How to Use a Firestick on Any Monitor, With 2 Sound Solutions

using a fire tv stick on a Dell monitor

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What To Know

  • Firesticks can connect to any monitor, but for monitors without HDMI that only have VGA or DVI, adapters must be used.
  • For monitors without built-in speakers, audio can be accessed by connecting the Firestick to Bluetooth speakers or using an HDMI audio extractor with wired sound devices.

This guide will teach you how to easily connect a Fire Stick to your monitor. It covers solutions for common problems such as using non-HDMI displays and getting the volume, making it simple to enjoy streaming on any screen.

Can You Use a Fire Stick on a Monitor?

Amazon Fire stick on wooden desk

Yes, you can use a Fire Stick on a monitor. 

Fire Sticks can be used on any device with an HDMI port, including a TV, projector, and yes, even a monitor. 

The setup process is the same as using it on a TV. This means that you can plug your Fire Stick into your monitor’s HDMI port, connect it to power, and use your monitor like a small TV. 

Your remote will still work as normal since Fire Stick remotes work with the devices’ Bluetooth and don’t need an infrared receiver. 

Additionally, you can use a Fire Stick on certain laptops. To learn more about which laptops are Fire Stick-compatible, check out our article Can You Use a Fire Stick on a Laptop?

For VGA or DVI Monitors

You can use HDMI adapters to connect your Fire Stick to VGA or DVI monitors.

Is your monitor not HDMI compatible? No problem! 

There are adapters you can use (shown below) with VGA or DVI ports to allow them to receive an HDMI cable’s input, like a Fire Stick’s video feed. 

If your monitor has a VGA port, you will need an HDMI to VGA adapter, like the Amazon Basics HDMI (Female) to VGA (Male) Adapter below.

Amazon Basics Gold-Plated HDMI (Female) to VGA (Male) Adapter with 3.5mm Audio Port (Only from HDMI to VGA), Black
  • Not Bidirectional: Only from HDMI to VGA, NOT VGA to HDMI; easily connect HDMI devices with VGA...
  • Compact design that's easy to take along with you for presentations or events; gold-plated VGA...
  • Support high resolution up to 1920x1080 (1080p Full HD) including 720p and 1600x1200 for HD monitors...

Last update on 2024-02-11 / Paid Link.

Note: This adapter features a built-in 3.5mm audio output port.

VGA Adapter

Connect Fire Stick to VGA monitor

If your monitor has a DVI port, consider investing in a BENFEI HDMI (Female) to DVI (Male) Adapter below.

BENFEI DVI to HDMI, Bidirectional DVI (DVI-D) to HDMI Male to Female Adapter with Gold-Plated Cord
  • The bi-directional HDMI-DVI adapter is a great solution for connecting from a computer with DVI port...
  • Supports 1080P Video Resolution: HDMI DVI-D adapter is fully compatible with all HDTV formats,...
  • Double Shielding: Aluminum foil and braid ensure a stable signal transmission between devices;...

Last update on 2024-02-10 / Paid Link.

DVI Adapter

Conect Fire Stick to DVI Monitor

When looking for adapters, ensure the HDMI side is labeled female and your monitor port’s side is labeled male. 

While some adapters will bidirectional, others will not. So, if it’s not bidirectional, ensure the HDMI side is the input and the VGA or DVI side is the output. 

To use these adapters, plug the VGA or DVI end into your monitor’s VGA or DVI port. 

VGA and DVI ports both have pin holes and screws. Line up the connector’s pins with the port’s pin holes before pressing them firmly inside of it. 

Then, twist the screws to secure it in place. 

Next, plug your Fire Stick into the adapter’s HDMI port. You will also need to connect the Fire Stick to power. 

Some monitor’s USB ports are powered, so you may be able to plug your Fire Stick’s USB cable into your monitor’s USB. However, you must ensure it delivers enough power since Fire Sticks need 5V 1Amp to be powered properly. 

You may use a fireCable Wireless Adapter  if your TV’s USB port can not natively supply enough power. 

Alternatively, you can connect your Fire Stick’s power cable to a wall outlet. 

How To Have Sound if Your Monitor Doesn’t Have Built-In Speakers? 

You can play your Fire Stick’s sound using Bluetooth or an HDMI audio extractor. 

Bluetooth Speaker next to a monitor

If your monitor doesn’t have built-in speakers, you may notice your Fire Stick’s audio is not playing from your external speakers plugging into the PC. 

So, you will need to connect external speakers or headphones via Bluetooth or an HDMI audio extractor. 

Although connecting Bluetooth speakers or headphones will be easier, connecting wired sound devices with an audio extractor will be clearer. 

Let’s learn how to do both! 

Use a Bluetooth Speaker 

Let’s learn how to wirelessly connect Bluetooth headphones to your Fire Stick connected to a monitor. 

Materials Needed: 

  • Fire Stick (Any Version) or Fire Cube 
  • Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers

Step 1: Set up your Fire Stick on your monitor. Ensure it’s powered and use an adapter if needed. 

Step 2: Use your remote and go to Settings.  

Step 3: Open Controllers and Bluetooth Devices. 

Step 4: Click on Other Bluetooth Devices, then Add Bluetooth Devices. 

Bluetooth setting menu for other bluetooth device

Step 5: Turn on your Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Activate pairing mode by pressing the device’s Bluetooth button. Other devices will switch on pairing mode as soon as they are turned on. 

Step 6: Wait for your Fire Stick to discover your Bluetooth speakers or headphones, then select them when you see their name on-screen. 

Step 7: Play something on your Fire Stick to ensure the Bluetooth speakers or headphones are working correctly, and you’re good to go! 

See the video below demonstrating how to connect Bluetooth audio devices to your Fire Stick. 

Note: Although the tutorial shows how to do this when your Fire Stick is plugged into a TV, this process will still work if your Fire Stick is plugged into a monitor. 

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Amazon Fire TV Stick

Use an HDMI Audio Extractor

If you don’t have any Bluetooth headphones or speakers, you can use wired ones instead. 

However, you will need to connect them to your monitor with an HDMI audio extractor, like the Amazon Basics HDMI Audio Extractor .

Materials Needed: 

  • Fire Stick 
  • HDMI Audio Extractor 
  • Speakers or Headphones
  • Compatible Audio Cable (3.5mm/Optical/SPDIF/Toslink)

Use an HDMI Audio Extractor

Step 1: Plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI audio extractor’s HDMI OUT port and your monitor’s HDMI port. 

Step 2: Plug your Fire Stick into the HDMI audio extractor’s HDMI IN port. 

Step 3: Connect the HDMI audio extractor to power using a USB power adapter. 

Step 4:  Connect your Fire Stick to power. You may use a dual-port USB adapter, like the Amazon Basics USB Wall Charger  for both the Fire Stick and HDMI audio extractor. 

Step 5: Plug your wired audio device into the HDMI audio extractor’s 3.5mm port or optical audio port, depending on which cable your speakers or headphones use. 

Step 6: Check that the sound is working correctly by playing something on your Fire Stick. 

Wrapping Things Up

Plugging your Fire Stick into your monitor is as easy as it is convenient, especially if you don’t have a TV. 

Don’t worry if your monitor doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can use a VGA or DVI convertor instead! 

Your remote will work the same and you can even connect Bluetooth headphones to it like you normally would. 

However, if you would like to plug wired headphones or speakers into your Fire Stick, you will need to use an HDMI audio extractor. 

What’s your experience using a Fire Stick on a monitor? Have you ever tried to connect wired headphones or speakers to your Fire Stick with an HDMI audio extractor before? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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  1. Thanks for the VERY useful tips. I was in the process of setting up a Bluetooth speaker I had lying around to work as my monitor’s speakers, when I realized I could just pair my Fire Stick with a nearby Echo Dot! That is even easier and the sound quality is better than with my cheaper Bluetooth speaker. You could also include that solution in your tutorial! Thanks again!

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