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My BenQ Projectors Won’t Turn On: How To Fix It?

My BenQ Projectors Won’t Turn On: How To Fix It?

BenQ projectors are among the best available in the market. They have crisp images and can serve for long periods with the proper maintenance. However, they malfunction from time to time, and a leading problem is them refusing to turn on for no discernible reason. We look into the possible causes of this common problem and suggest solutions you can try at home.

To understand why the projector refuses to turn on, you must know what its LED lights indicate. The power light shows that there is a power supply to the projector. 

If it is red, there is probably a problem with the fans. Consult the user manual to understand what the lights mean for a better chance of getting to the root of the problem.

1. Problems From the Power Source

Power Source Socket

A primary cause of the projector refusing to turn on is a lack of power. Ensure all sockets are on and there is power before stressing too much. Always use the power components that come with the projector to avoid compatibility issues.

If all the power cables are connecting correctly and the projector still refuses to turn on, the problem could be the mains power supply. 

BenQ projectors work efficiently within a specific voltage supply, and fluctuations can cause start-up issues. 

If you are in an area where the power supply fluctuates by more than ten volts, consider using a surge protector or uninterruptible power supply. 

Some quality surge protectors (UPS) are; the Hanycony power strip , POWSAV Surge Protector , and Liebert PST5 UPS .

Liebert PST5 UPS - 850VA/500W 120V, LCD Monitoring Screen

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Plugin the surge protector and connect the projector to see if it works. Remember to use the proper procedure when turning on the projector to avoid further problems.

To know if the projector is receiving power, check that the fan is spinning or if the power LED is illuminating.

Remember to flip the switch on the back before pressing the power button as you switch the projector on. Most models have a switch on the back that people forget to flip when powering on the projector.

2. Projector Temperature

Projector Temperature

Generally, projectors are sensitive to temperature changes. High temperatures can cause the projector to overheat and refuse to turn back on when it should.

Also, if the projector has been in a cold environment and the ambient temperature abruptly turns hot, it can cause the projector to malfunction. Sudden environmental shifts can cause moisture to condense in the delicate parts of the projector.

Overheating can cause the projector not to turn on or to turn on then off moments later. The ideal working temperature of BenQ projectors is 35° C (95° F.) 

Usually when overheating, the projector automatically turns off to preserve its components and cool down. If it automatically shuts down and refuses to restart, give it 45 to 60 minutes before powering up again. 

Before powering the projector, ensure it receives enough air circulation to prevent overheating within short periods. Therefore, place it at least 50cm (about 19.5 inches) away from a wall or other devices.

The projector should also not be in an environment that experiences regular and drastic temperature changes like the inside of a car. 

Also, remove any covers on the projector to give the fans an easy time.

3. Problems with the Lamp

BenQ projector lamps

BenQ projector lamps can serve for a particular length of time, depending on the model. 

The LEDs indicate if the lamp needs changing or has a problem. 

Ensure to consult your manual to determine how often you should change the lamp or what the LED indicates.

The table below shows what each light on the projector means. Use it to identify if the component has an issue.

Power  Temp Lamp Interpretation
Off Off Red Lamp needs changing
Off Off Flashing red Check if the lamp is correctly attached
Red Red Off The fans are malfunctioning
Red Flashing Red Off
Red Green Off
Red Flashing green Off
Green Red Off The projector is overheating and needs cooling

The above light combination might differ from those on your projector’s model; therefore, keep the manual handy. 

Some models have user-serviceable lamps while others do not. Therefore, find out from the BenQ website if you should change the lamp to prevent voiding your warranty.

Remember to reset the lamp timer each time you change the projector lamp. 

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_How to change lamp and reset lamp timer

4. A Component on the Mainboard

The projector will not power on if a component on the mainboard is malfunctioning or worn out. Elements such as the temperature sensor, the fans, or circuitry can malfunction and cause problems when powering on the projector.

Component on the Mainboard

If an internal component is worn out or malfunctioning, the best solution is to consult a technician.

Alternatively, it could be a software issue that requires a restart to resume normal functioning.

To restart the projector when it refuses to power on, unplug all cables connecting to the projector, including the power cable. Then long-press the power button for approximately ten seconds.

After long-pressing the button, wait for an hour before restarting the projector. That way, any residual power on the mainboard that could prolong the start-up problem is utilized.

5. Problems with the Remote

BenQ projector remote

The remote needs to be near the projector to respond to the commands. 

Always hold the remote at a 30-degree perpendicular angle to the IR sensor on the projector. While at it, ensure the distance between the projector and the remote is not more than 8 meters (26 feet). 

Also, remove any obstructions between the remote and the projector’s sensor so that the projector can receive prompts from the remote.

The remote could also be the cause; therefore, change them if you have been using them for a while.

6. Check the Signal Source

Ensure the device connecting to your projector is on and check that the outgoing signal from your source is compatible with the projector. 

In rare cases, video cards can produce signals with resolutions that the projector cannot handle. Therefore, consult the manual for your model’s specifications on which signals are compatible with your projector.

Confirm that the cables connecting the projector to the video source are secure. That way, you will know if the projector is on with no display from the video source.

Also, in the rush of setting up, you might have forgotten to remove the lamp cap. It is a rare occurrence, but it would not hurt to check.

7. Maintenance Issues

Clean the projector

Poor projector maintenance eventually causes it to stop working. Exposure to extreme temperatures will negatively impact the projector in the long run.

Always clean the projector to prevent dust build-up that will clog the fans. If you notice a lot of dust particles on the ventilation, consider cleaning the projector’s internal parts. 

Projectors require and deserve extra care in handling and storing. Proper maintenance will see your projector serve you for an extended period; therefore, ensure to always keep it in a safe, cool, and dry area.

Additionally, always source projectors and their components from trusted vendors to avoid purchasing counterfeit devices.


Refrain from dismantling the projector, especially if you have little technical knowledge. Consult BenQ customer support if none of the solutions above work for you or use an experienced technician. 

A projector that refuses to turn on can be an annoying occurrence. Fortunately, if the problem is trivial or a regular occurrence, you can solve it and continue watching with no more difficulties.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.