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How to Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector?

How to Check Lamp Hours on a BenQ Projector?

Projector lamps have a set life expectancy called a “lamp life.” To measure lamp life, experts use a unit called “lamp hours.” 

Generally, projector lamps possess around 1,500 to 2,000 hours of lamp life. However, lamp life can go up to 5000 hours or more for modern designs.

Manufacturers like BenQ offer their clients a lamp life warranty covering a certain number of hours. To avail this warranty, users need to know exactly what their projector’s lamp life is and whether it burned out too early. 

Below, we look at how to check lamp hours on the BenQ projector. We also provide tips and techniques on how to extend lamp life. 

Lastly, we go over reasons why projector lamps burn out earlier than expected and how to switch out lamps if ever that happens. 

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How to Check Lamp Hours on the BenQ Projector

BenQ projector lamp

BenQ projectors have an internal lamp life timer that automatically measures lamp life. To check lamp hours on a BenQ projector, simply perform the following steps: 

  1. Press “Menu” on your BenQ projector or remote control.
  2. If you’re using the Basic OSD menu, navigate to “Information” using the arrow keys on your BenQ projector or remote. Lamp hour information should show on the right window.

If you’re using the Advanced OSD menu, scroll down to “System Setup: Advanced” then look for “Lamp Settings.”

  1. Press “OK” on the remote or your BenQ projector. This should display the lamp hours information. 

How Many Lamp Hours Do BenQ Projectors Provide?

BenQ projector lamps

Lamp life for the typical BenQ projector can last around 1,500 to 2,000 hours. Once that 2,000 hours is exceeded, light bulb efficiency may decrease by 70%. This means the light projected by the BenQ projector will be dimmer, and images rendered may also be less clear. 

BenQ provides a 1,000-hour warranty on their projector lamps; however, this number may change depending on your country or region. 

For lamps purchased separately, users have three months to avail warranty.

What Causes Projector Lamps to Burn out Early?

Projector Lamps Burn out

Projector lamps naturally get dimmer over time. However, certain situations can cause it to burn out prematurely. 

The biggest factor that can cause premature lamp failure is heat. Overheating can happen to projectors stored in shelves or where there is poor ventilation. 

Another major contributor is buying counterfeit projector lamps. Indeed, projector lamps aren’t the cheapest things in the world. However, buying cheap imitations also guarantees you cheap service. 

How to extend lamp life

If your goal is to prolong the lamp life of your BenQ projector lamp, the following tips should be able to help. 

  • Focus on ventilation
  • Use economy mode
  • Regular cleaning
  • Replace air filters

Focus on ventilation

Projector ventilator

As mentioned earlier, overheating can shorten a projector lamp’s lifespan by more than 30%. Therefore, proper ventilation is key to extending your BenQ projector’s lamp life.

Make sure your projector has enough space for heat to be released. Take away any objects that may block the air vents built into your projector. 

For ceiling-mounted projectors, buying an external fan to keep your device cool is a good idea. 

Use economy mode

BenQ projectors are built with power-saving modes that help extend lamp life. These modes are called “Economic” and “SmartEco.” 

When using “Economic” mode, the BenQ projector produces less system noise and consumes 30% less power. On the other hand, if it’s placed on “SmartEco” mode, it reduces consumption by up to 70% — it also makes much less noise than in other modes. 

Benq HT3550 fan noise eco mode

Granted, they won’t produce as bright a projection as in Normal mode. But it can prolong your projector lamp’s life expectancy significantly. 

Regular cleaning

Dust and dirt can accumulate in your projector over time. This amassment of dirt can stop heat from exiting the projector, which can cause your device to overheat after a period of use. 

Regular dusting and cleaning can protect your projector from this situation. 

Compressed air dusters are a great tool to have when you’re cleaning your projector. This machine’s long nozzle can fit into the small corners of your projector and blow away any blockages for better airflow. 

Cleaning projector

Replace air filters

Although air filters are technically designed to keep dust away from a projector’s insides, they can also accumulate dust over time. That said, regularly changing your projector’s air filter can help prolong its longevity by a lot. 

BenQ sells filter-free versions of their projectors, so you can buy this projector if you don’t want to spend an extra 30 minutes each month switching these out. 

How to Access “Economy” and “SmartEco” Mode

To change projector modes, you’ll need to activate the Advanced OSD menu. Follow these steps to do this: 

  1. Go to “Settings” on your BenQ projector then “Menu Type.”
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the “Advanced” menu option.
  3. Press “OK” to save your selection

Once you go back, these actions should have activated the “Advanced OSD” menu. Now, you can access “Economy” and “SmartEco” modes. 

Turning on Economy and SmartEco modes

To turn on Economy and SmartEco modes, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to “Picture” in the Advanced OSD menu and select “Lamp Power.”
  2. In the “Lamp Power” window, select the mode you want to use on your projector, e.g., Normal, Economy, or Smart Eco.
  3. Hit “OK” to save the changes, then “Exit” to return. 

This should activate Economy or SmartEco for you. 

BenQ SmartEco projectors

In Summary

Projectors each have a set lamp life to them determined by the manufacturer. The typical projector has a life expectancy of 1,500 to 2,000 hours. However, this can be extended to 5,000 depending on usage and manufacturing.

BenQ projectors have a built-in system that automatically calculates lamp hours. Users can access this information via the “Information” window in the BenQ projector’s “Lamp Settings” menu. 

Lamp life can easily be shortened by several factors, including heat, dirt build-up, and cheap material usage. By following the tips that we’ve mentioned above, you should be able to extend your device’s lamp life by a significant amount of time. 

I hope this article provided you with the answers you need!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.