How To Make A Projector Screen With A Sheet?

there are 2 girls watching movie on a projector screen in the first image. In the second image, there is a family watching movie on a projector screen. The words say 'how to make a diy projector screen for indoors and outdoors'

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A projector screen is an important requirement when you want to project. It is almost impossible to project an image without a projector screen.

Different objects can serve as a projector screen. The wall, a piece of clothing, and any flat surface that can retain the light coming from the projector. There are also projector screens available for sale online.

However, in this article, I will be focusing on how to make a projector screen with a sheet. This sheet is a piece of clothing preferably white-colored that will serve as your projector screen.

It is not a must for you to use a sheet as your projector screen. It is, however, important that you know how to make a projector screen with a sheet because you never can tell when the regular projector screens will be unavailable. In cases like this, the cloth projector screen will be very helpful.

Different projectors are designed to give certain levels of brightness and image quality. But one of the factors that determine if you will have that supposed image quality is the projector screen that you use.

A good projector screen allows you to get the best image you can from a projector. It does not reduce the image quality and what you get is 100% of what the projector is giving.

To get a good quality image with the cloth projector screen, you should have another cloth, preferably dark-colored, behind the white sheet.

The reason is that, without another piece of clothing at the back, the beam of lighting coming from the projector, passes through the white cloth.

Now, here is the thing, suppose you are using this cloth projector screen indoors, and there is a wall behind it, another image will be created on the wall.

And as a result of this, you don’t get the best image quality on the white sheet. But when there is a dark piece of clothing, behind the white screen, the light gets trapped and is prevented from projecting onto the wall.

What do you need

projector screen made out of a sheet of linnen

The materials needed for this process are few and easy to get. Most of them, if not all, can be found around the house, and some can be gotten in stores. Below, you will find a list of the materials needed to make a projector screen with a sheet.

A white sheet: this will serve as the main screen for your projection. You can use any old white sheet you have at home, or you can get a new one from the store.

A black sheet: this traps the light that escapes through the white sheet. It prevents a reduction in image quality. You may use a dark blue sheet in place of a black one.

Two vertical stands. It can be one stand, depending on how you want to fix the white sheet. The stands will be used to keep the pipes in place.

How to make a projector screen with a sheet?

summer cinema in a garden with white sheet as a projector screen

In the previous paragraph, I listed the materials needed for making this projector screen. Now, here are the steps involved.

Cut the white sheet to your desired size, but make sure you add one or two extra inches to it. This will cover-up for the parts that will be sown and also folded. Cut the black sheet to the same size as the white sheet.

Sew the sides of the sheets ( both the white and black sheets ). You can measure it, to be sure the size is still as you want it.

Take the sheets and spread them out. Place the black sheet behind the white; that is where you need it to be.

Place the pipes on the vertical stands, one at the top and the other, a few inches above the end of the stand.

Clip the ends of the white and black sheets to the pipes. To keep it more secured and in place, clip the middle parts. This will make the sheet stay in place and create a smooth surface.

Once this is done, you are ready to start projecting. This cloth projector screen can be used both indoors and outdoors. Worry no more about expensive projector screens.

The video below is a visual explanation of these steps.

Easy Does It: DIY Outdoor Movie Screen | HGTV

What we like

It is a cheap projector screen. It allows you to get what you want at a lower cost, instead of purchasing a new projector screen. It might even cost you nothing if you already have all the materials needed.

It can easily substitute for a regular projector screen. You can use the cloth projector screen if you find the regular ones too expensive, or if they are unavailable.

It is easy to build. No extra effort or technological expertise is required. Follow the instructions and you are good to go.

It can be adjusted if it was not properly done initially. Unlike the regular projector screen, you can make it in the best way to suit what you want.

What we don’t like

It requires another piece of clothing behind the white screen to get a good image quality and this adds to the cost of making the projector screen.


A cloth projector screen may not be the best choice for a projector screen but it can perform its function to a commendable extent.

It is also cheaper and cost-saving. Compared to the cost of purchasing a projector screen online, this cloth projector screen costs less.

It can be used for outdoor and indoor movie nights; grab your popcorn and start watching your favorite show.

The materials needed to make it can be easily obtained. You can get them around the house or in a store. It is also easy to make. You will have your projector screen ready in a matter of minutes. So why not try it out?

This is the best way to use those white sheets lying useless in the house. Instead of burning or tearing them, why not make something useful with them? You will love the result.

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