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How To Zoom In BenQ Projectors?

How To Zoom In BenQ Projectors?

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Installing BenQ projectors requires a lot of patience. There’s also a learning curve. For example, I bet you’re wondering how to zoom in BenQ projectors but don’t know how to do so. 

The interesting thing about BenQ projectors is that “zoom” is both a relative term and a literal term. In other words, you can use digital zoom, manual zoom, Digital Shrink, or you can physically zoom in and out.

But how do you actually zoom in a BenQ projector? The easiest thing to do is physically move the projector closer or further away from the screen. The second easiest thing is locating the Zoom shift wheel that’s often hidden behind a sliding panel, sliding it open, and turning the wheel to zoom in and out.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll tackle all forms of “zooming” with a BenQ projector.

How To Zoom In BenQ Projector? 

You’ve properly installed your projector at an appropriate distance from your screen. Now you must figure out your zoom options to allow the image to fit your screen size. So, how do you do that?

Physical Zooming In and Out

Setting up your projector is a significant first step. It allows you to build a home theater and buy a proper size screen.

However, one thing that works well for adjusting your image size is physically moving your projector closer or further away from your screen.

projector and projector screen set up in a living room

If you move your projector closer, the image shrinks in size.

If you move your projector further away from the screen, it increases in size.

This should be one of the first things you think about when building your home theater. 

Once you’ve got this down, Manual Zoom, Digital Zoom, or Digital Shrink might be unnecessary. Nevertheless, we will walk you through all the details for your information.

Using Digital Zoom On Your BenQ Projector

a 4K BenQ projector in active

Let’s go over your zooming options in no particular order.

You have Digital Zoom. Digital Zoom allows you to zoom into your image and magnify it as much as possible.

  • First, you have to activate the on-screen display (OSD) on your BenQ. To do so, press the Menu/Exit button and then hit the < or > until the proper display menu appears.
  • Press the down arrow key to highlight Digital Zoom and press the Enter/Mode key. This allows the Zoom bar to display on the screen.
  • Press the up arrow key as much as you wish to magnify the image. Do so until you’re happy with the size of the image.

The fun thing about Digital Zoom is that it allows you to navigate and find details on a zoomed-in picture.

  • To use this function, press the Enter/Mode button to switch to pan mode. 
  • You can now use the Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys to move to any part of the zoomed-in image.

Zooming in and finding details on your projected image is fun. But what if you want to zoom out?

  • Start by pressing the Enter/Mode button. It allows you to use the zoom function again.
  • If you wish to do it quickly, press the Auto button and your image will snap to its original size. Or press the Down arrow button until you’ve zoomed out appropriately.

As a side note, you can only navigate the image after you’ve zoomed into it. However, you can continue to zoom in while searching for details.

As you can see, Digital Zoom is a great way to magnify your image as much as you need. 

You can check out the BenQ Users Manual for more information about Digital Zoom.

Using Manual Zoom On Your BenQ Projector

Let’s say you’ve misplaced your control. Or perhaps you want to learn how to use Manual Zoom on your BenQ projector. Using Manual Zoom is relatively straightforward.

First, locate the sliding panel on your BenQ projector. Many models have it on the top. However, other models have it on the side.

Regardless of location, you’ll find two rings hiding within this compartment. You’ll see a Keystone ring and a Zoom Ring.

Keystone Ring and Zoom Ring on BenQ projector

Once you’ve located this ring, you’re good to start zooming in and out.

However, it’s advisable to have an image projected first. It’s a handy way to see what the image will look like as it increases or decreases in size.

If you’re interested in a video tutorial on finding and using your Manual Zoom ring, check out this YouTube video on the subject.

How To Adjust Projector Screen Size-Tutorial

Using Digital Shrink On Your BenQ Projector

Digital Shrink is not exactly a zoom function. But it’s similar. It only allows you to reduce the size by a small amount.

Digital Shrink works in conjunction with adjusting your image when you first set up your projector. It allows you to fit your image to your screen.

Although, one thing we should mention is that Digital Shrink also shrinks the image quality. Therefore your picture will not look as pristine as you’d like.

If you’re trying to shrink your image to fit your screen, BenQ has added another feature that allows you to crop the image from either side, top, and bottom.

This feature does not reduce the quality of the image. Instead, it just crops it to fit inside your screen. It’s called Digital Blanking. However, since it’s not a zoom function, we will refrain from going in-depth on this topic.

Zooming Accomplished 

As you can see, there are multiple ways to zoom in with your BenQ projector.

You can physically move your projector forward or backward to zoom in on your image.

You can also use Digital Zoom, which will magnify your image as much as possible, allowing you to find any detail you want.

You can zoom out using digital shrink. And you can use a Manual Zoom function by turning the appropriate Zoom Ring on your BenQ.

We hope we’ve taught you all the ways you can zoom with your BenQ projector. Now that we know how to zoom in and out, let’s start magnifying stuff!

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