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Red Lamp Light on Viewsonic Projector: 8 Quick Fixes Inside!

a white Viewsonic projector
What To Know
  • The red light on a Viewsonic projector can indicate issues like dusty fans, unattached wires, loose lamp screws, updates, overheating, a lamp timer reset need, or hardware damage.
  • To fix red light issues, clean vents, secure connectors, tighten lamp screws, allow updates or charging to complete, let the device cool, reset the lamp timer, or replace the lamp.
  • If these steps fail, the red light may signify serious problems, requiring you to contact Viewsonic support or consider purchasing a new projector.

When your Viewsonic projector beams a red light, it’s like a cry for help, signaling something’s amiss — maybe a lamp fuss or just a bit of an overheat.

Don’t fret; we’re here to guide you through the fog of technical woes with some easy-peasy troubleshooting tips.

What Are the Possible Causes of a Red Light on a Viewsonic Projector?

First things first: what are the possible causes of red light on a Viewsonic projector?

After doing research on common experiences among Viewsonic projector owners, we’ve found that there are seven primary causes of red light:

  • Dusty vents and fans
  • Unattached connector wires
  • Loose lamp screws
  • Charging or downloading software
  • Overheating
  • A lamp timer in need of a reset
  • Hardware errors
  • Damaged components

These can lead to the power button, the temperature button, or the lamp button to flash a red light. 

Depending on the issue, it can also cause more than one button to flash red in various combinations.

If you’re unsure what’s causing the red light on your Viewsonic projector, it might help to read up on the possible causes. You can find a solution that works for you more quickly!

Dusty Vents and Fans

Dust on a projector may seem like a minor issue, but dusty vents and fans can cause one or more red lights to go off on your Viewsonic projector !

a projector air filter full of dust

This is a problem because of three main reasons:

  • The dust gets in the way of important connections.
  • The dust builds up on components and weighs or slows them down.
  • The dust prevents proper ventilation and causes the projector to overheat.

Unattached Connector Wires

Unattached connector wires are another possible cause of red lights on your Viewsonic projector.

Over time, connector wires can become unattached, especially if you’re moving your projector around.

They can also become unattached if you change out your projector lamp and accidentally disturb the connector wires. 

The disconnected wire causes the projector to think there’s a problem with the lamp, turning on one or more red lights.

Loose Lamp Screws

Another possible cause reported by users is loose lamp screws.

While we aren’t sure why loose lamp screws can cause a red light to go off on a Viewsonic projector, they seem to be an issue.

It may be that loose lamp screws can cause the lamp to move out of place, disturbing its connection to the rest of the projector.

Charging or Downloading Software

You may not know this, but some models of Viewsonic projectors are programmed to show a red light on the power button if they are charging or downloading software.

Depending on your power and internet connections, this should take a few minutes, but it’s not a real problem.


As always, overheating is a huge problem when it comes to projectors.

Avoid Overheating


This is why Viewsonic has built-in warnings for overheating, including red lights.

Viewsonic advises that if there is a red light, give your projector at least sixty seconds to cool down.

Lamp Timer in Need of a Reset

If you recently replaced your projector lamp and saw a red light on your Viewsonic projector , this may be caused by the lamp timer.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Ultra Portable LED Projector

Every time you replace a projector lamp, you need to reset the lamp timer so that the projector can keep track of the lamp’s lifespan. When it nears a certain number of hours, the projector flashes a red light to warn you that it’s time to change it.

But if you don’t reset the lamp timer, the projector will think it is the same lamp as before and will continue flashing red.

Hardware Errors

Depending on your Viewsonic projector model, there may be more than one button that can light up. These usually include the power button, the lamplight, and the temperature light.

The lamp (lightbulb symbol) light may turn red if there’s an error with the projector lamp.

Meanwhile, the temperature (thermometer symbol) light may turn red if there’s an error with the fan speed, fan connection, temperature, or thermal sensor.

The temperature light may turn red, and the lamplight for these errors.

Damaged Components

Finally, the red light may be caused by damaged components. 

The problem could be anything, but users have reported that the red light is usually caused by a broken ballast board, faulty projector, or lamp igniter.

a ballast unit of a projector

What Are the Potential Solutions for a Red Light on a Viewsonic Projector?

There are eight potential solutions for a red light on your Viewsonic projector :

  • Clean the projector
  • Attach all connector wires
  • Tighten the lamp screws
  • Wait for downloads or charging to finish
  • Let the project cool down
  • Reset the lamp timer
  • Replace the projector lamp
  • Contact Viewsonic for technical assistance

Clean the Projector

The easiest step comes first!

Wipe off any dust from your projector’s vents

cleaning the projector filter by the air blower

You may also want to open up the projector and clean its dust filters and fans with a cloth or a brush.

Attach All Connector Wires

Open up your projector and look for the connector wires.

If you see any unattached, make sure to attach them to the proper connection securely.

Tighten Lamp Screws

While you have your projector opened, you might as well finish tidying everything up!

Look for the lamp screws and get a screwdriver that fits them.

Tighten the screws just enough. They shouldn’t be so tight that the projector case is strained, but they shouldn’t be loose enough for the lamp to jiggle about.

Wait for Downloads or Charging to Finish

If you suspect your projector is downloading a software update, or if you are charging it, simply wait for it to finish, and the red light should turn off automatically.

If it doesn’t, proceed to the following steps.

Let the Projector Cool Down

If you think your Viewsonic projector is lighting up because it’s overheating, simply let it cool down.

Do this by turning it off, unplugging it from its power source, and leaving it for at least thirty minutes.

unplug black cable

Reset the Lamp Timer

If you recently replaced your projector lamp, it’s time to reset the lamp timer!

Turn on your Viewsonic projector and open up the Menu.

Navigate to the Lamp Timer, reset it to 0 hours, or how many hours you’ve used the new lamp.

This action will inform the projector that it is a new lamp that doesn’t need replacing.

Replace the Projector Lamp

On the other hand, if your projector lamp is old, it may be that your projector is telling you to replace it already.

Simply buy a replacement lamp that fits your model (preferably one made by Viewsonic), and screw it into your projector, ensuring all the connector wires are attached.

Viewsonic Replacement Lamp for PJD5533W and PJD6543W RLC-085

Contact Viewsonic for Technical Assistance

If nothing else works, it may be a serious issue, and you’ll need to contact Viewsonic for technical assistance.

You can fill out the customer service form on their website or call them at 800-688-6688 from 7 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays.

But if your projector requires major repairs, it may just be better to buy a new Viewsonic projector .

ViewSonic True 4K Projector


There are seven possible causes of a red light on a Viewsonic projector: dust, unattached connector wires, loose lamp screws, charging or downloading software, overheating, un-updated lamp timer, hardware errors, and damaged components.

Potential solutions to these causes include cleaning the projector, attaching connector wires, tightening lamp screws, waiting for downloads or charging to finish, letting the projector cool down, resetting the lamp timer, replacing the projector lamp, and contacting Viewsonic for assistance.

We hope this article helped you!

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