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How To Connect Multiple Wireless Headphones To A TV? (Samsung, LG & Other TVs)

How To Connect Multiple Wireless Headphones To A TV? (Samsung, LG & Other TVs)

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You’re planning a small gaming tournament with a few of your pals, but given your neighbor’s recent noise complaints, you decide it’s best to use headphones.

You and all of your friends have wireless headphones that you’d like to use for your gaming session. However, is there a way to connect multiple wireless headphones to a single TV at once?

Yes, there is!

In this article, we’ll outline how to connect two or more headphones to Samsung, LG, and other smart TV models.

Let’s get started!

Samsung TVs

Samsung TVs released in 2022 can stream audio to two wireless headphones at once. This feature can not support more than two headphones at once and is unavailable on all older models.

You can access this function in your Samsung TV’s settings.

Let’s learn how!

Step 1: Find and click the Color/Number button, marked with four colored dots and 123, on your Samsung smart TV remote.

Press the Color or Number button on the remote of Samsung TV

Step 2: Next, head to the Quick Settings by pressing the Up button found on your remote’s D-pad.

Press Up to access Quick Settings on the remote of Samsung TV

Step 3: Now, turn your attention to your TV screen and click on Bluetooth Speaker List from the Quick Settings.

Step 4: Your Bluetooth headphones must be in pairing mode to be discoverable by your TV. Some Bluetooth headphones enable pairing mode when turned on, while others require the user to take additional steps.

For instance, you may have to ensure the headphone case’s lid is open or press the dedicated pairing button.

To learn how to activate the pairing mode on your Bluetooth headphones, consult the instructional manual or the brand’s official website.

Now is also a good time to ensure your Bluetooth headphones are fully charged so they don’t randomly die during the middle of a game or show.

Step 5: On your TV screen, click on the first pair of headphone’s name to pair them to your TV.

Step 6: Then, click on the second pair of headphone’s name, followed by Multi Connect.

Step 7: Finally, check that both headphones are working by playing something and listening to their audio. If one or both of the headphones are not working, ensure they’re charged, in pairing mode, and that Multi Connect has been successfully selected.


Like Samsung TVs, LG TVs can only support two Bluetooth headphones at a time. This function is available in LG smart TV models released in 2021 and 2022.

So, if you have another TV model, you will have to connect multiple headphones via a wired connection instead.

Let’s learn how to connect two headphones to your LG TV!

Step 1: Find and press the Settings button on your LG smart remote. This button is characterized by a small, white gear icon found next to the D-pad.

Step 2: On your TV, select Sound.

Step 3: Head to Sound Out.

Step 4: Click on Use Wireless Speaker.

Step 5: Find the Bluetooth Device option and then select the kebab menu (marked by three dots) next to it.

Step 6: Now, you’re ready to put your two Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode either by simply turning them on, opening the case, or pressing the pairing button. Some Bluetooth headphones’ LED lights will change color, indicating that pairing mode has been successfully enabled.

Step 7: Then, on your TV, click on Search.

Step 8: Click on both headphones’ names from the list of available Bluetooth devices. If they do not appear there, double-check that they’re in pairing mode.

Step 9: Then, head to the Speaker Connection Settings.

Step 10: Click on 2 Devices.

Step 11: Under the Registered Devices List, select both of the headphones’ names, followed by Connect.

Step 12: Ensure that both headphones are successfully paired to your TV by ensuring audio plays in both of them.

Watch the video below demonstrating how to pair two headphones to your LG OLED smart TV.

How To Connect Multiple Wireless Headphones (Two) To an LG TV

Other TVs

Some smart TVs do not natively support audio streaming to multiple Bluetooth headphones. If this is the case for your smart TV, you will need to use an audio adapter.

We recommend the Avantree Oasis Plus Adapter as it has low latency and supports HD audio. Please note that the instructions listed below are for this specific adapter model, so if you have another adapter it’s best to consult its user manual for its instructions.

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Let’s learn how to connect multiple headphones to other smart TV brands!

Step 1: Before you can connect your headphones to the adapter’s Bluetooth, you must set up the hardware. So, plug the adapter into power using its provided power cable. You can plug it directly into one of your TV’s powered USB ports or into a wall outlet with a USB power adapter.

The adapter will not work if it is not sufficiently powered.

Step 2: Find the small switch on the side of the adapter and flip it to TX.

Step 3: Then find and click the adapter’s Bluetooth button, found on the front of the device and marked with the universal Bluetooth symbol. Keep pressing it for about two seconds until the TX logo begins blinking green and white, indicating pairing mode has been enabled.

Step 4: Place your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode following the brands’ instructions. Also, ensure they’re fully charged.

Step 5: The adapter has A and B symbols representing the two headphones that can connect to it. The A symbol will illuminate when the first pair of Bluetooth headphones connects to the adapter.

Step 6: Once the first pair of headphones has successfully connected, press and hold the Bluetooth button for two or more seconds until the TX logo begins flashing green and white.

Step 7: Then, the B symbol will illuminate, indicating that the second pair of headphones has successfully connected to the adapter. Now, both the A and B symbols should be illuminated.

Watch the video below demonstrating how to connect multiple headphones to a TV using the Avantree Oasis Plus adapter.

TWO Headphones Connect to ONE TV - How to Do it? - Avantree Oasis Plus

Step 8: Now that your headphones are connected to the adapter, you’re ready to connect the adapter to your TV.

You can connect the adapter to three different TV ports: optical, AUX, or RCA.

Let’s learn how!

  • Optical

Find the adapter’s optical port, found on the same side that the TX symbol is located.

Then, plug one end of an optical cable into the adapter and TV’s optical ports.

Ensure it’s secure.

Check that the adapter’s OPT indicator is lit up. If it isn’t press the AUX/OPT button to change the sound output.

Then, ensure the optical output is selected and adjust your TV’s audio format to PCM.

connect the adapter to TV via an optical cable

  • AUX

Find the adapter’s AUX port on the TX side. Then, ensure your TV has an AUX port as well.

Then, plug the AUX/3.5 mm cable into the adapter and TV’s AUX ports.

Ensure the adapter’s AUX indicator is illuminated and press the AUX/OPT button if it isn’t.

Finally, adjust the TV’s output to headset.

connect the adapter to TV via an AUX cable

  • RCA

To connect your adapter to your TV via an RCA cable, you will need to use an RCA to AUX adapter, which is included in the Avantree Oasis Plus box.

First, plug one end of an AUX cable into the adapter’s AUX port, next to the TX input side. Then, plug the other end of the same AUX cable into the adapter’s female AUX end.

Now, connect the RCA cables to your TV’s RCA port, ensuring the red and white cables and plugged into their respectively colored ports.

Ensure the adapter’s AUX indicator is lit up. If the OPT port is illuminated instead, press the AUX/OPT button to select the correct sound output.

Finally, select the external speaker output on your TV.

connect the adapter to TV via an RCA cable

Watch the video below demonstrating how to connect the adapter to your TV using its optical, AUX, and RCA ports, as described above.

How to Watch TV with Bluetooth Headphones (Does not conflict with Sound Bar or Stereo Receiver)

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