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How To Change Aspect Ratio On a BenQ Projector?

Projectors give you the flexibility to change your screen size and shape to fit your space perfectly. Changing a BenQ projector’s aspect ratio can not only enhance your viewing experience, but also the image quality. 

Whether you’re trying to make a projector’s image fit a screen or change the shape to get rid of those pesky pillar boxing bars, changing a projector’s aspect ratio is a key step in setting up your home theater. 

But what is a projector’s aspect ratio? 

How can you change the aspect ratio on BenQ projectors? 

What aspect ratio should your screen be?

Keep reading to find out! 

What is an Aspect Ratio?

an aspect ratio

The aspect ratio refers to the shape of a projector’s picture.

A projector screen’s aspect ratio defines the picture’s shape. 

When looking at an aspect ratio (i.e., x:y), the first number (i.e., x) refers to the picture’s width. The second number (i.e., y) defines the picture’s height. Together these two numbers describe the picture’s width and height ratio. 

For example, a screen with an aspect ratio of 1:1 is a square. Alternatively, most projector screens are automatically set to an aspect ratio of 16:9. If we divide 16 by 9, we can understand what this means using inches as an example. For each inch of the screen’s height, there are 1.78 inches of screen width. 

Remember, the aspect ratio does not refer to the image’s size but the image’s shape. 

Are you still confused? Watch the video below to learn more about aspect ratios and their role in projecting. 

What is ASPECT RATIO (and how to project into 2.35:1)

How To Change Aspect Ratio On a BenQ Projector? 

BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
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Change the aspect ratio on a BenQ projector following the steps below. 

There are two ways you can change the aspect ratio on a BenQ projector: using the projector’s remote or using the OSD (on-screen display). 

Although using the remote is faster, the OSD is a great option if your remote isn’t working or you prefer navigating an on-screen menu. 

Changing the Aspect Ratio Using Your Remote

5J.J9V06.001 Projector Remote Control for BenQ
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Altering the aspect ratio using your remote is easy! 

Point your BenQ remote at your projector and press the Aspect button, found in the second to last row. 

Pressing the button once will display which aspect ratio your projector is currently using. Pressing the button again will change the aspect ratio, allowing you to select the screen size that best fits your preferences. 

If you’re having difficulties using your remote, check that nothing interferes with the signal and consider changing the batteries. 

Changing the Aspect Ratio Using the OSD

BenQ MH733 1080P Business Projector
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You may also change the aspect ratio using the on-screen display (or OSD). This allows you to navigate your BenQ projector’s menu without the remote, using the buttons on top of your unit. 

  • Click the MENU/EXIT button to open the menu. 
  • Click the right arrow (→) to select Display from the menu. 
  • Press the downwards-facing arrow (↓) to select Aspect Ratio from the list below. 
  • Use the left and right arrows to see and select different aspect ratios. 
  • Once you’ve found your preferred aspect ratio, click MENU/EXIT again to close the menu. 

Congratulations! Now you know how to change the aspect ratio using both your remote and OSD. 

How Do I Make My BenQ Projector Picture Fit a Screen?

Alter your projector picture’s size and shape to fit the screen.

When fitting your projector’s picture to a screen, you must change the picture’s size and shape, ultimately changing the aspect ratio. 

BenQ projector screens can be resized by moving the projector. Move your BenQ projector closer to the screen to achieve a bigger picture and further away from the screen to create a smaller picture. 

How to Adjust the Projector Image to Fit Your Movie Screen Perfectly!

The projector should be placed at different distances depending on your unit’s make and model. For instance, BenQ short throw projectors must be placed closer to the screen than BenQ’s standard units. 

Every BenQ projector manual has a page dedicated to screen size, which demonstrates the distance you should place your projector to achieve your desired screen size. 

Did you lose your manual? No problem! You can download your BenQ projector manual by visiting Download Search on the official BenQ website. Insert your projector’s model number and download its manual in seconds! 

Alternatively, you can calculate the distance you’ll need to place your projector using a Projector Throw Distance Calculator. This handy tool calculates how far you’ll need to place your BenQ projector away from the screen to create a smaller or larger picture. 

How to Use Projection Calculator

Select your projector’s brand and model from the drop-down lists. Slide the projector and screen pictures closer and further away from each other, and the website will calculate the throw distance for you! 

This is a great tool if you like to plan ahead. Small rooms may not be able to accommodate certain projectors with larger throw distances. It’s always best to plan how your home theater will look and operate before investing time and money into a new projector. 

Changing the projector’s shape or aspect ratio will also help your projector’s image fit the screen. Follow our steps on changing a BenQ projector’s aspect ratio in the section How To Change Aspect Ratio On a BenQ Projector? Found above! 

Now you know how to make your BenQ projector fit any screen!

What Aspect Ratio Should My Projector Screen Be?

change your projector’s aspect ratio

You should change your projector’s aspect ratio depending on what you’re watching. 

Different content uses various aspect ratios. 

You’ll need to alter your projector’s aspect ratio depending on what you’re watching. For example, are you watching a Hollywood movie, an indie film, or sports? All of these pictures are filmed using different aspect ratios, so it’s important to change your unit’s aspect ratio to have the best viewing experience. 

Sports are usually filmed in 16:9, while many feature-length films are formatted to 2.35:1. If you’re unsure what a movie or shows’ aspect ratio is, Googling it is always the easiest solution! 

Alternatively, setting your projector’s aspect ratio to 16:9 is the safest bet since it will be compatible with most modern media. 

Wrapping Things Up

Aspect ratios can be confusing at first, but once you understand what they are and how to use them, your viewing experience will never be the same! 

Changing the aspect ratio on a BenQ projector only takes a few minutes and can be done with the remote or using the buttons found on the top of the unit. 

Your projector’s aspect ratio and screen size can also help fit your unit’s image perfectly onto your screen, giving your home theater a truly professional feel. 

What’s your experience changing the aspect ratio on a BenQ projector? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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