that most desk mounts only hold up to 32-inch TVs, so finding one for a bigger, heavier TV might be a bit tricky.

VIVO Ultra Wide Screen TV Desk Mount for up to 55 inch Screens, Full Motion Height Adjustable Single Television Stand with Articulating Arm, VESA 75x75mm to 400x400mm, Black, STAND-V155M

Two notable products are the NB North Bayou Monitor Arm  and the VIVO Ultra Wide Screen TV Desk Mount .

The North Bayou arm can hold a TV up to 40 inches and 33 lbs, while the VIVO mount can support TVs up to 55 inches and 44 lbs.

TV Desk Mount with Articulating Arm from VIVO:

STAND-V155M Articulating Arm Single TV Desk Mount by VIVO

5. Adhesive Wall Mounts

Using strong adhesive tapes to hang your TV isn’t necessarily the safest approach, so it’s best to seek expert advice before proceeding with this method.

To start, take precise measurements of the area on your TV’s back that you plan to attach to the wall, and use a pen to mark it.

Make sure to level it out so your TV doesn’t tilt aside when everything is all done.

Then, to make sure the adhesive tapes will work at their best, we need to clean both the back surface of your TV and the wall where the TV will be mounted.

Once everything is clean, apply the adhesive tapes to the outlined region on your TV. The final step is to press your TV against the taped area gently. 

A typical 40-inch TV weighs around 15 to 25 pounds, so it’s crucial to find heavy-duty duct tape that can safely support your TV on the wall. 

Gorilla Heavy Duty, Extra Long Double Sided Mounting Tape, 1" x 120", Black, (Pack of 1)

Gorilla Mounting Tape  boasts that it can handle up to 60 lbs, which is a good option to consider if you’re thinking about using this approach.

Remember, safety first – proceed with caution during every step of this process.

6. Ceiling Mounts

If your landlord isn’t keen on you putting your TV on the wall but is open to ceiling options, then a ceiling mount could be your solution.

Be sure to measure your TV before buying a mount to ensure it can handle your TV’s size and weight.

Standard ceiling mounts, like the one from WALI , are perfect for most homes. They come with features like tilt, rotate, and swivel, and can accommodate TVs up to 65 inches.

WALI Ceiling TV Mount, Full Motion Adjustable TV Mount Bracket Fits Most LED, LCD, OLED 4K TVs 26 to 65 inch, up to 99lbs, Mounting Holes 400x400mm (CM2665-P), Black

For a sleek, modern look, consider the VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount . It’s perfect if you want to hide your TV when it’s not in use.

VIVO Electric Ceiling TV Mount for 32 to 70 inch Screens, Large Flip Down Motorized Pitched Roof VESA Mount, Master Pack, Black, MOUNT-E-FD70

Electric Ceiling TV Mount From VIVO:

MOUNT-E-FD70 Electric flip down ceiling TV mount by VIVO

7. No-stud Wall Mounts

If your landlord doesn’t allow drilling into walls, no-stud wall mounts are a fantastic option.

Unlike traditional wall mounts that require drilling into wall studs, no-stud mounts don’t cause significant damage to rental property. 

Plus, it’s easier to repair the small nail holes from no-stud mounts when you’re moving out than the larger drilling holes. 

This makes them a perfect solution for renters.

Studless TV Wall Mount, Heavy Duty Drywall TV Bracket Hanger for 26-55 inch Flat Screen TVs, No Stud, No Drill, No Anchors, Easy Install with All Hardware Included

Many no-stud wall mounts come with soft backings so that they don’t dent your walls over time, like the AENTGIU Studless Wall Mount  which has a foam backing and it fits 26” to 55” screens with VESA 100×100 mm to 600x400mm mounting holes.

AENTGIU Studless Wall Mount Review Video:

Studless Drywall TV Mount for 26-55 inch TVs REVIEW!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Things to Consider Before Mounting Your TV to Your Wall

Let’s say your landlord has given you the green light to put a wall mount. Is it really the right move?

Yes, you want to be smart about your limited living space. But should you push through with the wall-mounted TV

Here are some things to consider before you start drilling holes into your living room walls:

Are Your Walls Strong Enough?

tv on the wall

It’s not uncommon to notice weaker walls inside apartments. This is a characteristic that is quite normal for large homes that were converted into smaller living spaces. 

So, before you start drilling holes and propping up TVs, ask your landlord if they know anything about what the walls are made of. 

If your landlord isn’t sure about the conditions of their walls, try asking if it would be alright to call in professionals to check.

How Thin are Your Walls?

Apartment white wall

This one is not about the durability of your walls. Rather, we’re talking about how much a mounted TV will bother your neighbors.

Hearing some noise from one’s neighbors is common, but check if having your TV mounted on the wall will be too loud for your neighbors and annoy them.

You can also opt to use home speakers  and install them farther away from the walls, so you don’t have to worry about making too much noise during movie nights.

Do You Have a Backup Plan Just In Case the Installation Goes Wrong?

A woman is considerating

Accidents can happen during installations, especially if you’re planning on DIY-ing your wall-mounted TV.

In the event that things go wrong in the middle of installation, will you be able to afford to repair the wall? 

You should carefully consider this before you start drilling any holes.

In the Worst-Case Scenario, Can You Afford to Fix the Whole Wall?

Let’s say you have the TV mounted on the wall. Then, one day, the TV falls off and rips off a huge chunk of cement from the wall. 

You call up a carpenter and they tell you that they can’t just patch it up with drywall, and you’ll have to replace the whole thing. Will you have the funds to do that?

We’re not sharing these to discourage you from mounting your TV. We only want you to be aware of the possible risks of installing a wall-mounted TV in an apartment complex.


Whether or not you’ll be allowed to mount your TV to the wall will really depend on the agreement you’ve made with your landlord. 

While it’s common for most apartment buildings and apartment complexes to prohibit tenants from drilling holes into the walls, you can try to convince your landlord to make an exception.

You can come to an agreement that you will foot the bill for the repairs and that you don’t get a gigantic TV.

In case your landlord doesn’t budge, there are tenant-friendly ways that you can mount your TV to the walls to save space and avoid as much damage as possible.

We hope we were able to provide you with useful information for maximizing your apartment’s space and avoiding bad blood with your landlord and neighbors. 

Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments section below! 

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