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How to Turn on/Unlock/Reset an Epson Projector Without a Remote

How to Turn on/Unlock/Reset an Epson Projector Without a Remote


Have you misplaced the remote controller of your Epson projector? Or worse, is your projector panel also locked? 

Getting an immediate replacement for your Epson projector remote controller is not always convenient, and chances are you do not have the luxury of time.

Luckily, the remote controller is not the only way to access some functions on your Epson projector. 

If you want to turn on, reset and perform other functions on your Epson projector without a remote, this article is precisely what you need.  Keep reading!

How to Turn on an Epson Projector Without a Remote

A move into a new home, naughty kids, or just good old forgetfulness… Several factors can lead to misplacing your projector remote. 

If you are hard-pressed to use your projector, this can present some inconvenience. However, there’s a way around it. 

The easy steps outlined below describe how to turn on your Epson projector without a remote. 

Step 1: Open the lens cover of your Epson projector. 

Step 2: Connect the projector’s power cable to the AC port. 

Step 3: Choose a power outlet, plug in the power cable head and flip on the power switch.

Step 4: Press the Power button located on the projector’s panel to turn the projector on. 

The power button


Once the projector is turned on, a blue indicator light flashes, showing that the projector is warming up. After the projector warms up, the indicator stops flashing and maintains a steady blue. 

After carrying out the above steps, the screen should immediately start displaying your projected image. If the screen stays blank, below are some ideas to help rectify it:

  • Check the projector lens cover; make sure it is open entirely and not halfway. 
  • Make sure the connected computer or video device is still turned on and hasn’t gone into sleep mode. 
  • Check the media input source on the projector by pressing the Source button.  

If the home screen is set on the wrong source, make sure you change it to the connected media source. 

Use the arrow buttons on the control panel to navigate the screen. When the correct source is highlighted, press ‘Enter’ to select.

Note: Power gets into the projector when you connect the power cord to the power outlet.

Keep the direct power outlet switched off while making the connection to avoid damage from the current surge.

How Do I Unlock My Epson Projector Without a Remote?

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The control panel on your projector performs a convenient function. It controls the buttons on your projector.

You can lock the panel to restrict the usage of your projector. You can also lock the lens settings to prevent anyone from changing your preferred settings. 

Once the control panel is locked, the buttons on the control panel stop working. At this point, the only way to navigate the projector’s functions and features is with the remote.  

If you do not have your remote with you, we know a trick to help you unlock your Epson projector control panel.

Steps to unlock your Epson projector 

Step 1: Connect the power cable to the projector’s AC power port.

Step 2: Plug the head of the power cable into a power outlet. 

Step 3: Find the Power button on the control panel and press it to turn the projector on.

Step 4: Wait a few seconds while the projector warms up. 

Step 5: Locate the projector’s Enter button and press it down for 7 seconds.

This short process will unlock your Epson projector’s control panel. You can then use the buttons to access other functions. 

How Do I Reset My Epson Projector Without a Remote?

How to reset projector

After using your projector for a while, the projector may develop some minor issues. A simple reset can be very effective in fixing some of these minor issues. 

A lot of us are guilty of messing with our projector settings. At some point, you may feel the need to get rid of all your settings and start afresh with the default settings.

A projector reset is what you need. There are also options for a targeted reset to handle specific issues.

If your projector panel is in a full capacity lock, even the Menu button will not work. If you don’t have a remote controller, go ahead and reset the projector.

Steps to reset the panel on your Epson projector

Step 1: Plug the Epson projector’s power cable into a power outlet and flip the switch on.

Step 2: Wait a few seconds for the projector indicator light to come on, showing that the current is reaching your projector. 

Step 3: Press the Power button to turn on the projector.

Step 4: When the projector screen displays, click on the Enter button and hold it down for up to 30 seconds to reset the projector.

Step 5: The screen would go off and come back on. After this, you can use the buttons on the panel to make new settings.

Tips to Remember

  • A hard reset restores your preferred settings back to factory reset. If you’d like to keep settings, write them down somewhere and change them again after the reset. 
  • Even though you can use the buttons on the panel, it is advisable to get a missing remote controller replaced as soon as you can. 

Using the projector’s buttons for an extended period can cause them to wear out. It is easier to replace the remote control than to replace the projector panel. 

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A remote controller is essential for your projector. However, if you don’t have one, there are ways to access necessary functions through the control panel. 

This article described several solutions to help you use your Epson projector without a remote. We are confident that all or some of them will come in handy for you someday. 

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