How to Hide an Apple TV Box: DIY Guide with Tips

The Apple TV Box is mounted to the back of the TCL TV

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What To Know

  • Mounting the Apple TV box behind your television using an Apple TV mount can help achieve a cleaner and clutter-free setup. The mounts can be attached using adhesive stickers, a hanger, or screws, depending on your preference and the design of your TV or wall.
  • When hiding your Apple TV box behind your TV, it’s important to consider ventilation and heat dissipation.

This guide unveils straightforward strategies for keeping your Apple TV box out of sight, without compromising on functionality or remote accessibility.

By implementing these tips, your Apple TV box will blend into your setup, maintaining the clean lines and modern look you desire.

Ready to streamline your space? Let’s begin the transformation.

How to Install an Apple TV Mount

An Apple TV mount is exactly what it sounds like a mount to affix your Apple TV box to the back of your TV or wall.

The mount gently but securely cradles your Apple TV box and keeps it safely hidden behind your TV. 

Setting up an Apple TV mount only takes a few minutes, making it incredibly user-friendly, regardless of your technical expertise. 

There are three different ways you can use an Apple TV mount depending on your desired setup, whether or not you’re renting, and your TV’s design. 

You can easily attach the mount to the back of your TV using the included adhesive sticker.

TCL TV on a wooden table and showing Apple TV box content and the Apple TV is hiding at the back of the TV

You can also affix the mount using the provided hanger. This option is best if you want to avoid leaving sticky residue on your TV as the hanger attaches to your TV’s vent.

Lastly, you can screw the mount to your wall using the two screws included in the package. This method is best for wall-mounted installations, as opposed to concealing the device behind the TV.

To help you get started, I’ll outline how to affix the Apple TV mount to the back of your TV using the adhesive sticker. 

Follow the directions below to stick the Apple TV mount to your TV. 

Step 1: Head to the back of your TV and find a good spot to affix the Apple TV mount. Make sure to choose somewhere close enough to your TV’s HDMI port so it will be easier to connect your Apple TV to it later on using an HDMI cable.

I chose to place my Apple TV in the center of the back of my TV since this placement doesn’t block any of my TV’s ports, allowing me to connect external devices to them easily.

A red box is being located in the middle of the back of the TCL TV

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your desired placement, clean the area of any dust or debris. You can use a soft microfiber towel or tissue to sweep away any dust gently. Any dirt on top of the TV will prevent the adhesive stick from securely adhering to the unit and make it more likely to peel off sooner. 

Step 3: The Apple TV mount I purchased was only compatible with the hanging method. So, to make the adhesive method work for my setup, I had to employ some careful DIY tactics. Of course, if your Apple TV mount natively supports this mounting method, you can feel free to skip this process.

To start, I carefully cut out a piece of foam in the same shape as the Apple TV mount. After some arts and crafts, I ended up with the following cut-out: 

Apple TV, the Apple mount and the foam is cut to the shape of the Apple TV mount

Step 4: Once I crafted my foam add-on, I taped it to the Apple TV mount to keep it in place.

The Applet TV mount and the white foam together on a table

Step 5: Then, I used tape (preferably double-sided) on the back of the foam piece I just made. These sturdy pieces of tape and foam allowed me to safely attach the mount to the back of my LG TV. 

Many black tapes is taped to the white foam

Step 6: Now that we’ve created the perfect make-shift sticky Apple TV mount, it’s time to adhere it to the TV to create a setup like the one shown below. 

The white Apple TV mount is mounted to the back of the TCL TV

Once you attach your Apple TV mount to your TV, simply slide your Apple TV box into the mount. As long as the mount was placed straight and upright, the Apple TV box should stay there effortlessly.  

The Apple TV is hide at the back of the TV using a mount to stabilize the device with the TCL TV

Step 7: Now, all you need to do is connect any cables! So, connect one end of your HDMI cable to the Apple TV’s HDMI port before connecting the other end to your TV’s HDMI port. 

Then, connect your Apple TV to a power outlet. 

The Apple TV is stick at the back of the TCL TV with the HDMI and power cable are plugged

Once you’ve connected everything, your TV should look like the image shown below. 

As you can see, the TV is clean and clutter-free. You wouldn’t even know it’s connected to an Apple TV box if you hadn’t just finished setting it up. 

Apple TV is connected to the TCL TV and the trailer is running at the back

Things to Consider Before Hiding Your Apple TV Behind the TV

Hiding your Apple TV behind your TV is a great way to improve your entertainment setup’s aesthetics and make your TV look clean-cut and classy. However, there are a few potential downsides that could affect your Apple TV’s functionality. 

Ventilation and Heat Dissipation

All electronics create heat as they work, and your TV and Apple TV box are no exception. 

Under normal circumstances, this heat would dissipate fairly easily since both devices would have enough ventilation. 

The TV with the Apple TV is mounted to and the TV is heating dissipate

However, when your Apple TV is mounted behind your TV, the heat generated by the TV has nowhere to go and could damage your Apple TV box by overheating it. 

Overheating is a relatively common problem for Apple TV boxes, and the excess heat can affect their functionality and cause them to crash and exhibit other issues randomly.

Cable Management

The HDMI cable from the Apple TV box is plugged to the TCL TV

Apple TV will not work without a separate power source. So, it’s crucial that your Apple TV is sufficiently powered and mounted close enough to the nearest available power source. 

If your TV is wall-mounted, its power source is probably directly behind or under it. So, before mounting your Apple TV mount alongside your TV, make sure there’s space to connect your Apple TV power cord to an outlet. 

unplug a power cord from the outlet

Should you have trouble accessing the nearest available outlet due to your TV being in the way, consider connecting your Apple TV to a power strip or finding another outlet to connect it to. 

You can even use an extension cord to connect your Apple TV to an outlet that’s a little farther away. 

Try to ensure your Apple TV’s power cord isn’t bent or twisted, as this could affect its functionality over time or prompt it to tear.

While you’re checking the power cable, go ahead and ensure the HDMI cable isn’t unnaturally twisted. 

Our Suggestion

So, you’ve decided to mount your Apple TV box behind your TV? Great choice!

To ensure the process goes smoothly, I have a final few suggestions for you. These recommendations will keep your Apple TV running smoothly. 

I recommend mounting your Apple TV to the back corner of your TV. This will help prevent your Apple TV from being damaged by any heat your TV may generate. The back corners of a TV usually receive less heat, making them a smart place to mount your Apple TV.

The vends at the back of the TCL TV with the connection ports

Be mindful not to place your Apple TV box directly on top of any of your TV’s vents, as this could stop your TV from receiving proper ventilation. Also, be careful not to block any of your TV’s ports, as this could prevent you from connecting any other devices to them in the future. 

While long HDMI cables may be useful for connecting a computer or game console, they’re not the best choice when connecting a mounted Apple TV box. Instead, use a shorter HDMI cable that will be able to be concealed behind your TV easily. 

Wrapping Things Up

While Apple TV boxes boast a sleeker design than some of the other streaming devices, they are also larger, making them more difficult to conceal. 

So, you’ll have to physically mount it behind your TV to keep it out of view. Remember, you can mount your Apple TV box using adhesive, a hanger, or screws. In this guide, I demonstrated how to employ the adhesive method using a DIY setup, but if your Apple TV mount comes with adhesive strips, you can use those instead. 

When mounting your Apple TV box, be mindful of how the setup will affect your TV’s heat dissipation and if there’s a nearby outlet to power the Apple TV. Remember that it’s best to mount the Apple TV in the corner of your TV to prevent overheating. 

It’s also recommended to use a shorter HDMI cable as it can be completely hidden behind your TV. 

What’s your experience hiding an Apple TV box behind your TV? Do you have a preferred mounting method, and if so, what is it? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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