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How To Connect a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to a Smart TV?

How To Connect a Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to a Smart TV?

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Did you know you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your smart TV? It’s true! 

This is a great option if you hate typing with the remote’s buttons or voice control, which can sometimes be inaccurate. Typing will also make communicating with your friends and coworkers much easier if you like taking Zoom calls and chatting on your TV.

Using a mouse also allows you to have more control of your smart TV’s cursor and use your TV like a big monitor. 

There are two ways you can connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to a smart TV: USB-RF and Bluetooth. 

Let’s learn how to do both and each method’s pros and cons! 

Quick Guide for Connecting your Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to a Smart TV

Method Materials Needed  Steps
  1. Turn on the wireless keyboard and mouse
  2. Plug the dongle into the TV 
  3. Ensure both devices are working properly
  1. Activate your TV’s Bluetooth settings (usually found under Bluetooth Device List in the Settings)
  2. Turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Enable pairing mode. 
  3. Select the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse’s names from the Bluetooth list on-screen


The first way to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to a smart TV is by using USB-RF. This method of connectivity uses a USB dongle (which looks like a small flash drive) to wirelessly connect the keyboard and mouse via radio frequency. 

wireless mouse and keyboard connect to TV via a USB RF

Let’s learn how! 

Step 1: Turn on the Keyboard and Mouse

First, you must turn on the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard’s “on” button is commonly found in the top right corner of the keyboard. 

Turn on the mouse by flicking the power switch found on the bottom “on”. 

The device’s LED indicator light should light up, signaling it’s powered on and ready to connect to your smart TV. 

Step 2: Plug the USB Dongle Into the TV 

Find the keyboard and mouse’s USB dongle. 

Plug the dongle into your TV’s USB port, ensuring it’s firmly in place. 

Some keyboards and mice have separate dongles, one for each device. The WisFox Wireless Keyboard  and HP Wireless Mouse X3000 G2  are great options if you’re looking to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse separately. 

Others, like the Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo , have one dongle that connects both devices to your TV. This is a great option if your TV only has one USB port, or you’re using the other USB ports for other devices. 

wireless mouse and keyboard connect to TV via the same USB FR

If you already have a keyboard and mouse set with two dongles, but have found your TV only has one USB port, consider using a USB splitter, like the ANDTOBO USB 2.0 Male to 2 Dual USB Female Jack Y Splitter 

Step 3: Check that Everything is Working Correctly 

Once you’ve successfully connected your keyboard and mouse to your smart TV, you must check that everything is working correctly. 

Some keyboards will allow you to change your smart TV’s volume, which is great if you’ve lost your TV’s original remote. You should also ensure that you can type using the keyboard’s buttons and that the TV is accurately displaying the letters typed. 

Check out the video below demonstrating how to connect a wireless USB-RF keyboard and mouse to your smart TV following the steps above. 

How to Connect Logitech Wireless Keyboard and mouse to LG Smart TV

Pros & Cons

Let’s go over a few pros and cons of using a wireless USB-RF keyboard and mouse for your smart TV. 


  • USB-RF keyboards have a very low latency/input lag. This is great if you enjoy using your keyboard and mouse for gaming and want a smooth typing experience overall. 
  • Setting up a wireless keyboard and mouse is extremely fast and easy, as all you need to do is plug the dongle into your TV. 


  • Not every smart TV will have a USB port or the port may already be in use for another device. So you must ensure your smart TV has at least one available USB port before considering this option. 
  • Dongles are very compact, which allows them to fit behind your TV even if it’s mounted to the wall. Unfortunately, this also means they’re relatively easy to lose or misplace, and you may need to purchase a compatible replacement. 

2. Bluetooth

The next way you can connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to your TV is via Bluetooth.

wireless mouse and keyboard connect to TV via bluetooth

This method uses your smart TV’s built-in Bluetooth, so make sure your TV supports Bluetooth before trying to connect a keyboard and mouse following the steps below. 

Step 1: Activate Your Smart TV’s Bluetooth Settings

First, you must activate your smart TV’s Bluetooth settings, allowing it to search for and connect to Bluetooth devices. 

You will need your smart TV remote to do this, so ensure it’s working. 

Note that your smart TV’s settings may be labeled slightly differently or require you to follow varied instructions, so refer to your user manual if you’re having trouble finding your TV’s Bluetooth settings. 

Go to your TV’s Settings, then click on General. Click External Device Manager, then Input Device Manager. Click on Bluetooth Device List

You should now see the option to connect your smart TV to a Bluetooth device on-screen. 

Step 2: Turn On Your Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse 

Now you must turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and activate pairing mode. This will make your device discoverable by your smart TV, allowing them to connect to it. 

Press your device’s power button, or flip the power switch to “on”. Bluetooth keyboards tend to have a power button on the top-right corner of the board, while mice’s power button is usually found on the bottom. 

Next, you’ll need to activate your device’s pairing mode. Some Bluetooth devices will automatically activate pairing mode once turned on. Other Bluetooth devices will have a pairing button, marked by the Bluetooth symbol. 

bottom view of a black wireless mouse

If you’re having trouble locating your keyboard or mouse’s pairing button, consult its manual. 

The keyboard and mouse’s LED indicator light should turn on or flash to notify you that pairing mode has been enabled. 

If you’re in the market for a high-quality and reliable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, check out the Logitech M535 Bluetooth Mouse  and Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard 

Step 3: Pair Your Keyboard and Mouse to the Smart TV

Now that your smart TV, and Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are ready to pair, you can connect them. 

In your smart TV’s Bluetooth settings, select your keyboard and mouse’s names from the list. 

If you don’t see the devices’ names on-screen, exit then reopen your smart TV’s Bluetooth settings and make sure your keyboard and mouse are in pairing mode. 

Once connected, you’re ready to control your TV. No cables or dongles needed! 

Step 4: Ensure Everything is Working Properly

Many Bluetooth keyboards allow you to change your TV’s volume, so check that function is working properly. 

Some users have reported their Bluetooth mouse not working for certain apps, like Netflix. If this is the case for your mouse, use the keyboard’s arrow and Enter buttons to navigate the app instead. 

If you encounter any problems, make sure your Bluetooth device is still connected to your TV since Bluetooth connections can sometimes randomly disconnect. You may also want to check that your keyboard and mouse are charged. 

Watch the video below to learn how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your smart TV. 

How to connect Bluetooth Headphones, USB or Wireless Mouse and Keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV

Pros & Cons 

Let’s learn about the pros and cons of connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your smart TV. 


  • Since Bluetooth keyboards and mice use your smart TV’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you don’t need to worry about using (or losing!) any additional hardware. 
  • Your smart TV doesn’t need specific ports to connect to Bluetooth devices, allowing you to use them with any smart TV that supports Bluetooth. 


  • Bluetooth keyboards and mice tend to have a higher latency/input lag in comparison to USB-RF devices. This can make gaming a little difficult as the devices will have a slower response time. 
  • Navigating your TV’s settings can be challenging, so initially pairing your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to your TV could be slightly time-consuming and require some trial and error. 
  • Bluetooth connections may sometimes disconnect, requiring you to repair your devices.

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