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Projector Overheating: How Do I Cool Down My Projector?

Projector Overheating: How Do I Cool Down My Projector?

Is your projector overheating?

No need to panic. This is pretty typical behavior among projectors, and it happens to all projectors: brand, quality, and type notwithstanding.

Projectors utilize different types of lamps, bulbs or lasers to produce a certain amount of heat needed to make clear and bright projections. These different types of lamps produce incredibly high temperatures, and if there is restricted airflow, it quickly causes your projector to overheat.

Overheating can cause your projector to shut down unexpectedly while in operation. In a worst case scenario, the lamp could get so hot that it could potentially explode!

What causes projectors to overheat?


place projector in a ventilated location

Your projector could be overheating because it’s placed in a place where heat can’t escape, which causes the projector to become hot and eventually overheat.

Restricted airflow is a significant cause of projectors overheating. This is because most owners don’t realize that projectors need a little space to “breathe in and breathe out.”

Here are a few other ways that airflow is restricted:

  • Placing a projector on a soft unbreathable surface, for example, placing it on a carpet or sofa.
  • Placing it underneath a surface with no ventilation like in a shelf
  • Putting it in a small room with little to no ventilation
  • Placing the projector in an enclosure that is too small

Faulty air filter

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If your projector is well placed and it’s still overheating, check the filter. It could be that it is faulty or it has accumulated so much dirt and dust that it is no longer effective at its function.

External heating sources

a laptop producing heat next to a black projector

The other probable cause of your projector overheating is that external sources that produce heat are very close to the projector. This can be a computer, laptop, gaming console, or any other machine that outputs heat consistently.

How to prevent projectors from overheating?

Now that we’ve looked at the possible causes, let’s also look at what you can do to prevent your projector from overheating again.

Invest in a cooling pad

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A projector cooling pad is one way to be sure your projector is cooled down when it starts to overheat.

Cooling pads are designed to help prevent machines from heating up and making that annoying cranky sound.

Cooling pads are available in different sizes, types, and can give you peace of mind that the projector will not overheat.

Monitor the room temperature

Monitor the room temperature to avoid heating your projector

This is especially important if the room is small and has little ventilation. You may want to get an AC for the room if you don’t already have one so that you can control the temperature at any time.

Change the location

One of the best options to prevent overheating is to mount the projector from the ceiling. This way, it has more buffer space to release heat and let in cool air. When mounting, ensure there is enough space between the ceiling and the projector to allow for sufficient airflow.

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A projector should be placed on a surface that is not dusty, not too compact, and not close to anything that dispenses heat or blocks air circulation. The surface should also be free of clutter to prevent heat buildup.

Switch it off

switch off projector after using for cooling it down

Always switch off your projector after use to allow it to cool down. This will also make your lamp last longer.

Clean or fix the air filter

If you’ve had your projector for quite some time now, then it’s likely that the air filter is full of dust and it needs cleaning. Get to it quickly and clean the fans as well by blowing compressed cool air towards it.

You don’t need to hire a professional to clean it for you. This is something you can learn from Youtube or by reading the manual. You can check out this video to learn how to:

Cleaning Your Projector Filter

If you doubt your DIY ability, you can always reach out to the company’s technical support team. They are always happy to help.

Wait To Cover

Never cover your projector when in operation. Wait until it has completely cooled down for you to cover it.

Covering it while still operating creates a build-up of heat, causing the projector to overheat.

Summary: causes and solutions of projector overheating

Causes Solutions
Dirty or Faulty air filter Replace the filter or clean it
Blocked fan Unblock the fan
Restricted airflow on the table or desk Place a cooling pad under the projector
Projector in a cluttered space Unclutter the space
External heating sources Move the projector away
Small warmer room Add an AC and Monitor the room temperature


red FAQ cube in a hot bulb

How do I cool down my projector?

You can do a few things to cool down your projector- clean the air filter, place a cooling pad under the projector, check if the fan is blocked, move the projector to a ventilated space, add an external fan and mount your projector if it isn’t. Also, clearing any clutter around the projector helps significantly to cool it down.

How long does it take for a projector to cool down?

It takes at least ten minutes for a projector to cool down after you power it off. To prevent damaging your projector or causing it to overheat, let it sit still until it is completely cooled down. Do not move it around.

How do I stop my projector from overheating?

To prevent your projector from overheating, ensure proper airflow into and out of the projector vents. You can do this by ensuring that your projector is placed in a ventilated place, regularly cleaning the air filter and replacing it once it’s due, or using a cooling pad to help cool down the projector.

What happens when a projector overheats?

When a projector starts to overheat, the first thing it will do is run its fans faster to try to cool itself down, causing your projector to produce a lot of noise. If that fails, it then shuts down without warning.

The danger of exposing your projector to consistent overheating is that its lamp life is shortened.

Is it normal for a projector to get hot?

A projector getting hot is a regular occurrence. It is a challenge nearly all projectors, whether LCD or DLP, face.

Projectors produce heat when the lamps heat up to create a projection, and the brighter and clearer you want the projection to be, the higher the amount of heat produced. Sometimes as high as 300 degrees.

While a projector getting hot is not abnormal, it becomes a problem when there is a restriction of airflow, causing your projector to overheat.


It is usual for projectors to overheat. In fact, nearly 98% of projectors overheat in the course of their lives, and the causes are as we have explained above.

If you apply any of the solutions we have listed for you, you will see a significant drop in overheating. And this will help lengthen the lamp life of your projector.

Unless there is a hardware issue causing it to overheat, these are solutions you can DIY without needing the help of a technician.

Remember, the most critical thing is to ensure there is sufficient airflow within your projector at all times.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.