How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Samsung TV

Samsung TV with connected AirPods, Bluetooth Headphone

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What To Know

  • To connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Samsung TV: Navigate to Menu > Settings > All Settings > Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List > Choose your headphones; some 2022 models allow connecting two devices.
  • Check your Samsung TV’s Bluetooth capability by consulting the user manual, searching its specs on the Samsung website, or looking for the “Bluetooth Speaker List” in the TV’s Sound Output settings.
  • For TVs without built-in Bluetooth, use a compatible Bluetooth adapter connected to the TV’s audio port and pair your Samsung TV with Bluetooth headphones.

Have you ever felt lost trying to get your Bluetooth headphones hooked up to your Samsung TV?

This guide will walk you through a no-fuss, easy-to-understand method to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Samsung TV, plus how to unlock its Bluetooth potential.

Note: This article pertains only to headphones that support smart TV connections. Some headphone models only support mobile devices and will not connect to your TV even if it is Bluetooth-compatible.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones/Speakers to Samsung TV?

Check that your Bluetooth headphones/speakers are turned on and that you’ve enabled pairing mode (if needed). Then, head to the official Samsung website or refer to the steps below to learn how to connect your TV to it. 

TV Version Steps
2022, 2021, and 2020 Smart TVs Menu → Settings → All Settings → Sound → Sound Output → Bluetooth Speaker List
2019, 2018, and 2017 Smart TVs (R, N, and M models) Home → Settings → Sound → Sound Output → Bluetooth Speaker List
Quick Settings for the Above Models Home → Source → Connection Guide → Audio Device → Bluetooth → Set Up Now
2016 Smart TVs (K models) Home → Settings → Sound → Expert Settings → Wireless Speaker Manager → Bluetooth Audio Devices
2015 Smart TVs (J models) – Samsung SoundConnect Devices Menu → Sound → Additional Settings → TV SoundConnect
2015 Smart TVs (J models) – Other Bluetooth audio devices Menu → Sound → Additional Settings → Bluetooth Audio
2014 Smart TVs (H models) – Samsung SoundConnect Devices Menu → Sound → Speaker Settings → TV SoundConnect (for Speakers & Headphones)
2014 Smart TVs (H models) – Other Bluetooth Audio Devices Menu → Sound → Speaker Settings → TV Sound Output → Bluetooth Headphone (for Headphones Only)

If this is the first time you’re connecting your Bluetooth audio device to your TV, it will begin searching for available Bluetooth headphones/speakers to connect to and start the pairing process once you’ve completed the steps above.

Another Way to Connect Bluetooth Headphones/Speakers to 2017 and Up Models

Step 1: Click the Home button on your remote. 

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings menu. 

Step 3: Press your remote’s Up Arrow (↑) button. 

Step 4: Head to the right until you’ve highlighted the Sound Output option. 

Step 5: Then, press your remote’s Up Arrow (↑) to highlight and select TV Speaker

Step 6: Then, go to Bluetooth Speaker List

Watch the video below demonstrating another way to pair Bluetooth headphones/speakers to Samsung TVs released in 2017 and afterward. 

How To Pair Bluetooth Speakers With Samsung Smart TV

On Samsung TV models released in 2022, you can connect two Bluetooth devices by repeating the steps listed above twice. When performing these steps the second time, you will be met with two options: Multi Connect or Replace. Select Multi Connect to pair your second headphone/speaker and have your TV’s audio play through both audio devices simultaneously. 

Once again, both devices must support smart TV connectivity, since some Bluetooth headphones can only connect to smartphones and tablets.

How to Know If Your Samsung TV Supports Bluetooth Feature? 

There are three different ways to tell if your Samsung TV supports Bluetooth: checking its user manual, the Samsung website, or its settings. 

Let’s learn how to check all three! 

Check the User Manual 

Consult the user manual that came with your TV in its original packaging. Here, you will find a list of specs, including all of its natively-supported features, like Bluetooth. The manual will also include more specific details about your TV’s Bluetooth settings, like how to connect wireless devices to it. 

Check the Website

Let’s face it, people usually throw away their TV’s user manual right after unpacking it. If you don’t have your TV’s manual, you can find its specs on the official Samsung website. Simply select your TV type (e.g. Frame, QLED, OLED, etc.) followed by its model. Now, you can scroll through its specs list or use CTRL + F to search for “Bluetooth.” 

Alternatively, you can head to an e-commerce trading website, like Amazon. Here, you can search for your Samsung TV’s model name to reveal a complete list of its features. Other websites, like Best Buy, have similar spec lists. 

Check Your TV’s Settings

Last, but not least, you can verify your Samsung TV’s Bluetooth compatibility through its settings by following the steps below: 

Step 1: Head to the Settings menu on the Home screen. 

Step 2: Open Sound

Step 3: Go to Sound Output

Step 4: Look for Bluetooth Speaker List. If you see this setting, then your TV supports Bluetooth. 

select Bluetooth Speaker List on Samsung TV

If this setting isn’t here, but you saw that your TV’s user manual boasts Bluetooth compatibility, then your TV was likely released in 2016 or before. Head to the section How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones/Speaker to a Samsung TV if your TV’s manual or settings say that it supports Bluetooth. 

Otherwise, check out the following section to learn how to connect wireless headphones to a TV without Bluetooth compatibility. 

Bluetooth Adapter

Samsung TV models released in 2013 or before are unlikely to boast native Bluetooth compatibility. However, you can still connect Bluetooth headphones to them using a Bluetooth adapter. 

This nifty gadget connects to your TV’s audio port to wirelessly transmit its sound to your Bluetooth headphones. It’s moderately priced and can completely transform your listening experience. 

Traditional Bluetooth adapters, like the Aluratek Bluetooth Audio Transmitter  which comes recommended by Samsung, include a 3.5 mm jack that connects to your TV’s 3.5 mm audio/AUX or RCA port.  

However, if your TV doesn’t have a 3.5 mm audio port, consider investing in a Bluetooth adapter that boasts greater compatibility, like the 1Mii B06TX Bluetooth 5.2 Transmitter . This Bluetooth adapter can be connected to your Samsung TV’s AUX, RCA, optical, and coaxial audio ports. 

Consult the adapter’s user manual for instructions on how to connect it to your TV and Bluetooth headphones. Some adapters also have tutorial videos on their Amazon pages. 

Wrapping Things Up

Many recent Samsung TV models will support Bluetooth and boast this compatibility in their user manual, specs list on the official Samsung website or e-commerce trading floor, or settings. 

However, if your TV does not support Bluetooth, you can still connect Bluetooth headphones/speakers to it with a Bluetooth adapter, which connects to your TV’s 3.5 mm/AUX, RCA, optical, or coaxial audio port. 

Some 2022 TV models also allow you to connect two Bluetooth audio devices to them at once. Just make sure that your Bluetooth headphones/speakers support non-mobile connections. 

What’s your experience connecting a Bluetooth audio device to your Samsung TV? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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