100+ Samsung Phones With HDMI Output for TV Connection

a brand new Samsung smartphone

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What To Know

  • HDMI-compatible Samsung smartphones, including those with HDMI Alt Mode or Samsung DeX and MHL, can transmit audio and video to a TV or projector via HDMI.
  • To check a Samsung phone’s HDMI compatibility, consult its specifications for terms like “Samsung DeX,” “HDMI Alt Mode,” or “USB Type-C Alt Mode,” or verify on the official MHL website and associated apps.
  • The article lists over 100 Samsung models that support either MHL or HDMI Alt Mode, showcasing a broad range of HDMI-compatible devices for users to reference.

Eager to elevate your viewing experience by connecting your Samsung phone to a larger screen?

It’s not always clear-cut which models support HDMI output, especially with terms like HDMI Alt Mode and Samsung DeX thrown into the mix.

This article simplifies the process, presenting an exhaustive list of over 100 Samsung devices with HDMI capabilities.

Dive in and effortlessly determine if your phone is set for that cinematic experience on a bigger display.

Which Samsung Phones Are HDMI Compatible?

Refer to the tables below to find out if your Samsung phone’s micro USB or USB-C port supports HDMI. 

MHL-Compatible Samsung Phones with Micro USB 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 placed on the box

MHL-compatible Samsung smartphone models can also support HDMI via a micro USB to HDMI adapter .

So, if you see your phone’s model number listed below, it likely also supports HDMI via a proper adapter.

AT&T Galaxy Note LTE 5.3″ Galaxy Note 3  Galaxy S5  SCL22 SM-N900D SM-N900X
AT&T Galaxy S II  Galaxy Note 3 Neo  Galaxy S5 Dual Sim  SGH-M819N SM-N900DSM-N900J SM-N910A
AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket  Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy S5 Zoom  SHV-E470S SM-N900J SM-N916S
AT&T Galaxy S III  Galaxy Note 5.3″ Galaxy Tab 3 8″, 10.1″  SM-G900T3 SM-N900K SM-P600
Captivate Glide  Galaxy Note 8  Galaxy Tab S 10.5″  SM-G906S SM-N900L SM-P601
Cricket Galaxy S III  Galaxy Note Edge  Galaxy Tab S 8.4″  SM-G910S SM-N900P SM-P605
Epic 4G Touch Galaxy Note II  Galaxy TabPRO 10.1″  SM-N9002 SM-N900R4 SM-P605K
Galaxy Express  Galaxy Note Pro  Galaxy TabPRO 8.4″  SM-N9005 SM-N900S SM-P605L
Galaxy K Zoom  Galaxy S II  S4 Active  SM-N9006 SM-N900T SM-P605M
Galaxy Mega 6.3 and 5.8  Galaxy S III  S4 Zoom  SM-N9008 SM-N900V SM-P605S
Galaxy Nexus  Galaxy S4  SC-01F SM-N9009 SM-N900W8 SM-S902L
Galaxy Nexus 2 Galaxy S4 TD-LTE  SC-02F SM-N900A SM-N900W9 SM-T320NU
SM-T707D SM-T817 SM-T817R4 SM-T817W Sprint Galaxy S III  T-Mobile Galaxy S III 
SM-T807 SM-T817A SM-T817T SPH-L720T Straight Talk Galaxy S III  U.S. Cellular Galaxy S III 
SM-T815 SM-T817P SM-T817V Sprint Galaxy Nexus T-Mobile Galaxy S II  Verizon Galaxy Nexus LTE
Verizon Galaxy S III           

HDMI Alt Mode Samsung Phones with USB Type-C

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 with USB Type-C

While the following USB-C Samsung models may not necessarily support MHL, they do support HDMI via a USB Type-C to HDMI adapter .

Galaxy S8 and S8+ Note 9 Note 10 range Galaxy Z Flip Galaxy S20 range Galaxy S21 range
Note 8 Galaxy Tab S4 Tab S6 Galaxy Z Fold2 Galaxy Note20 range Galaxy S22 range
Galaxy S9 and S9+ Galaxy S10 range Galaxy


Galaxy Z Fold3 Tab S7 / 7+  
Galaxy Book Tab S5e A90 5G Galaxy Z Fold4 Tab S8 / 8+ / S8 Ultra  

How Do I Know If My Samsung Phone Is HDMI Compatible?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Here are a few ways to check your Samsung phone’s HDMI compatibility.

You should be able to find out if your Samsung phone is HDMI compatible by consulting its specifications. 

HDMI compatible” may be labeled differently depending on your phone’s make and model, so keep your eye out for terms like “Samsung DeX,” “HDMI Alt Mode,” “USB Type-C Alt Mode,” “support video out when connecting via HDMI adapter,” and “MHL.” 

If you don’t see any of the terms listed above, look for any labels related to HDMI or MHL. These features tend to be listed under “Additional Features” or “Connectivity.”

Since most people don’t hang on to their phone’s user manual, you’ll have to find these specifications online.

Try heading to Samsung’s official website or searching for your phone’s specifications on the Device Specifications website. If you don’t feel like skimming the device’s entire specs list, try using CTRL + F to search for HDMI/MHL-related terms. 

You can also verify your phone’s MHL compatibility on the official MHL website, which lists every MHL-compatible smartphone model. Alternatively, you can install an MHL checker app from the Google Play Store. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to verify your phone’s MHL compatibility. 

How to Check Mobile is MHL Supported or Not

Last but certainly not least, you can search for your Samsung smartphone model name in the following section. 

If you’re not sure what your Samsung phone’s model number is, consult the white sticker on its back. If you find that your Samsung phone doesn’t have this sticker, check out Samsung’s guide for finding your phone’s IMEI, model number, and serial number, for further instructions. 

If you’ve consulted all of the resources suggested above and still cannot find anything HDMI-related about your phone or connect it to an HDMI display, then your phone probably does not support this function.

About HDMI Compatibility

Using MHL kit to connect TV and smart phone

While any smartphone can be connected to a TV with a suitable adapter, only select phones can transmit audio and video via HDMI standard. These are labeled HDMI-compatible

Additionally, HDMI-compatible smartphones can transmit video and audio via the TV’s or projector’s HDMI port. 

MHL-compatible smartphones may also be called HDMI-compatible due to their similar working mechanism. To learn more about the differences between HDMI and MHL compatibility, check out our article, What is the Difference Between HDMI and MHL? 

Select Samsung phones also have a function called Samsung DeX, which stands for desktop eXperience. This handy feature allows you to connect them to a larger display, such as a TV or projector using almost the same mechanism as HDMI. 

So, since all Samsung phones with Samsung DeX can be connected to a TV through the HDMI port and transmit AV signals, they’re considered to be HDMI-compatible.

Wrapping Things Up

Many Samsung models boast MHL and/or HDMI compatibility, allowing them to display audio and video to a monitor, TV, or projector with the correct adapter. While there isn’t a way to tell if your Samsung phone is HDMI-compatible by its hardware, you can find out which transmission methods it supports in its specifications. 

These specifications can be found on the official Samsung website, the Device Specifications website, the official MHL website, an MHL checker app, or this article’s comprehensive HDMI compatibility tables. 

So, is your Samsung phone HDMI compatible? What’s your experience connecting a Samsung phone to a display? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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