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Flashing Blue Light on My Optoma Projector: How To Fix It?

Flashing Blue Light on My Optoma Projector: How To Fix It?

Is your Optoma projector flashing blue light on the back LED and is unresponsive? Well, this is a pretty common issue with this brand.

It can be frustrating to spend lots of money on an expensive device and experience such technical issues: the good news is that this glitch is easily fixable.

You might have probably come across many write-ups or videos that promise a quick fix to this problem, but they proved futile.

You could also be thinking this is just another improbable commentary that won’t help you: but the tips given here are empirical and 100% effective.  

A flashing blue light on your projector points to a hitch on one or more boards supplying power to the lamp. A malfunctioned power cord could also cause it.

The solutions for this hiccup are changing the power guide, changing the LED, or replacing the mainboard.

This article gives a detailed guide into fixing the flashing blue light hurdle in all Optoma projector models.

What Does a Flashing Blue Light Indicate?

Comparing projector Epson and Optoma

According to the Optoma Projector user manual, a blue blinking light designates that the power is on warming “mode.” It can also point to power off or the standby mode.

However, when the flashing blue light is consistent and the projector fails to work as it should, the main board or power cord is defective and the projector is most likely to display distorted images or fail to respond completely. 

So simply cleaning the connectors won’t cut it: try out tips that actually work.

How to Fix the Blinking Blue Light on your Optoma

Before you make any alterations to your Optoma projector, check if its warranty is still valid as it becomes null when you substitute some of the projector’s components.

You might be wondering if you are up for the task: fixing your projector won’t be tacky. But when it comes to replacing the mainboard, you might need to hire a specialist, so you don’t ruin the device.

1. Changing the Power Cord

T POWER Ac Dc Adapter Compatible with Optoma Pico PK301

Click this image for more information

If your blue light isn’t designating the standby or power off mode, the next thing you should do is scrutinize the codes supplying power to the projector.

Check if your code is in a vulnerable condition, then get a new Optoma projector power cord that aligns with the model number of your device.

Want to know the best part? Replacing the code is as easy as ABC. Detach the code from the power source and the projector, then try out a new code.

The green light should stop blinking; if not: move on to the next fix.

2. Changing the LED

A ceiling projector in a dark room

The basis of the flashing light could be a faulty power light, and you can discern this by replacing it with a new one.

But what if the power light isn’t the problem? But a new power light won’t harm your projector, right?

 You can get a replacement lamp assembly package in online shops.

To replace your LED, you need a couple of tools, vigilance, and a little patience. The tools needed are a small-headed screw-driver and a soft dry cloth for cleaning purposes.

Here is how to go about it;

  1. First, if the device is on, switch it off and let it cool for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Detach the power cord
  3. Use your small-headed screw-driver to unfasten the screws holding the cover lamp in place.
  4. Carefully take out the cover lamp and place it aside, then loosen the screws around the lamp.
  5. Raise the wire handle on the lap, then take out the lamp cord.
  6. Unfasten the screw on the lamp module, then carefully pull the lamp off the projector using the wire handle.
  7. Next, place the new lamp in place: avoid touching the actual bulb.
  8. Fasten the screws and place the wire handle and the lid back. Ensure that all screws are well-tightened.
  9. Remember to clean every piece before putting them back in the projector.

See? It’s that simple! 

It would be best to reset the lamp timer after completing this process. Go to the menu and select options. Look for lamp settings, then choose the “Lamp Reset” option.  

There you go!

3. Replacing the Mainboard

Changing the mainboard should be your last alternative. As earlier mentioned, this is quite a technical procedure that most individuals cannot do by themselves.

A technician will try fixing the mainboard, but if it’s impossible, he will replace it with a new one. This course of action will cost you much more money than the rest, but it is worth it in comparison to getting a new projector.

Fixing Other Optoma Flashing Light Issues

a black projector in a living room background

If you have used your projector for an extended period, you may have probably experienced other issues to deal with a flickering light; this means nothing most of the time, but it’s good to know what the blinking denotes and the simple ways to fix it.

The red light on your projector is a signal that it’s time to replace your lamp. Here, you apply the same instructions given for replacing the LED.

A red/orange light points to a temperature issue: the projector is overheating and should be cleaned. Acknowledge that this is quite common and should be no cause for alarm.

Always ensure the area you place your projector in isn’t cluttered, so nothing blocks the projector vents.

Make it a habit to dust the filter and vent time and again. But how do you do this?

  1. Ensure the projector has cooled off before ejecting it from its mounting.
  2. Using a small vacuum cleaner, clean your projector’s vents and air filter; don’t use compressed air as it will only blow dust further in your projector. Check if the air filter is detachable so you can give it a proper cleaning.
  3. The vacuum cleaner would not get to the intake vents. So, using a small dry lint-free cloth, gently wipe off the debris on the vents.
  4. You can also clean the lens using a lens brush or blower.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to wipe the exterior of a project using a dry piece of clothing.

In Closing

A black projector in the dark

What’s the bottom line? Optoma projectors are high-ranked, and like any other manufactured device, they are bound to break down at some point.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve found a viable solution to your problem.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.