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How do I Get Rid Of the Vertical Lines on my Projector?

How do I Get Rid Of the Vertical Lines on my Projector?

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Having vertical lines over projected images is one out of the many issues that you may face with your projector.

Luckily, there is hardly a problem without a solution. So, place your hands on mine as I show you how to remove projector vertical lines.

How do I get rid of the vertical lines on my projector?

When projecting, lines may show across the image. These lines may be vertical, horizontal, black, white, or of other colors. They may run across the whole image, or they appear on only one side of the image.

There are several reasons why these vertical lines appear. It may be a problem with the cables or some internal components. Let’s see how to solve this.

1. Hold down the projector firmly

a man firmly press down on top of the projector to get rid of vertical lines

This is a quick and easy method to get rid of the vertical lines that are showing on your projector. Although it is not clear how it happens, this technique works.

Firmly press down on the top of your projector. Place your thumbs about 2.5 to 3 inches behind the screen size dial and press the projector one inch inside. Also, press the bottom of your projector, apply pressure on both the top and bottom. This is more like you are squeezing the projector. But be careful how hard you press.

When you press down the projector this way, you will notice that the lines would change randomly depending on how hard you press. The lines start to get farther apart, and the color may change.

Continue applying pressure to the projector, do this at different degrees of firmness. After a while, you will notice that the vertical lines have disappeared. At this point, you can stop pressing, then gently release your projector.

2. Repair or replace the mainboard

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The mainboard is that component of the projector that controls its internal processes. It is made up of electronics and chips, performs major functions like driving the image engine and regulating the projector’s fan.

Sometimes, damage done to the mainboard is manifested as vertical white lines on the projected image. It may be a crack that was caused during a previous repair.

There are several ways to fix this. You can either choose to repair the damage or to replace the entire mainboard. However, if there isn’t any obvious damage to the mainboard, you can try these simple steps.

Open up the projector, remove the cover of the mainboard, then press the board on the connection side. This should clear the vertical lines on your screen.

You can also take out the mainboard and lightly clean the contact with deionized water or use a little deoxit on the connector before you put it back.

This is because oxidation may have occurred in the mainboard, and has led to vertical lines showing across the image.

3. Secure the cables properly

secure the projector cable properly to avoid vertical lines

Vertical lines may mean cable problems. If the vertical lines suddenly appear on your projector, it is possibly due to poorly connected cables. But there is a way to solve this.

Simply turn off your projector and wait for the fan to go off, this way, you are sure that the projector is completely off. Unplug the cables from the projector and secure them again. Be sure that the cables are well connected and secured.

Note that, if the vertical lines show on a setup screen, that is, when nothing is plugged in (for most projectors it shows as a blue background), then the problem is not from the cable. However, it could be a test signal.

To know if this is a test signal or not, check the test signal options and try them out. Also, check whether the vertical lines are obvious when the projector is booting. If they are obvious, then it is not a test signal.

While some cables need to be properly secured, others should be pulled out. A plugged-in adaptor may be the reason for the lines. If you have connected an adaptor and you are having this issue, unplug the adaptor then turn on your projector again. This time, the vertical lines should have disappeared.


It is normal for projectors to develop faults once in a while. It is even possible to find faults in a newly purchased projector; no one likes this, but it happens. Luckily, some get to enjoy their projectors for a long time without issues.

The solutions discussed in this article are very effective in getting rid of vertical lines on your projector. You can do some of these solutions yourself, and for others, you may need the service of a professional.

However, if your projector is still under warranty, you should return it and get a replacement. You only have to wait, but it is better than dealing with a faulty projector.

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