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How Do I Get my Projector Out of Standby Mode?

How Do I Get my Projector Out of Standby Mode?

Projectors are convenient for enjoying your favorite movie or show on a broader surface. Once you are familiar with tweaking the settings, your projector can output the best picture quality for hours.However, sometimes projectors initiate standby mode, which might cause challenges for some people. Regardless of the manufacturer, projectors will go in standby mode if left idle for some time. Keep reading as we look into how to get your projector out of standby mode and everything around it.

You can get your projector out of standby mode in two ways. One is to press the power button, and the projector will resume normal display. Alternatively, you can press the power/standby button on your remote, and the projector will be out of standby mode. If the projector is stuck on standby mode, consider restarting it, which should fix it. 

Projector Standby Mode

standby mode

It is a situation where the projector automatically turns off, which happens after a period of inactivity. It is also called sleeping mode. 

Sometimes, this occurs when the projector has not been operated for more than 20 minutes of being in poster mode in the darkroom. 

Essentially it involves the lamp getting dimmer, and the projector then enters standby mode, and its screen becomes dim.

Why is my projector stuck in standby mode?

It can happen for a variety of reasons, but these are the most common:

The lamp door has a problem.

Projector lamp door

If the lamp door is not correctly secured, the projector can have numerous malfunctions. Among them is the projector being stuck in standby mode.

Therefore ensure the lamp door is properly closed and the lamp is installed correctly. If the lamp door or lamp seems faulty, consider contacting a technician. 

You can also secure the lamp and lamp door if you have the skills. However, ensure you read your manufacturer’s warranty agreement before opening up the projector.

A key is stuck on the remote control.

The remote will not send signals to the projector if a key is pressed and it is stuck that way.

Additionally, the remote will stop sending signals if a key is pressed and held down for longer than 4 seconds. 

Projector remote control

If you observe the remote and see a key stuck, you can shift it to get it unstuck. If the button remains stuck, you should contact your manufacturer for further assistance.

Also, if the button has been stuck for a long time, you should remove the remote’s batteries and remove it from the projector room. 

Keep it away for at least three hours and try using it to see if it works. If it does not, you might need a new remote. 

Fortunately, you can use the buttons on the projector to continue watching as you sort out problems with the remote.

There is an obstruction at the fan vents.

The exhaust of hot air from the back of the projector should be able to move freely and not be obstructed. 

Any obstructions at the vents reduce air circulation in and out of the projector, thus causing overheating. Overheating, in turn, initializes the standby mode to give the projector time to cool down.

Therefore ensure your projector is in a well-ventilated location that is not too close to a wall or other electronics.

You can also use a compressed air can  to remove any dust on the projector that might be clogging the fans.

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Problems with the input signal source?

A common reason why a projector is stuck in standby mode is that the wrong input source has been selected. For instance, if you’re using a VGA cable, be sure to select PC as a video source on the projector’s menu. 

The projector will stay on standby until it receives a signal on the input that is outputting video signals. 

Therefore ensure to use quality VGA and HDMI cables that can transfer signals from the video source to the projector.

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The projector has overheated.

If a projector is running hot, it is designed to go into standby mode for a cool-down period. That frequently happens when the projector is used in a poorly ventilated area.

Also, low-quality projectors have poor cooling systems that cannot adequately regulate the projector’s temperature. Therefore ensure you purchase quality projectors that are better equipped to handle overheating situations.

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The projector is malfunctioning.

When a projector malfunctions, it might stick in standby mode. Depending on the model, it might blink orange three times on the projector lights when you press the power button. 

Use any of the following methods to fix this problem:

  1. Unplug the projector for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.
  2. Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds.
  3. If you bought a new lamp, you might have forgotten to reset the lamp timer. You can do it by pressing and holding down both the Menu and [+]/- buttons at the same time while in standby mode.

If the hacks above do not work, you should consider consulting your manufacturer for further professional assistance.

Projector malfunctioning

How do I get my projector out of standby mode?

If your projector is in standby mode, press the power button on the projector or remote control to get the projector out of standby mode. If you can’t get your projector out of standby mode, try these steps:

  1. Ensure the power cord is securely connected to the projector and a working outlet.
  2. Turn on the projector.
  3. If you’re using a remote control, check that it has working batteries and that you’re pointing it directly at the projector’s IR receiver.
  4. Try unplugging and replugging in the power cord.
  5. If this doesn’t work, wait 30 seconds before plugging it in again.
  6. Try each video image input until an image displays on the projection screen.

Below are ways to get some of the most commonly used projectors out of standby mode.

Sony projectors

Sony VPL-VW915ES 4K HDR Laser Home Theater Projector

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To get your Sony projector out of standby mode, press the power button on the projector.

 The ON/STANDBY indicator will flash green, then light solid green showing that the projector is ready for normal operations.

You can also press any key on the remote. However, it is better to use the power button to avoid causing unknown changes to the current display.

Remember the projector will go back to standby mode if you leave it idle for more than ten minutes.

Epson projectors

Epson PowerLite 535W WXGA 3LCD Projector

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Epson projectors can come out of standby mode if you press the power button once. It will light up the screen and wake your video source device if it also was on standby.

The power light lights solid blue when your Epson projector is in standby mode.

The status light will start flashing blue and then turn solid blue, indicating the projector is ready for regular operation.

LG projectors

LG PF50KA 100” Portable Full HD (1920 x 1080)

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You can get your LG projector out of standby mode by pressing any key on the remote.

You can also get it out of standby mode by pressing the power button. 

The LED power indicator lights red when your LG projector is in standby mode.

The red light on the LED power indicator will go off, showing that the projector is ready for normal operations.


Is it recommended to keep my projector plugged in and in standby mode?

Yes. If you plan to use your projector regularly, it is best to leave it plugged in and in standby mode. 

If you keep your projector unplugged when it’s not in use, then turning the unit on requires more time so that it can heat up properly. It can be a hassle if you want to show something quickly without having to go through turning on your projector.

Standby mode helps you save the time used when waiting for the projector to warm up before you can begin presenting. 

What are the benefits of projector standby mode?

Many projectors are equipped with a standby mode. The setting is beneficial because it allows the projector to start up quickly.

 Standby mode also keeps the internal components at an optimal temperature until it’s turned on. Through the standby process, the projector can conserve energy. 

The setting is handy for offices that need to use their projectors regularly and have no time to wait for it to boot each time

Consider using a surge protector  to reduce the risk of electrical damage to the projector’s circuits.

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What are the shortcomings of the projector’s standby mode?

There are a few cons to leaving the projector on standby mode. They include:

  1. The projector is not turned off entirely when it is in standby mode since it requires power to respond to the remote. It only gives the illusion of being off.
  2. The standby power consumption of the projector is more significant than that of standard office equipment, generally between 20-30W.
  3. If it is used for a long time in standby mode, it will affect the service life of the projector and reduce the service life of its internal components.

How does projector standby mode save energy while still maintaining high brightness?

The primary power consumption of the projector comes from the lamp. Therefore, standby mode dims the lamp to reduce power consumption. 

When the projector is in standby mode, the other components utilize power.

 Other models use a low-power consumption intelligent switch to achieve double saving.

A projector can achieve maximum power saving when there is no display signal input. 

standby mode save energy

How to avoid projector standby mode?

When a projector is powered on, it will go into standby mode if there is no signal input after some time. It is designed to save power. To avoid projector standby mode, you can do either one of the following:

  1. Keep the source device on and connected to the projector.
  2. Set the source device to output a signal at all times (such as a continuous slideshow).

Standby mode may also occur if the projector is not receiving adequate ventilation or cooling. You can deal with this by ensuring no obstruction on the fan vents.


In conclusion, we have looked at the ins and outs of a projector’s standby mode. It is an essential feature that conserves energy while preserving the projector’s durability.

Therefore, the next time your projector is in standby mode, you will know what to do.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.