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My Projector Keeps Shutting Off: How Do I Fix This Issue?

My Projector Keeps Shutting Off: How Do I Fix This Issue?

A faulty projector can easily ruin a presentation. One minute it’s great and the next, it’s horrible.

It prevents the audience from accessing visual data for better comprehension. It also throws off the speaker.

It doesn’t really matter what you’re using the projector for. A faulty one always results in a terrible viewing experience.

Does your projector just randomly shut off? Sayonara! This is uncomfortable for users.

This article has been put together to help you eliminate this discomfort.

Do you or does someone you know own a projector that keeps shutting off? Try the hacks in this article.

Why Does My Projector Keep Shutting Off?

Most projectors have a built-in status light indicator. These indicators are useful in troubleshooting the projector.

The indicator light of the projector may flash repeatedly. This is an indication that a fault may have developed.

You must try to correct the fault as soon as possible. We advise that you consult the instructions manual on what to do.

Your projector may keep shutting off for a variety of reasons.

Let’s see some of the most common issues experienced by some notable brands and how to fix them.

Epson Projectors

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Your Epson projector shuts off unexpectedly after you power it on? Try the solutions listed below:

1. Check the power supply

man plugging projector cord into power outlet

The connection with the power outlet might be poor. This can be responsible for your projector turning off automatically.

Check the outlet. Ensure that the power cord is properly connected and supplying power to the projector.

2. Unlock the projector’s buttons

unlock projector buttons

The projector’s buttons might have been locked for security reasons.

Unlock them by pressing down the Enter button for up to 7 seconds. The button is on the control panel.

You can also use the projector’s remote to switch on the device.

3. Change a defective power cord

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The projector’s power cord may have developed a fault. This would prevent it from turning or staying on.

If the cord is defective, you would need a replacement. Disconnect it and contact Epson’s customer support.

4. Disable standby mode

disable standby mode by holding down the power button on projector

If the projector is inactive for an extended period of time, it enters the standby mode.

Hold down the power button to awaken the projector from standby.

5. Check for overheating

epson projector gets overheating

Does the projector’s lamp go off on its own? Are the temperature and power indicators red?

This means that the projector is overheating. When this happens, it shuts itself off.

Leave the projector to cool off. Ensure you only use it in a cool environment.

6. Check the projector’s batteries

epson projector with full battery

If neither the power button nor the remote succeed in turning the projector on, inspect the batteries.

Make sure that you turn on the setting for Remote Receivers. You can find it in the projector’s Menu.

BenQ Projectors

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BenQ manufactures high-quality projectors. There are still debates on which is better between BenQ and Epson projectors.

Here are some things to do if your BenQ projector suffers from automatic shut down:

1. Check the indicator for the lamp

The projector’s lamp or light bulb may be damaged. The lamp indicator should be red in this case.

For replacements, contact BenQ’s customer support. You will get a lamp recommended from the manufacturers.

Don’t buy lamps from non-recommended vendors. You run the risk of buying an incompatible lamp.

2. Check the indicator for temperature

If the temperature indicator is red, it means there’s a temperature control problem.

The fan might have stopped spinning. This can let the projector’s temperature get too high.

If the projector is overheating, it may keep shutting off. Disconnect it from the power outlet and allow it to cool.

If the fan has developed a fault, please have it replaced. Contact BenQ’s customer support or a trusted professional.

3. Check input connections

projector connected to laptop with a usb

The projector might shut down after a while if it isn’t connected to anything.

The projector receives signals from media devices. It may shut-down if it does not receive these signals fast enough.

If a device is connected to your projector, ensure that images or videos are being sent.

Pico Projector

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Pico refers to very small and portable projectors. They are powerful devices that come in pocket-sized designs.

If your Pico projector shuts down while you’re using it, follow these steps to fix the problem:

1. Check Power Adapter and USB cable

Press and hold down the power button (on the remote or projector) for a few seconds.

Make sure that you’re using the supplied power adapter and the right USB cable.

Check for a red/blue flashing LED. This indicates that the power adapter isn’t supported by your Pico.

If this step doesn’t work, check the battery status.

2. Check the battery charge status

battery charge status of projector

Turn off the projector. Connect the power adapter to the projector.

Make sure that it is plugged into the charging port. Do not plug it into the video port.

Check that the battery indicator lights up and turns either red or blue. If the indicator doesn’t light up, test the adapter.

To make sure the adapter is working, connect it to a different USB device. Check if it charges it.

If it doesn’t charge, then the adapter may be faulty and should be replaced.

If the battery indicator turns red let it charge. In about 3 hours, the indicator should turn blue.

A blue indicator light means the battery is fully charged. You can now power on the projector.

3. Check display problems

a projector tracing images on the wall

If the projector turns on, check if the display works. The white startup screen should show the manufacturer’s logo.

If nothing is displayed after the startup screen, ensure that your HDMI and USB input cables are properly plugged in.

Press the home button on the remote or touchpad. This should cause the home screen to appear.

Also, press the autofocus button on the remote. This should cause the focusing screen to display.

Does the projector turn off shortly after displaying the home or focusing screen? This may be due to thermal shutdown.

4. Thermal shutdown

The projector might be experiencing a thermal shutdown if:

  • The startup screen does not display.
  • The projector turns off shortly after starting up.

Check for the sound of the fan spinning when you power on the projector. If the fan is faulty, it may not come on.

The fan is important in temperature regulation. A faulty fan can cause your Pico to overheat.

Also, lack of proper ventilation can cause overheating. Keep at least 30cm of free space on all sides of the projector.

The projector should also be kept in a cool environment at all times.


Projectors provide a great viewing experience when they work well. You can use them for business and home theaters.

If a projector just shuts off during use, of what use is it then?

This fault is mostly due to faulty connections, overheating, faulty lamps and other hardware failures.

It is easy to fix these issues. Most of them only require that you follow a few steps.

However, if all the suggestions fail you, contact the manufacturer. There may be a manufacturing defect somewhere.

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