6+ Proven Ways to Resolve Your BenQ Projector Not Turning On Issue

BenQ projector cannot turn on with red flashing lights on the control panel

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What To Know

  • Confirm the projector’s power supply by checking the switch, cable connections, and ensuring a stable power source, possibly using a stabilizer in areas with fluctuating voltage.
  • Allow an overheated projector, indicated by a red TEMP light, to cool for at least 45 minutes, and check the functionality of the lamp and fan, replacing them if necessary.
  • If the projector still fails to turn on, inspect the power supply board for damage and consult a professional for repair or replacement.

In this guide, I’ll show you over six solutions to resolve your BenQ projector not turning on issue.

Let’s dive in!

1. Initial Things to Check

Note: Flip the switch to turn on the projector (if your device has one) before you press the power key on the control panel or the projector remote.

Ensure the POWER indicator on the projector’s body or control panel flashes a constant orange light after you plug in the device and flip the power switch.

The orange light denotes that the device is receiving power properly.

The power indicator is an orange steady light in the BenQ projector control panel

If the orange light does not go on, the projector is either not plugged in correctly, or the cables supplying the power to the device are faulty.

Some projector power cables could sport a protection fuse (an electrical hazard safety feature), as shown below. Check the fuse’s condition. Ensure it’s not damaged.

check the fuse condition in the projector power cable

Even if the cable is in good stead, try changing the detachable wire with another power cord and see if it addresses the issue.

If the projector still doesn’t turn on, inspect further. Try the following things.

2. Check the Power Source of the Projector

Inspect the projector’s power source. The state of the cable is just one aspect.

Check the entire power cable strip. If there are intermediary devices, such as a power strip, take it out and try plugging the projector directly into the wall.

The power strip may be damaged or negatively affect the current supply.

plugging the BenQ projector directly to a power outlet

Also, try plugging the projector directly into some other power outlet in the house. Wiring issues or electrical supply variations may prevent power flowing seamlessly through one outlet.

And suppose the power supply in your area is unstable or fluctuating. In that case, BenQ recommends using a power stabilizer to regulate the current flow so your projector doesn’t fall prey to the fluctuating voltage.

The stabilizer will likely salvage the situation if power stability concerns prevent your BenQ projector from turning on.

3. Check Whether the Projector is Overheated

Nothing that runs hot can work optimally or to the best of its ability, be it electronics or humans.

If your BenQ projector has become excessively hot, it can suddenly turn off while operating. The POWER indicator will stay green, and the TEMP indicator light will flash red in that case.

And if you try to power on the device right away, it will not respond.

The projector shuts itself down to safeguard itself and its electrical components from the harm of a heated environment.

the power indicator is flashing green while the temp indicator is flashing red in the BenQ projector control panel

If you encounter something similar with your BenQ device, let it stay powered off for 45 minutes to an hour to cool itself down. Unplug the device without fail.

Don’t turn on the device even if it doesn’t feel hot. The heat from the internal components is possibly not strong enough to travel to the outer shell.

Powering off the device is one way to cool it down. There are other methods to accelerate cooling and prevent the projector from overheating. To learn more, click here.

4. Check the Projector Lamp

a projector lamp was placed in front of the BenQ projector

Note: In case your projector uses a lens cap, ensure it’s off before you turn on the device. It’s possible you powered on the projector before removing the lid and wondered why it didn’t turn on.

If its primary light source is damaged or expired, your projector could get locked from powering on.

When the LAMP indicator emits a steady or flashing red light, it’s a sign that the projector lamp requires a replacement.

the lamp indicator is flashing red on the BenQ projector control panel

Thankfully, replacing a BenQ projector lamp is easy, thanks to the plethora of BenQ projectors and their replacement components readily available on the market.

Identify your BenQ projector model and look for a replacement lamp accordingly. To learn more about the device, peruse its product manual or visit the BenQ site.

You can change the lamp yourself or get a professional to do it. If you’d like to DIY, read our guide on how to change your BenQ projector lamp.

5. Check the Projector Fan

a hand holding a projector fan in front of a BenQ projector

If your BenQ projector’s fan is not working correctly or has stopped functioning, your projector will fail to turn itself on.

The fan is critical in regulating the projector’s temperature and mitigating overheating. As stated earlier, a constant high-temperature environment will damage the projector’s internals and cause performance issues, eventually causing the projector’s failure to power on.

Significant fan noise is a tell-tale sign your BenQ projector fan is in trouble. The fan could become loud if it’s damaged or faulty, dust or debris has accumulated on its blades, the fan’s power connection is loose, or the fan motor has failed.  

Besides the overheating shell, the various LED indicators on your BenQ projector also let you in on the fan’s “hot” status. Check the table below.

POWER TEMP LAMP Interpretation
Red Red Off Fan 1 error
Red Flashing Red Off Fan 2 error
Red Green Off Fan 3 error
Red Flashing Green Off Fan 4 error

Note: Fan 1, 2, 3, and 4 denote the various fan units in the projector.

If the TEMP and POWER indicators are a constant red, it implies a “Fan 1 error.” To learn more about BenQ projector fan errors, refer to page 53 of this BenQ manual.

the power and temp indicators are flashing red on the BenQ projector control panel

In case the projector fan is confirmed to be faulty, repair or replace it. Contact BenQ support, particularly if your projector is under warranty, so you can get the fan replaced for free.

And if the projector’s warranty has elapsed, it’s still in your projector’s best interest to get its fan fixed by a BenQ professional. If not available, hire a general technician or only then attempt fixing the fan yourself.

Watch this video to do it yourself:

BenQ HT1075 DLP Projector | Fan 3 Error | "Screwed up"

Begin the troubleshooting by cleaning the fan and restarting the projector. If that doesn’t help, proceed further.

6. Check the Power Supply Board of the Projector

the rear side view of the BenQ projector power supply board

Some BenQ projector users attributed their projectors’ inability to turn on to the damaged power supply boards.

Repairing or replacing the board is not as simple as troubleshooting the fan. If you know your electronics, try repairing the board yourself.

Most likely, the supply board’s capacitors may have been damaged and require replacement.

Watch the video below for assistance:

BenQ HT1075 DLP Projector | No Power | Power Supply Repair

Even if you are good with repairing and fixing electronics, taking the device to a certified technician is recommended if you’re not a professional.


Your BenQ projector is multiple moving parts put together to work as one team. The various components often do what they are set out to do.

But due to things within or not within the device’s control, one or more components falter, prompting an inspection.

If your BenQ projector doesn’t turn on, it may be because the projector fan’s out of order or the lamp has reached the end of its life.

Follow the plan of action above to get to the root of the problem and get your projector back to running or turning on again.

If all the possible checks are done, and the projector still doesn’t turn on, contact BenQ or get an expert to look deeper.

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