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Why Is My Epson Projector Not Turning ON/OFF?

Why Is My Epson Projector Not Turning ON/OFF?

Projectors are pretty straightforward to operate. However, you may once in a while encounter challenges in the powering on and off of your Epson projector.

If this is what you are currently experiencing, worry not! 

This post explores some of the possible causes of why your Epson projector is not turning on or off and offers solutions that will help you smoothly power on and off your device.

 Let’s get right into it.

Why is my Epson Projector Not Turning On?

There are many reasons why your projector may not be turning on. It may be as simple as a power cable that is not correctly plugged or is faulty, an overheated projector, a faulty or burnt-out lamp, or a damaged component that requires you to take it to the repair shop.

We explore these and more causes below as we also show you how to fix each of the causes.

What Causes an Epson Projector Not To Turn On?

One of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself in is when you have a presentation to deliver, or you are set to watch that latest movie, only for your projector to fail to turn on.

Technology sometimes fails, but before you jump to conclusions that your Epson projector has seen its last days, try and check if the following can be the cause: 

Projector not plugged in or powered on

plugging in a power cable

The first basic thing you want to check is if the projector is actually powered on or plugged in incorrectly. Sometimes it’s just a case of the projector not being plugged in tightly either from the power source or the projector. 

 Unplug the projector, give it a minute or two and plug it back in. Your projector should power on just fine if there is no other issue.

Faulty or loose connection

If it is, then the next thing you want to check is if the problem is due to a faulty power cord or loose connection. The latter is easy to identify as you just need to check the connection from the socket if it is tight or loose.

To check whether your projector has a faulty power cord, have a look at the fan. If it is spinning, then there is a good chance the power cord is not faulty.

Depleted remote batteries

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Another probable reason could be that your remote batteries are completely depleted and need replacing. 

To test, remove the batteries and rub them against your cloth just for a couple of seconds. Just enough rubbing to get the batteries warmed up.

Return the batteries to the remote and try turning on your projector to see if they are working. If not, replace the batteries.

Lamp life exceeded

projector lamp is turning on

It could also be that your projector lamp has exceeded its life expectancy and needs replacement. Check the user manual to confirm the lamp life. Some Epson projectors have an orange Light indicator that prompts you when a lamp replacement is due.

Your projector is overheated

a projector gets hot

Some Epson projectors shut down when they become too hot and refuse to power up until they completely cool down. You can tell if it is an issue of overheating by checking whether the LED indicator is flashing.

Allow your projector to cool down, then clean the filters to allow for proper air circulation before you can power it on again.

Your projector is on standby mode

You may also have set your projector to standby mode that is why it is not powering up. Standby mode is usually set to help preserve energy when the projector is not in use.

Check the sleep timer setting and re-adjust the setting. Once done, turn on your projector.

The power button is locked

press and hold power button to turn it on

Sometimes it could be a pretty common reason as the projector power button is locked. You may have locked it knowingly for security or unknowingly but either way, it is locked and is causing your projector not to turn on.

To unlock the button, press and hold it continuously for 7 seconds. You can also use the remote to power it on instead of the projector button.

 If, in any case, you are not sure of the likely cause, go through your detailed Epson projector manual to see whether it can help you identify the cause.

Why is my Epson Projector Not Turning Off?

Epson projectors not powering off is an uncommon occurrence. However, in the instances that it does happen, it can be because of a malfunctioned hardware, an incorrectly fitted lamp, or a lousy software configuration.

While it can be tempting just to leave it on, turning off your projector when not in use is a smart move as it prolongs the life of your lamp and, by extension, your projector. 

Therefore it is important that you persistently identify the cause of the problem and find ways to fix it to avoid damaging your projector.

Incorrectly fitted lamp

fixing incorrectly fitted lamp

If your projector is not shutting down no matter how persistent you are in pressing the power button, a possible reason could be that the lamp is not correctly fitted. 

To solve this, check the lamp assembly and either fit it correctly or have a professional do it. We highly advise that you get a professional, lamps can be very sensitive. 

One wrong move, and you end up having to replace the lamp or, even worse, the entire projector.

Internal software issues

The other common reason your Epson projector is not turning off is a corrupt configuration or failed firmware update. These are purely software issues, so it’s best to either send the projector back to the manufacturer or have a professional have a look.   

Hardware failure

Lastly, hardware failure may be another reason for your Epson projector refusing to shut down. In this case, you may require to replace the faulty hardware. 

Still, have a professional look at it unless you are okay breaching the warranty terms.

What to do when your Epson Projector is not turning Off

Before contacting the manufacturer, you can try the following quick fixes:

1. Press the power button

pressing power button on an epson projector

Press the power button on the control or the projector itself. The projector should display a shutdown confirmation screen.

The confirmation screen will provide you with two options. The first one is to press the power button again as a confirmation to switch off the projector. 

The second option is to press any other button in case you’ve changed your mind and no longer wish to switch off your projector.

Once you confirm that you want the projector shut down, it will beep twice. Both the lamp and status indicator will then go off.

2. Force shutdown the projector

a projector is connected to a power source

If the previous option fails and you still can not turn off your Epson projector, try to force it to shut down.

Gently pull the power plug from the projector.

While this process may not have adverse effects on your device, do it as the last available option.

Thanks to Epson Instant off technology, you don’t have to wait several minutes for your projector to cool down. This means you can store your projector immediately after switching it off.

However, before transporting or storing your Epson projector, ensure the status indicator is off, and the power indicator is blue (but not flashing). Only then is it safe to unplug the power cord.


Is it better to turn off a projector or leave it on?

Turning your Epson projector off and on repeatedly will decrease the bulb’s life span. On the other hand, leaving it on throughout also reduces the life of your projector. 

Therefore, where you expect to use your projector again within a short time, say an hour, do not switch it off. Just have it in standby mode; otherwise, turn it off until when needed.

How long can an Epson projector stay on?

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You can leave your Epson projector on for as long as you want. Provided it is under normal operating conditions, including a clean and dust-free environment, and there is sufficient ventilation.

 However, with a lamp life of between 1,500 to 2,000 hours, it is only safe to have your projector off when not in use. 

What happens when an Epson projector overheats?

When the projector overheats, the lamp is turned off automatically. Give it time until the cooling fan stops before unplugging the power cord.


As you will experience, it is more common for an Epson projector to refuse to power on than to power off. Either way, we hope this guide has elaborated on the possible reasons why your Epson projector fails to turn on or off. And in addition, it provided solutions to fix the problems.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.