Max App on Roku Rewinds After Pressing the Play Button? 9 Fixes to Pause & Resume What You’re Watching Properly

How To Properly PAUSE & PLAY max on roku

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Quick Fixes for You

  • Utilize voice commands OR the Roku remote’s buttons (such as the Rewind + Back, Instant Replay, or OK buttons) to replay the paused video without pressing the pause/replay button.
  • If problems persist, try watching Max on a different device, like a smart TV or tablet, or reset the network connection on your Roku.
  • Regularly check for and install any updates for the Max app on your Roku, and consider providing feedback directly to Max to help address the issue.

In this article, I’ll show you nine proven methods to fix the annoying issue of Max rewinding to a random point whenever you pause and replay it on a Roku device.

Each solution is backed by successful tests from numerous Roku users and includes clear images to make the steps easy to follow.

So, you can rest assured that by the end of this article, you’ll find a fix that works for you.

1. Utilize the Roku Voice Command

If you’re finding it frustrating to hit the play/pause button only to end up rewinding repeatedly, consider giving voice commands a shot. Just say “Pause” or “Play.” 

You can do this by pressing the Mic button on your Roku remote. Or, activate the Hands-free feature and start your command with “Hey Roku” without the need to click any button.

roku remotes with mic and hands-free buttons highlighted

2. Actively Trigger & Cancel the Rewind Process

To actively manage the rewind process, press the Rewind button and then immediately press the Back button to stop the rewind.

This approach allows you to take control, enabling you to rewind and then quickly cancel the process. As a result, the video resumes playing from the point where you paused it, rather than being passively rewound by the bug.

press the rewind button then back button on roku remote

Though this method doesn’t directly resolve the pause and replay issues, it offers a practical workaround for continuing to watch your favorite movie right from the point where you paused it.

Moreover, this technique only requires you to press one additional button, compared to simply using the Pause/Play button.

3. Press the Instant Replay Button

Clicking the Instant Replay button on your Roku remote rewinds the content you’re viewing by 10 seconds. Although it does rewind the playback, it’s only by 10 seconds, rather than the potential 10 to 30 minutes caused by the issue.

roku remote's instant replay button is highlighted

Note: this method may sometimes trigger the rewind issue instead of replaying your video 10 seconds back.

4. Use the OK Button

To display the progress bar, simply press either the Left or Right button, but avoid the Pause button unless you wish to risk activating the rewinding issue.

roku remote's left & right buttons are highlighted

Once the bar appears, simply press the OK button on your Roku remote. By doing so, the playback will continue without unexpectedly jumping to a random timestamp, allowing for smoother navigation.

roku remote's ok button is highlighted

5. Use the Max App on Your Smart TV

A user discovered that the issue seemed exclusive to their Roku device. When they switched to watching Max directly on their smart TV or tablet, everything worked flawlessly.

Therefore, if you’re plugging in a Roku, simply press the Home button on your smart TV remote, navigate to the app store, and get the Max app installed.

the max app on the samsung tv screen is highlighted and zoomed

6. Reset the Network Connection on Your Roku

While resetting your router might not resolve the problem, resetting the network connection on your Roku has been reported to help.

Although the previous five methods offer temporary workarounds, this step could potentially address the rewinding issue.

Step 1: Open Settings, then System.

step 1 - go to settings then system on a roku

Step 2: Go to Advanced system settings, and select Network connection reset.

step 2 - get to advanced system settings, then network connection reset on roku

Step 3: Choose Reset connection.

step 3 - click reset connection on roku

Step 4: Now, navigate to the Network settings.

step 4 - get back to settings then select network on roku

Step 5: Click Set up connection, then Wireless.

step 5 - go to set up connection and select wireless on roku

Step 6: Choose your Wi-Fi network, enter the password, and click Connect.

step 6 - choose your wi-fi, enter the password and select connect on roku

Once you’ve reestablished the network connection, return to the Max app on your Roku. Start a movie to see if the problem has been resolved.

7. Update the Max App on Your Roku

The rewinding issue has been reported not only on Roku but across various devices using the Max app, suggesting the problem might originate from the app itself.

With many users reporting the issue to Max, it’s possible that an update has been released to address it.

Step 1: From the Home screen, navigate to the Max app.

step 1 - navigate to max app on roku

Step 2: Press the * button on your remote, then select Check for updates.

step 2 - click button on roku remote then select check for updates

If an update is available, install it. After updating, open the Max app and check if the issue has been resolved.

8. Send Max a Feedback Form

Given that the rewinding issue has persisted for some time on Roku devices, it’s possible Max is already aware and working on a solution.

However, there’s a chance that not enough reports have been filed for Max to prioritize the issue.

A lot of users opened the discussions on the Roku community, but as mentioned above, the issue seems not to originate from Roku.

To expedite a fix directly from Max’s developers, filling out Max’s feedback form is recommended.

9. Other Methods that Many Have Tried But None Succeeds

Although the methods below have been recommended and tried by many Roku users, yet, nobody reported success. However, you can give them a shot as they’re really quick and simple to attempt:

  • Reboot your Roku
  • Reinstall the Max app
  • Reset Wi-Fi
  • Log out of and into the Max account

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