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How to Reset the BenQ Projector to Factory Settings?

How to Reset the BenQ Projector to Factory Settings?

Restoring your devices to their factory settings can be a hassle. However, it’s an event that is almost inevitable, especially when you’re handling old equipment.

Poor picture quality, lamp changes, and other hardware dysfunctions may require a hard reset to fix for projectors. 

Today, we take a look at what situations provoke a complete factory reset and how to reset the BenQ projector to factory settings. 

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How to reset the BenQ projector to factory settings

The thing about BenQ projectors — and every other projector — is that you can’t reset all its menus to its factory settings in one go. You’ll have to go to each setting and reset them separately from their respective menus. 

BenQ projector menu

The settings that will remain after reset are: 

  • Keystone
  • Projector Installation
  • Lamp Timer
  • High Altitude Mode
  • Security Settings
  • Baud Rate

How to reset BenQ projector “System” to factory settings

The first menu you’ll want to reset to factory settings on your BenQ projector is the “System” menu.

To find the “System” menu, perform the following steps: 

  1. Press “Menu” on your BenQ projector
  2. With the arrow keys, scroll down to “System”
  3. Press the right “▶” arrow key to move the navigation to the “System” window
  4. Scroll down to “Factory Default” and click “OK”
  5. A screen notice will appear asking you to confirm your request. Select “Restart” to begin the factory reset process

Once done, the system will revert to the Basic OSD mode. You’ll need to switch back to Advanced OSD to restore factory settings on your other menus. 

How to go back to Advanced OSD

BenQ EX2710 Menu System (OSD)
  1. From the “Basic Menu” scroll down to “Menu Type” and press “OK”
  2. Use the arrow keys to select “Advanced OSD” mode
  3. Click “OK” to save your choices

You should now be able to see more system menus on your BenQ projector.

How to reset “Settings” to factory settings

To restore all values on the “Settings” menu to factory settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Menu” and select “Settings”
  2. Use the right “▶” arrow key to move the navigation to the “System” window
  3. Scroll down to “Reset Settings” and press “OK”
  4. Again, a “Notice” window asking for your confirmation will appear. Select “Restart” and wait for the reset process to finish.

This will reset all settings submenus under “Settings” to its factory original, including: 

  • Baud Rate
  • Security Settings
  • Projector Installation
  • Lamp Timer
  • High Altitude Mode

If you only want to adjust one setting, scroll down for more instructions.

How to reset BenQ projector “Lamp Timer” to factory settings

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_How to change lamp and reset lamp timer

A lamp timer is a tool that calculates the lamp hours that your BenQ projector lamp can render. To reset this to its factory settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Menu” and scroll down to “Settings”
  2. Click the right “▶” arrow key to access the “Settings” menu window
  3. Using the up and down arrow keys (▲/▼), navigate to “Lamp Settings” — this should be four keypresses down from “Projector Installation”
  4. Select “OK” to access the “Lamp Settings” window
  5. Scroll down to “Reset Lamp Timer” and press “OK”
  6. A “Notice” window will ask you to confirm the reset. Select “Restart” to begin the process

How to reset BenQ projector “Keystone” to factory settings

Projector keystone

Physical projector lens adjustments are done through the “Keystone” menu on the BenQ projector. To bring this back to factory settings, you’ll have to revert all values in the display menu to their original setting. 

Here are the steps:  

  1. On “Menu” scroll down to “Display”
  2. Use the right “▶” arrow key to transfer navigation to the “Display” menu
  3. Scroll down to “Reset Display” using the up/down arrow keys (▲/▼)
  4. Click “OK”
  5. When prompted with the “Notice” message, confirm the Reset action by selecting “Restart” 

Don’t do anything until the restart process is finished.


What do you mean by “factory settings”? 

Factory setting

All devices come with factory settings when you buy them brand-new. 

But what exactly do they mean by factory settings? 

That’s simple — factory settings are the settings that your device is programmed to at the point of purchase. 

Factory settings are determined by in-house workers who program and align device systems to complete functionalities according to standards. 

Once a device is bought and brought home, users can reprogram their devices to a setting according to their needs. 

What happens when you restore your device to its factory settings? 

When you restore any device to its factory settings, all the data and information that have been stored in said device will be deleted. They will then be replaced by that device’s original software, operating systems, apps, and settings. 

Why should you do a factory reset? 

Issues and dysfunctions are inevitable on most electronic devices like projectors. When this happens, a hard reset might just be the difference between fixing the problem and getting an entirely new projector. 

But there are other reasons to bring your devices back to their factory settings:

Giving away your device

Give away a projector

You don’t want other people snooping around your device and seeing your personal information. A hard reset can wipe your data and history from your projector.

Boosting device performance

If your projector suddenly freezes while in use or if it experiences constant lags, restoring factory settings could help improve its performance. But before you resort to this, try a manual clean-up first. 

Can you adjust the Baud Rate on the BenQ projector?

Baud rates on BenQ projectors are automatically determined by the machine to complement your computer or source device. Any adjustments or resets are highly discouraged by BenQ and are reserved only for licensed BenQ personnel.

Can you reset Security Settings to factory settings on the BenQ projector?

There isn’t an option to restore factory settings for the “Security Settings” on the BenQ projector. However, you can change your password to something else, if you think your current password is insufficient for your protection. 

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_Security settings and password

Can you reset Projector Installation on the BenQ projector?

Like with Baud Rate and Security Settings, there’s no way to bring the BenQ projector “Projector Installation” back to its factory settings. However, you may reprogram the projector position to fit your current situation. 

The bottom line

Restoring your device to its factory settings will remove all your stored data and information, and replace them with your device’s original settings and software. 

A factory reset on the BenQ projector won’t affect all its settings; however, you can still reset these individually through their respective menus. 

The factory reset process can take a while to complete successfully. But once you do, you can expect better device quality and functionality. 

We hope this article helps you out!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.