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Why Is My BenQ Projector Lamp Light Red?

If you find that your BenQ projector lamp light is flashing red, it means that the lamp light is about to burn out and that it needs to be replaced.

A BenQ lamp light performs at the optimum level for up to 2000 hours, after which the bulb begins to burn out. Apart from the lamp light flashing red, another indicator that the lamp light needs to be changed is the quality of the image being projected.

If the image starts being blurred or starts to flicker, it is a sign of dying lamp light. The surest way to know is the color of the lamp light.

Once it begins to flash red, you should replace the lamp light with a new one, in order to maintain a high quality of projected images.

How do I replace my BenQ projector lamp light?

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Once the lamp light of your BenQ projector burns out, you would need to replace it. This is an easy process.

First of all, buy the lamp light for replacement. You wouldn’t have to worry about durability because BenQ lamp lights come with a warranty of 500 hours of use from the time of purchase; this ensures that you always get the best quality.

To replace the old lamp light with the new one, first, turn off the projector. If it’s been in use, allow it to cool.

Allowing the projector to cool can take up to 1 hour. Unplug the power cable and then remove the screws that are fastened under the light bulb.

Loosen the screws that fasten the light bulb itself, and gently remove the screws. Then take out the old lamp light bulb and replace it with the new one.

Put back the screws in the way you loosened them. Plug the power cable back in and enjoy the new lamp light bulb.

Replacing a BenQ projector lamp light is easy if you can follow the steps. If you can’t, don’t hesitate to call a professional for help.

How do I reset my BenQ projector lamp?

reset the BenQ projector lamp

A BenQ projector lamp light lasts for a fairly long time; the lamp light can last, while operating optimally, for up to 2000 hours. You would have to change the lamp light once it dies out.

One of the ways to make sure that you are not taken unawares by the death of the lamp light is to set a timer; the timer reads the amount of time that the lamp light bulb runs. This way, you can know when the BenQ projector light is about to die out.

Once you replace an old lamp light with a new one, the timer simply resumes count. You probably want it to start from the beginning so that you can get a better sense of time consumed.

There are two methods for resetting the timer of your BenQ projector light.

For the first method, once the new lamp light has been installed, turn on the projector. Press the “exit” button on the projector.

Hold the button down for about three seconds. “Lamp Hours” is going to be shown on the screen. Press the “menu” button and then use the navigation button to set the “lamp hours” to “00:00”, then press the “exit” button.

For the second method, after the new bulb has been installed and the projector turned back on press “Menu”. Then select the “Advanced setup” option.

Select “lamp settings” and then select “reset lamp timer”. This will automatically reset your BenQ projector lamp light.

How do I check my BenQ projector lamp life?

check the lamp life of benq projector

The life span of a BenQ projector lamp is limited to 2000 hours. You might want to keep an eye on the lamp light in order to be able to replace the lamp bulb before it dies out.

One of the ways to check your BenQ projector lamp life is the timer that comes with the BenQ projector. The timer reads the amount of time that the lamp light is switched on.

To check the lamp life of your BenQ projector, all you have to do is to read the timer and see how much time is left.

Another way to check the lamp life of your BenQ projector is to keep an eye on the lamp bulb. Different colors represent different states.

Once your BenQ projector lamp light begins to flash red, you should know that the BenQ projector lamp light has begun to die off.

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