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Control a Projector With a Fire Stick Remote: A 101 Guide

Fire sticks allow you to browse and watch countless streaming platforms with the click of a button, so why wouldn’t you want to connect it to your projector and watch it in your home theater? 

But, can you control your projector with a firestick remote, or will you need to keep your projector’s remote handy? How do you connect a firestick remote to a projector? What other devices can a fire stick remote control? 

Keep reading to find out! 

Can I Control a Projector With a Fire Stick Remote?

Fire Stick Remote

Yes, you can control a projector with a Fire Stick remote. 

You can definitely control a projector with a fire stick remote! Not only is using a fire stick on your projector a great (and cheaper!) alternative to buying a smart projector, but it also allows you to navigate your unit using one remote. 

You can even power your projector on and off using a Fire Stick remote! This is due to the Fire Stick’s HDMI CEC capabilities, allowing it to control its connected device. 

What Can I Control With a Fire Stick Remote?

You can control projectors and TVs using your Fire Stick remote. 

You can use your Fire Stick remote to control your projector or TV, and it couldn’t be easier! 

Follow our suggestions below to connect and control your devices with a Fire Stick remote. 


To control a projector with a Fire Stick remote, you must first locate the projector’s HDMI port.

FIRE TV STICK for projectors

If the unit does not have an HDMI port, you can use a compatible adapter (USB-C to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, etc.).  

Plug the Fire Stick into the HDMI port or adapter and connect its USB cable to a power source. You can either plug it directly into a power outlet or use one of your projector’s USB ports. 

Most projectors will automatically detect the input signal and change the source accordingly. If your projector displays a “No Signal” message, change the input source manual by clicking the Source or Input button on its remote. 

To pair your Fire Stick remote to your projector, point it at your unit and click the Home button for 10 seconds until the remote flashes blue or until you see a message on-screen telling you it’s been successfully paired. 

Congratulations! Now you can use your Fire Stick remote to control your projector! 


TV Fire Stick Remote

You can absolutely control your TV’s functions with your Fire Stick remote! 

If necessary, secure the Fire Stick into an HDMI port using an HDMI extender. Take note of which HDMI port you plugged the Fire Stick into so you can change your TV’s input source accordingly. 

Plug the Fire Stick’s USB cable into a power outlet or your TV’s USB port. 

Once all cables are securely connected, use your TV’s remote to change the input source to the correct port. 

Now you can pair your Fire Stick remote by pointing it at the TV and pressing the home button (marked with a house icon) for 10 seconds. You’ll know it’s paired when the remote flashes or you see a message on-screen. 

Check that the remote is working properly and you’re all set! 

See the video below to learn how to set up a Fire Stick on a TV. 

How To Set Up Amazon Fire Stick (2022)

Why Isn’t My Fire Stick Remote Pairing?

There may be a few reasons why your Fire Stick remote isn’t pairing. 

It’s not uncommon for Fire Stick remotes to have difficulty pairing to other devices. If you’ve tried pressing the Home button several times and still cannot connect your Fire Stick remote, don’t worry. 

Follow our tips and tricks to have your Fire Stick remote connected to your device in no time! 

Fire Stick pairing

You Need to Reset the Power

You may need to reset your Fire Stick’s power. 

Unplug the Fire Stick from its power source, then plug it back in, making sure it’s firmly placed. 

Consider changing the power source, as a wall outlet will deliver a more stable power supply than the TV or projector’s USB port will.

The Batteries are Dead

Check and change the Fire Stick remote’s batteries. This is also a good idea if your device is not receiving the remote’s signal. 

Fire Stick remotes take two AAA batteries, so ensure you’re using the correct ones. 

Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries
Click image for more info

If you find that the old batteries are corroded, take care not to touch them with bare hands and dispose of them properly in a battery disposal bin (commonly found outside of supermarkets and drugstores). 

You Need to Move Closer to the Device

Amazon recommends being at most 10 feet away from your device when using the Fire Stick remote. 

Try moving closer to your projector or TV and pointing the remote directly at it.

You Must Pair Your Remote via the Amazon FireTV App

Amazon Fire TV
Click image for more info

If you’ve tried the above solutions and are still unable to pair your Fire Stick remote to your device, you may need to use the FireTV app. 

Download the Amazon FireStick app on the App Store if you have an iPhone or on the Google Play Store if you have an Android phone. 

Once the app is downloaded and open on your phone, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Open Controllers and Bluetooth Devices within the app. 

Step 2: Click on Amazon Fire TV Remotes. 

Step 3: Choose the Add New Remote option. 

Step 4: Click on your remote from the list of available devices. 

Note: You cannot have more than seven remotes paired to your Fire Stick at once. 

Watch the video below from Amazon’s official YouTube channel demonstrating how to troubleshoot your Fire Stick remote. 

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick: Get Help Pairing Your Fire TV Remote

Why Can’t I Turn My TV On/Off with My Fire Stick Remote?

Fire Stick remote on_off

You must enable HDMI CEC Device Control on your Fire Stick TV to control the TV’s functions. 

If you’re having difficulty using your Fire Stick remote to control your TV’s functions, such as powering it on and off, you may need to enable HDMI CEC Device Control

Using your remote, open the Fire TV Settings menu. Go to Display and Sounds, select HDMI CEC Device Control and toggle it on. 

How to enable Hdmi CEC on your TV and Why you should do this

Now you can turn your TV on and off by pressing your Fire Stick remote Home button. This will also automatically bring you to the Fire TV home page. 

Though most TVs and projectors have HDMI CEC, not all of them do. If you’re not sure if your TV or projector has HDMI CEC, consult your device’s user manual or contact customer support.  

Wrapping Things Up

The days of switching back and forth between your projector and Fire Stick remote are long gone! Controlling your projector with a Fire Stick remote is as easy as it is useful. 

You can change your projector’s volume, turn it on and off, and automatically go to the Fire TV’s input source using one device. 

If you’re having trouble pairing your remote, remember to check the batteries, move closer to your projector or TV, and consider connecting it via the Fire TV app. 

Don’t forget to enable HDMI CEC Device Control, if needed! 

What’s your experience controlling a projector with a Fire Stick remote? Let us know in the comments below! 

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