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Is Philips a Good TV Brand?

a Philips TV

Philips has been producing televisions for decades, but from all signs, it looks like they are on the way out of this market. 

However, you can still buy their TVs, but the real question is, should you? How does Philips compare to other brands, and how reliable are their panels? 

These are all questions we are going to be looking at in this article, providing answers and ultimately letting you know if Philips is a good brand for you.

Is Philips a Good TV Brand?

a Philips TV on display at a store

Yes, Philips has been making great televisions for years, and they still do today. While you may not see the brand as often as you once would, they continue to churn out quality televisions at a great price.

But what makes them great? Why should you choose them over another budget TV such as a TCL or Hisense? Let’s take a look at what makes them a great brand to consider.


For the low price of Philips televisions, you may expect them to only be 1080p, or even 720p. However, you would be wrong. 

Both of their main models of television are a full 4K, providing crisp images for your movies or sporting events.

Smart Features

Not only do you get 4K, but you get Android TV built in. This is going to allow you to play your favorite movies and shows via Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and more without the need for any external streaming device.


While the features and overall quality may not match a televisions 10 times the price, what you get for your dollar with a Philips TV is quite impressive. 

If you have a low budget but still are looking for a quality television, this could be a great brand to research.

How Long Does a Philips TV Last?

No matter what brand of television you buy, they are only going to last as long as you are willing to take care of them. 

Philips is a good brand with a long history, so you can rest assured that they will give you as good of quality as any other budget television on the market.

To ensure your TV lasts as long as possible, you should make sure you do the following things. Each one will make sure you get the absolute most out of your television, giving it the best chance to last a long time.

Clean the Screen

woman cleaning TV at home with a microfiber cloth

While this may seem simple, most people neglect to do it on a regular basis. Taking the time to properly clean your screen will ensure it does not get damaged by drinks or spills, removing dirt and debris can also help avoid any scratching.

Turn it Off When Not in Use

turning off TV using a remote

Do you generally fall asleep with your television on at night? Many do, but ensuring you set a sleep timer is a great way to increase the longevity of the screen. 

This will reduce things like burn-in on OLED panels, and give the pixels the best chance of staying healthy as possible.

Ensure Ventilation is Clear

On the back and bezel around your television you are likely to find some ventilation. This is how the computer “breathes” and keeps the internal components cool. 

Ensuring you don’t cover them with anything and keep them clear of dust is one of the best ways to keep your TV running for years.

Who are Philips TVs For?

Philips TVs have many uses, but there are certain areas where they fit like a glove. Don’t think these are the only ways to use these TVs, because they are not, but they are a few ways that the Philips brand races past the competition.

Kids Bedroom

interior of a kid's room with TV

So you have kids, and want to put a TV in their room for their Xbox, PlayStation, or other streaming device. However, you don’t want to spend a small fortune for a TV that could likely get broken by a flying toy.

Enter Philips. These TVs are a great price, and are big enough that you can see them from across the room. 


restaurant interior

One perfect use for a Philips TV is inside a retail store or restaurant. 

These public places often feature televisions for their guests to watch as they shop and eat, but if you are a small business owner chances are a high priced TV is not in your budget. Philips has you covered in this case.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Philips TV

Philips brand sign on TV remote

With any budget television, know that you will need to do a bit of setup out of the box. It will be rare to find a model where the colors and sharpness are dialed in from the factory.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to go through and adjust each. Everyone has a differing opinion on what looks good (some like warmer colors, some cooler, etc) so dial your TV into how you personally prefer it.

Another thing to consider is ensuring it is set at the perfect eye level. If it is too high and not tilted correctly, or too low, the image quality is going to suffer. 

This is just another step that most people don’t take that can drastically improve the image of their television.

Philips vs. Sony vs. LG

Philips at this stage in the brand’s history is not going to compete head to head with the highest end Sony or LG televisions. They are simply too far behind in the technology department. 

This doesn’t mean they are not good televisions, just don’t expect a comparable image out of your Philips TV in contrast to a much more expensive Sony or LG.

  Philips Sony LG
Max Resolution 4K (3840×2160 pixels) 8K (7680×4320 pixels) 8K (7680×4320 pixels)
Best Panel Option LCD LCD OLED
Refresh Rate 60 Hz 120 Hz 120 Hz
Quantum Dot Color No Yes Yes
Full Array Dimming No Yes Yes
Smart Capable Yes Yes Yes
HDR Capable HDR10 HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision Cinema HDR (DolbyVision, HDR10, HLG)


While Philips is lessening their move forward in the television industry, if you decide to pick one of their TVs up you should be happy with it in the end. 

While they may not be able to compete with the advancements made by the likes of Sony or LG, the performance they offer is still respectable.

Philips has not come out and said they are reeling in production, but the lack of availability of many models of their televisions is telling. 

Picking them up at a cheap price if you can find them will net you a good TV at a bargain price.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.