How To Find Your Samsung TV Model & Serial Number Lookup Tips

pointing to the Samsung TV model number on About This TV screen

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What To Know

  • Samsung TV model numbers, a blend of letters and numbers, identify the TV’s series and features. 
  • Each TV’s unique serial number, on the other hand, verifies its authenticity and aids in warranty, repair, and recall processes.
  • To find these numbers, check the back or sides of the TV, the front bezel, the packaging, the product manual, or the About This TV section in the TV’s settings.

In this guide, I’ll teach you how to find your Samsung TV’s model and serial numbers, and also explain why these numbers are important.

Let’s get started!

What Is the Samsung TV Model and Serial Number?

When you look at a Samsung TV, you’ll notice a model number and a serial number. 

The model number is like a key that unlocks information about the TV. 

It’s made up of letters and numbers that tell us which series or product line the TV belongs to, helping us see how it’s different from other models that might look similar. 

For example, the model name Q60T is part of a specific series of Samsung TVs. 

If you compare it to the Q70T model, you’ll find that the Q70T has better brightness and color, along with different features for processing and connecting to devices. 

To understand more about how Samsung names its TV models, you can check out a detailed explanation further down.

Besides the model number, there’s also a unique serial number for each Samsung TV. 

This serial number is like a TV’s personal ID, given to it during manufacturing. 

It’s a mix of letters, numbers, and sometimes dashes, and it’s usually 10 to 15 characters long.

This serial number makes sure that each TV can be identified on its own, kind of like how every person has their own name and fingerprint. 

This way, if you ever need help with your TV, you can use this serial number to get support specifically for your TV.

How to Find Your Samsung TV Model and Serial Number

Discovering your Samsung TV’s model and serial number is a straightforward process, and knowing where to look makes it even easier. 

Whether you’re curious about your TV’s details or need this information for technical support, there are several places you can find these numbers without much hassle.

Typically, the model and serial numbers are located on the back of the TV, along its sides, or on the lower front bezel.

These numbers might be engraved directly onto the TV’s surface or printed on a label sticker.

model and serial numbers on the Samsung TV information label

If your TV is mounted or hard to move, don’t worry. 

You might still have the box your TV came in, and these numbers are often displayed on the packaging.

The TV’s product manual is another resource where you can find the model number and serial number. 

For an even simpler method, your TV’s settings menu has this information too. 

Just grab your remote and navigate to Settings, then select Support, and choose About This TV.

Support menu on Samsung TV setting

select About This TV in the Samsung TV Support setting

On this screen, both the model number and serial number will be displayed, making it easy to access your TV’s important details without the need to physically inspect it.

This way, you can quickly get the information you need, whether for updates, troubleshooting, or registering your product.

zoom in on the Model Code section in Samsung TV About This TV screen

Detailed Breakdown of Samsung TV Model Number

Understanding the model number of a Samsung TV can seem like decoding a secret message, but it’s actually a straightforward way to learn about your TV’s features.

Take the model number UA43AU7002K as our starting point.

This code tells us a lot about the TV just at a glance.

The “U” at the beginning tells us that this TV uses LED technology for its screen.

The next letter, “A,” lets us know that this TV was made for the Asian market.

The number “43” isn’t just a random set of digits; it represents the size of the TV screen in inches

Moving on, “AU” reveals that we’re looking at a model from 2021 that offers Ultra High Definition (UHD) picture quality. 

The numbers “7002” give us a peek into the specific series of the TV and design features, like what the stand looks like and the color of the TV body. 

The final letter, “K,” tells us about the type of tuner the TV uses, which in this case, is DVB T2/C.

This example is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding Samsung TV model numbers.

To learn a detailed breakdown of all Samsung TV model numbers, please refer to the two sections below.

Samsung TVs Released in 2008 and Later

If you’re curious about models released after 2008, let’s decode another example: QN65Q800TAFXZA.

1. Type of TV: The “Q” at the start signifies that this is a QLED TV, which is a specific type of screen technology. 

  • Q = QLED
  • U = LED
  • P = Plasma
  • L = LCD
  • H = DLP
  • K = OLED

2. Market Region: The “N” indicates that this TV is intended for the North American market. 

  • N = North America
  • E = Europe
  • A = Asia

3. Screen Size: The “65” shows that this TV boasts a 65-inch screen. 

4. Model Series and Year: As for the rest of the code, it provides details about the model year, series, and specific design characteristics that make each Samsung TV unique.

Refer to the summary table below for additional details.

Note: “*” stands for a numerical value.

Category Model Code Description
Lifestyle TV LS03C The Frame 2023
LS03B The Frame 2022
LS03A The Frame 2021
LST9T The Terrace 2021
LST7T The Terrace 2020
LS05T The Sero 2020
LS03T The Frame 2020
LS01T The Serif 2020
LS01R Serif TV 2019
LS03R The Frame 2019
LS03N The Frame 2018
LS003 The Frame 2017
LS001 Serif TV 2015
OLED S**B 2022 4K OLED
QLED QN***C 2023 8k Neo QLED
QN***B 2022 8K Neo QLED
QN**B 2022 4K Neo QLED
Q**B 2022 4K QLED
QN***A 2021 8K Neo QLED
QN**A 2021 4K Neo QLED
Q**A 2021 4K QLED
Q***T 2020 8K QLED
Q**T 2020 UHD QLED
Q950R 2019 8K QLED
Q**R 2019 UHD QLED
Q900R 2018 8K QLED
Q9FN 2018 Back Lit UHD QLED
Q8DN 2018 Back Lit Flat UHD QLED
Q*CN 2018 Edge Lit Curved UHD QLED
Q*FN 2018 Edge Lit Flat UHD QLED
Q*CAM 2017 Curved QLED
Q*FAM 2017 Flat QLED
Full HD, UHD, & S-UHD AU 2021 UHD
TU 2020 UHD
T 2020 FHD
RU 2019 UHD
R 2019 FHD
NU 2018 UHD
N 2018 FHD
MU 2017 UHD
M 2017 HD
KS 2016 SUHD
KU 2016 UHD
K 2016 FHD
JS 2015 SUHD
JU 2015 UHD
J 2015 FHD
H 2014 FHD
HU 2014 UHD
KE 2013 OLED
F 2013
E 2012
D 2011
C 2010
B 2009
A 2008

So, “QN65Q800TAFXZA” means the TV is a 2020 8K QLED.

5. The letter that comes after the model series and year indicates the release code or generation of the TV. 

  • A = First generation
  • B = Second generation

Therefore, QN65Q800TAFXZA indicates the TV is of the first generation.

This helps in identifying how recent the model is. 

6. Following this, the letter representing the tuner type shows what kind of broadcast standards the TV supports.

  • F = ATSC / QAM (USA, Canada)
  • U = DVB (Europe)
  • G = ISDB-T (Latin America)
  • T = 2 x DVB

Thus, QN65Q800TAFXZA means the TV’s tuner type is ATSC/QAM.

7. A specific design code, usually denoted by “X“, follows the tuner type, as seen in QN65Q800TAFXZA.

8. The final letters denote the country code, revealing the TV’s intended market.

  • ZA = USA
  • RU = Russia
  • UA = Ukraine
  • ZC = Chile
  • XU = Europe/UK
  • XY = Australia 

Hence, QN65Q800TAFXZA indicates that the TV is marketed for the USA region.

In summary, by analyzing the model number QN65Q800TAFXZA, we can determine that it represents a 2020 model, an 8K QLED TV designed for the first generation, equipped with an ATSC/QAM tuner, and intended for the USA market.

Samsung TVs Released in 2007 and Earlier

If you have a Samsung TV that was released in 2007 or before, you’ll notice that its model number might seem a bit unusual compared to the ones you see today.

However, there’s no need for concern.

Understanding what these model numbers mean is quite straightforward, and I’ll help you decipher them with an example: LN-T2342HX/XA

This model number can tell us a lot about the TV.

1. Firstly, the initial two letters give us insight into the type of TV it is.

  • FP or HP = Plasma
  • LN = LCD
  • HL = DLP
  • TX = CRT

So, our example, LN-T2342HX/XA, tells us that we’re looking at an LCD TV.

2. Next, the letter that comes right after the dash points to the year the TV was manufactured.

  • T = 2007
  • S = 2006
  • R = 2005
  • P = 2004
  • N = 2003
  • M = 2002

Therefore, the ‘T‘ in our model number means the TV was made in 2007.

3. Following that, the model number shows the TV’s screen size in inches as the first set of numbers. 

In our case, ‘23‘ means the TV has a 23-inch screen.

4. The second set of numbers tells us about the series to which the TV belongs

For our example, the ‘42‘ indicates it’s part of the 42 series.

5. Then, we come to a letter that specifies the screen’s resolution. 

  • F = Full HD
  • H = High-definition

So, our example having an ‘H‘ means it’s a High Definition TV.

6. After the resolution, there’s typically a letter, often an ‘X‘, which is the design code.

7. Lastly, the model number concludes with a series of letters that offer manufacturing details. However, these can often be overlooked as they don’t provide significant information.

Understanding the Importance of Your Samsung TV’s Serial and Model Numbers

Recognizing the significance of your Samsung TV’s serial and model numbers is an important step for any TV owner. 

These numbers play a crucial role in a variety of situations.

For starters, the serial number is your go-to detail when you need warranty support or repair services.

It acts as a key to confirm your TV’s authenticity and determines if your TV is eligible for product recalls, which can be crucial for your safety and the TV’s performance. 

This number also serves as a vital piece of evidence for insurance claims, proving that you own the TV.

On the other hand, the model number of your Samsung TV is just as important but serves different purposes.

It’s your essential guide to finding accessories or replacement parts that fit your TV perfectly, like the right size TV stand.

Knowing your model number means you can easily access the correct support resources, such as troubleshooting guides and user manuals, tailored specifically for your TV model.

Plus, it’s the key to checking for the latest software updates, ensuring your TV runs smoothly with the newest features.

In short, these numbers are not just random sets of digits; they are your TV’s identity. 

Understanding and keeping track of your Samsung TV’s serial and model numbers means you’re prepared for everything from maintenance to updates, ensuring a better viewing experience.

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