Soundbar Turning On/Off Itself? 9 Expert Fixes for Your Samsung Soundbar & More

close-up view of LG soundbar

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What To Know

  • Soundbars may turn off due to power issues, incorrect connections, or the soundbar itself; soft or hard reset can help address glitches.
  • Potential fixes include ensuring a stable power source, checking for faulty cords, and deactivating features like HDMI-CEC or Auto Power Link, which can turn on or off devices randomly.
  • If persisting issues, update the soundbar firmware, ensure good ventilation to avoid overheating, and contact the manufacturer for potential hardware or software problems.

Is your soundbar behaving unpredictably, turning on or off on its own?

Rest assured, this is a common issue.

Whether it’s a Samsung soundbar powering down unexpectedly or any brand mysteriously powering up, our article provides a deep dive into troubleshooting.

With insights from our tech team and validated by users across various forums, I’ll guide you to the solutions for uninterrupted audio bliss.

There are three main factors that may cause your soundbar to repeatedly turn on and off, including:

  • The power source
  • The connected devices
  • The soundbar itself

Luckily, there are a few solutions you can try to stop your soundbar from automatically turning on and off:

1. Soft Reset Your Soundbar

The most common reason electronics malfunction is that they’re glitching. Fortunately, glitches can often be solved by soft resetting your device since storing residual power can cause them to malfunction. 

Follow the steps below to soft reset your soundbar, rebooting its software in the process. 

Step 1: Drain your soundbar’s electricity by disconnecting it from power for 30 or more seconds

Step 2: Re-connect it to power, ensuring its power cable is securely fastened to the soundbar’s power port and outlet. 

2. Wireless Reset/Hard Reset Your Soundbar

If soft resetting your soundbar doesn’t do the trick, consider hard resetting it instead, reverting it to its out-of-the-box settings. 

This process varies depending on your soundbar’s manufacturer. 

Follow the steps outlined below to hard reset your LG, Vizio, or Sony soundbar. 


Step 1: Long-press the soundbar remote’s Volume until MIN pops up on the display. 

Step 2: Find, press, and hold the remote’s Mute button until you see WL RESET on the display.


Step 1: With your soundbar turned on, simultaneously press and hold the Bluetooth and Volume Down (–) buttons for five or more seconds

Step 2: Release the buttons once RESET appears on the display and/or every LED light flashes three times

Watch the video below demonstrating how to factory reset a Vizio soundbar. 

How To Reset Vizio Sound Bar - It works for all models


The steps to factory reset a Sony soundbar vary depending on the soundbar model, with some models requiring users to press the control panel buttons and others to navigate the settings. 

Check out Sony’s article How to reset the Soundbar to learn how to reset your Sony soundbar model. 

3. Check the Power (Source, Cord)

An unsteady power source can cause your soundbar to randomly turn on and off since it’s not receiving a stable electrical flow. 

So, try plugging your soundbar into another power source or outlet to see if that resolves the problem. 

We also recommend avoiding plugging your soundbar into a power strip, since it can deteriorate over time and lead to power supply problems. 

Then, turn your attention to the soundbar’s power cable. Check if it’s in good condition and look for any signs of damage or rot. If your home has a pest problem, check for any teeth marks. 

If you see any imperfections on the cable, promptly replace it. 

Also, ensure it’s securely plugged into your soundbar and a functioning wall outlet. 

4. Reconnect all the Devices

Sometimes, devices do not form a secure connection when connected the first time. This can lead to unprecedented visual, audio, and yes, power issues. 

So, it’s a good idea to reconnect all of your devices to ensure they’re correctly hooked up to one another. 

Step 1: One by one, disconnect each device from your soundbar, including your TV.

Step 2: Then, soft reset your soundbar and any devices it was connected to. You can soft reset your TV by leaving it unplugged for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3: Now, reconnect all devices to your soundbar, ensuring the correct cables are plugged into the right ports. Then, turn them on and see if they work. 

5. Deactivate the Power Link/Anynet+/Auto Power/Eco Power/etc. Feature

HDMI-CEC allows you to control multiple HDMI-connected devices with one remote, which comes in handy when adjusting your soundbar’s volume with your TV remote. However, when enabled, the function can cause connected devices to turn off randomly. 

Some soundbars also have other functions which also power connected devices on and off automatically. 

Let’s learn more about Samsung, Vizio, and LG soundbars’ HDMI-CEC features and other functions, how they’re labeled, and how to disable them. 


Samsung’s HDMI-CEC function is called Auto Power Link. This handy feature saves you the trouble of turning on your soundbar every time you want to use it by turning it on automatically whenever your TV is turned on, and vice versa. 

To disable this function, press your soundbar remote’s Auto Power key once. To re-enable Auto Power Link, simply press this button once more. 

If your soundbar remote doesn’t have this button, you can disable Auto Power Link by following the instructions listed in Samsung’s Help library

Samsung’s HDMI-CEC function (labeled Anynet+) can also cause the soundbar to be inadvertently turned off by just using the remote. 

To disable Anynet+ on your connected soundbar, the Right Arrow (→) on the remote’s D-pad until Aynet+ pops up on the display, which should take about five seconds. 


Vizio’s Eco Power function works similarly to HDMI-CEC in that it puts the soundbar into standby mode when it hasn’t been used for a while, and then allows it to be “woken up” by pressing one of the TV remote’s buttons. 

However, this function can also cause your soundbar to go into standby mode too frequently or accidentally be turned off. 

To turn off Eco Power on your Vizio soundbar, press your soundbar remote’s Next/Previous button. 


Finally, LG soundbars have an Auto Power function, which as the name suggests, can automatically turn the device on and off.

Follow the steps below to disable Auto Power: 

Step 1: Press and hold your soundbar remote’s Information or Settings button. Now, you should see information about this feature on-screen. 

highlight settings button on LG soundbar remote

Step 2: Next, hit the Information button once more or use the remote’s Up or Down Arrow buttons to turn it on or off. 

If you have another soundbar brand from those mentioned above, it may also have a function similar to LG’s Auto Power. We recommend sifting through its manual (commonly found on the manufacturer’s website) for more information about said feature and how to disable it.  

If you have a Sony soundbar, check out their article The Sound Bar powers off by itself for more information about which features may be causing this issue. 

6. Try Connecting Your Soundbar to One Main Source Only

If your soundbar is connected to multiple sources at once, it may be randomly turned on or off by one of these devices. 

For instance, if your soundbar is connected to a PS4/PS5 and a TV via two different HDMI cables (one for each device), the console may send a signal to your soundbar that accidentally turns it off. 

Refer to the picture below to see how not to hook your soundbar up to two different devices. Notice how the console is connected to the display via the soundbar, as opposed to being connected directly to it.

Not Recommended Soundbar Setup Method: 

  3. HDMI IN

soundbar setup method not recommended

So, if your soundbar is continuously turning off, it’s best to set up your soundbar following the method displayed in the picture below.

Note: While we’re using a gaming console as an example, you can apply this setup design to any HDMI-compatible input device used in unison with your soundbar.

Recommended Soundbar Setup Method: 

  4. HDMI IN

soundbar setup method recommended

7. Cool Down Your Soundbar 

Soundbars, like all electronics, are prone to overheating, especially if you’ve used them for an extended period with poor airflow ventilation. This can cause your soundbar to suddenly turn off, as it’s become too hot to function properly. 

See if your soundbar has overheated by checking if it’s hot to the touch. If it does feel unusually warm, turn it off and unplug it. Leave it unplugged until it’s completely cool. 

When plugging your soundbar back into power, ensure that its surrounding area is well-ventilated and that its ventilation slots or holes aren’t clogged with debris. If they are dusty, clean them with a small brush, compressed air, or a microfiber cloth. 

8. Out-of-Date Firmware 

Pending firmware updates can cause your soundbar to malfunction, resulting in frequent glitches, like randomly turning on and off. 

You can check your soundbar’s latest firmware version by heading to the brand’s official website. 

We won’t lie, updating your soundbar can be slightly complex as it involves downloading the firmware update from the brand’s website and installing it manually. 

However, with a little patience, you’ll have your soundbar updated in no time!

Check out the video tutorials below to learn how to update a few notable soundbar brands! 


Update Samsung soundbar


How to Upgrade Sony HT-G700 Firmware / Software


VIZIO Legacy Products | How to Update Sound Bar Firmware

9. Contact the Manufacturer

You’ve followed all of the above solutions to a T, but your soundbar is still turning on and off by itself. 

While these solutions may help resolve any basic soundbar issues, they will not fix more serious internal problems, such as problems with the software. 

If you suspect there’s something wrong with your soundbar’s software or hardware, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer’s customer service. 

Refer to the list below for the customer support contact information for a few notable soundbar brands. 

Pro Tip: Have your soundbar’s model number on hand when contacting customer support. 

Wrapping Things Up

Your soundbar repeatedly turning on and off could be due to a simple software glitch, incorrectly connected devices, an Auto Power or HDMI-CEC feature, overheating, or out-of-date firmware. 

Ensuring your soundbar is correctly connected to your TV and power is key. It’s also a good idea to only connect it to one device at a time. We also recommend plugging it directly into a working outlet, as opposed to a power strip. 

Remember, if any of its cables are worn, switch them out for compatible replacements.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer support if none of these solutions do the trick. 

What’s your experience with a soundbar turning on and off by itself? Did you figure out what was preventing your soundbar from staying steadily on/off?

Let us know in the comments below!

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