PS4 to PS5: Trophies Not Showing Up? Proven Fixes

The trophies on PS4 interface ranking from bronze to platinum

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What To Know

  • Trophies earned on the PS4 will carry over and appear on the PS5 profile when linked to the same PlayStation Network account.
  • However, if you play a PS4 game on the PS5, you’ll start fresh with the trophy collection specific to the PS5 version of the game.
  • If trophies aren’t showing up on the PS5, users can try re-logging their PSN account, waiting a day for a sync, or manually forcing a sync through the PS5’s trophy menu.

This guide provides a straightforward solution for players transitioning to the PlayStation 5, ensuring that your hard-earned trophies move with you.

Let’s explore how to maintain your legacy on the new console.

How Do the Trophies Work on PS4 and PS5

The achievement from the Spider-Man game about collecting backpack on PS4 console

Trophies are digital rewards that players earn for achieving specific milestones in PlayStation games. They serve as a testament to a player’s skills, determination, and prowess.

When you complete a certain task or mission in a game, the system rewards you with a trophy.

This can range from simple tasks such as finishing a level, to more complex achievements like completing a game without losing a life.

The PlayStation system classifies trophies into four categories, listed from the least to the most challenging:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

The list of trophies on PS4 interface menu

The coveted Platinum trophy is awarded when you accomplish all other trophies in a game, signifying 100% game completion.

When you upgrade from PS4 to PS5, you might wonder what happens to your hard-earned trophies. 

The good news is that your PS4 trophies will automatically appear on your PS5 profile as long as they are linked to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account. 

However, they’ll be labeled as PS4 trophies on a PS5 console.

If you decide to replay a game on the PS5 that you’ve already played on the PS4, you’ll start from scratch regarding trophies for the PS5 version. 

For instance, if you’ve earned a Platinum trophy for a game on the PS4, you’d have to earn all the trophies again if you play the game on the PS5.

PS4 to PS5 Auto-Pop Trophies

Some games offer a feature known as ‘auto-pop trophies’. This allows you to automatically unlock trophies on the PS5 that you’ve already earned on the PS4.

Single Player Games

The Spider-Man game on PS4 with the cover box and the horizontal near to the PS4 controller

Certain games have the capability to automatically unlock their trophies on your PS5 console once you have acquired all of the trophies on your PS4. 

To accomplish this, you will need to transfer the saved file from your PS4 to the PS5. This process involves signing up for PS+ and uploading your saved files to the PS cloud.

Afterward, on your PS5, launch the game and select the option to load your saved file. In a matter of seconds, the trophies will automatically unlock, popping up on your screen. 

However, it’s worth noting that some games may not auto-pop the trophies immediately. 

In such cases, you may need to play the game for a few minutes before the trophies are triggered and subsequently unlocked.

How to Get an Instant PS5 Platinum on Spider-man Remastered Using Your PS4 Exported Save

Online Games

Genshin Impact information on PS4 interface using TCL TV for display

For online games, trophies often unlock automatically when you log in to your game account on the PS5. 

The ease of trophy synchronization across different consoles is facilitated by the storage of online game save files on the game’s production server.

Like single-player games, online games also have limitations with the auto-pop feature. While most trophies will auto-pop, some might require additional steps to unlock.

Auto-Pop May Experience Inconsistencies

The auto-pop feature, while convenient, does have its limitations. In certain games, transferring the saved files may trigger the auto-pop for the majority of the trophies, but not necessarily all of them. 

Let’s consider an example where a game consists of 30 trophies, and you have successfully achieved all 30 trophies on your PS4. 

Upon transferring the saved file to the PS5, the auto-pop feature may activate, resulting in 29 out of the 30 trophies being automatically unlocked. 

However, you will still need to manually find and acquire that one remaining trophy on the PS5 console.

But not all games from PS4 to PS5 will have auto-pop trophies, there is a list of games that will auto-pop once you transfer the saved files.

Auto-Pop Games On PS5 to PS4

The automatic trophy unlocking from PS5 to PS4 varies depending on the game, as certain games enable the trophies to automatically unlock when transitioning from PS5 to PS4. 

However, this feature is more commonly found in online games, whereas the number of single-player games offering this functionality is relatively limited for our consideration.

List of Auto-Pop Games On PS5

The automatic trophy-unlocking feature varies from game to game. While some games support this feature, others don’t. 

There is a website that collects information about games that can auto-pop trophies. Follow this link to find more details on these games.

Trophies Not Showing on PS5

Numerous users have reported instances where they successfully achieved a trophy while playing on PS5, with the system even displaying an on-screen announcement confirming the trophy earned. 

However, upon checking the trophy list, they discovered the trophy was not visible. 

If you encounter this issue, there’s no need to panic as we have identified potential solutions to resolve this.

Relog Your PSN Account

The PSN login interface on PS4 with a blue background

If you encounter any issues with your PSN account or trophy synchronization on your PS5, a simple solution that has been tried and tested by users is to log out of your PSN account and then log back in. 

This process can effectively resolve the problem and ensure that your PS4 trophies appear seamlessly on your PS5 profile. 

Many users have found this method to be reliable and convenient, offering a quick fix for any trophy-related concerns on the new console.

Trophy Sync Delay

Sometimes, waiting for a day can solve the issue as the system needs time to sync.

For many users, one of the most effective options is simply waiting. 

Numerous reports indicate that after waiting for a day and checking the trophies list, the desired achievement magically appears. 

Manually Force Sync

PS5 offers a useful feature allowing users to synchronize their data from the PlayStation Network. To resolve the issue, all you need to do is press the sync button on your PS5, and voila! The trophies will seamlessly appear on your trophy list.

Here is how to do this:

Step 1. Ensure your PS5 is powered on

Step 2. Press the PS button on your controller, then select your PSN name or your profile picture.

Step 3. Select Trophies

Step 4. Scroll through your list of trophies and locate the game where you’re facing the issue. Press the X button on the controller, and a menu will pop up. Look for the option Sync with the PlayStation Network at the bottom of the menu

How To Fix PS5 Trophies Not Showing Up Or Syncing To PSN - (2022 Tutorial)


Do PS3 Trophies Carry Over to PS5

Sony has confirmed that PS3 trophies will also carry over to the PS5. 

However, since the PS5 doesn’t support PS3 games, you will need to use the ‘Sync with PlayStation Network’ feature to display your PS3 trophies on your PS5 profile.

Can I Continue My PS4 Games on PS5

Yes, you can play your PS4 games on the PS5. If you have digital games, you’ll need to download them onto your PS5. 

However, if you have the disc version of the game, simply insert the PS4 disc into the PS5 and install it on the console. 

Moreover, you can transfer your PS4 game save data to the PS5 using either a compatible USB storage device or cloud saves if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. 

This way, you can seamlessly continue your gaming progress on the PS5 without losing any achievements or progress made on the PS4. 

It’s essential to note that digital games you’ve purchased are tied to your PSN account, so signing in with a different account would require you to repurchase the game

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