How To Add and Control Samsung TV on Google Home?

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What To Know

  • To control a Samsung TV with Google Home, you must install the SmartThings app on your mobile device, link to your Samsung account, and then connect the SmartThings app to Google Home.
  • Samsung TV models from 2018 and onwards can be controlled with Google Home

In this article, we’ll show you how to control your Samsung TV with Google Home, a smart solution for effortless entertainment.

Ready to simplify your viewing experience? Let’s explore how you can achieve this.

How Do You Know If Your Samsung TV Supports Google Home? 

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Only Samsung TV models released in 2018 and afterward support Google Home. 

To see if your Samsung TV model supports Google Home, check out Samsung’s article Use Google Assistant on your Samsung TV or refer to the table below. 

If you’re not sure of your TV’s model number, check the big, white sticker on the back of the unit. 

Year Supported Models
2021 & 2022 All smart TV models
  • QLED 8K series: Q950TS, Q900TS, and Q800T
  • QLED 4K series: Q90T, Q80T, Q8DT, Q70T, Q7DT, Q60T, and Q6DT
  • Crystal UHD series: RU9000, TU8500, TU8000, and TU7000
  • Lifestyle series: The Frame (LS03T), The Sero (LS05T), The Serif ( LS01T), and The Terrace (LST7T)
  • QLED 8K series: Q900R
  • QLED 4K series: Q90R, Q80R, Q70R, Q7DR, Q60R, Q6DR, and Q50R
  • 4K UHD TV series: RU8000, RU8200, RU7400, RU7300, and RU7100
  • Lifestyle series: The Frame (LS03R) and The Serif ( LS01R)
  • QLED 4K series: Q9FN, Q8FN, Q7CN, Q7FN, Q75FN, Q6FN, and Q65FN
  • 4K UHD TV series: NU8000, NU7400, NU7300, NU7100, NU6900, NU6080, and NU6070
  • Lifestyle series: The Frame (LS03N)
  • Smart Full HDTV: N5300

How to Setup Google Home on Your Samsung TV

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To learn how to link Google Home to your Samsung TV, check out Samsung’s article How to Setup Google Home on a Samsung TV or follow the instructions listed below. 

Step 1: Log into your Samsung account on your TV. 

Step 2: Install the SmartThings app on your Android or iPhone. Then, connect the app to your TV by logging into your Samsung account on it. If you’ve used the Google app before, head to Step 5. 

Step 3: Next, install and launch the Google Home app on your Android or iPhone

Step 4: Tap Get started, before proceeding to Step 7

Step 5: In the Google Home app, click on the Plus (+) icon in the top-left corner of your screen. 

Step 6: Go to Set up device

Step 7: Head to Work with Google

Step 8: Tap the Search Bar and search for SmartThings

Step 9: Tap SmartThings in the results and select Authorize

Step 10: Now, your SmartThings app is linked to Google Home. Tap on your Samsung TV that’s linked to the SmartThings app, followed by Next.

Step 11: If you’ve used Google Home before, tap your Home name. If this is your first time using Google Home, create a Home name. Then, tap Next.

Step 12: Enter a name for your new Home, along with the required information. Alternatively, you can press Skip

Step 13: Now, you can tap the Home you’ve just created for your Samsung TV.

How to Setup SmartThings App 

See the steps below (for the latest version) or refer to Samsung’s article Connect the SmartThings App to your Samsung TV (for older versions) to learn how to set up your SmartThings app. 

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung TV

Step 2: If you haven’t done so already, install the SmartThings app on your Android or iOS device. Then, open the app. 

When asked, allow the app the enable Bluetooth and find your TV on the same Wi-Fi network. If your TV has already appeared in the app, proceed to Step 11.

Step 3: Create and log into a Samsung account.

Step 4: In the top-right corner, tap the Plus (+) icon.

Step 5: Head to Add device

Step 6: Tap the TV option. 

Step 7: Select Samsung

Step 8: Once you’ve found your Samsung TV, tap Add.

Step 11: You will then see a PIN appear on your TV. Enter this PIN into the app and tap Done

Step 12: When prompted, set a name for your Samsung TV (optional) so you can recognize it within the app and click Done to complete the setup process.

Voice Commands List 

Refer to the table below for a list of voice commands that can be used to control your Samsung TV with a Google Home device. 

For the best results, use a loud, clear voice when delivering the voice commands. 

Purposes Command Details
Power On & Off “Okay/Hey Google, turn on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, turn off living room TV”

Volume Up/Down


“Okay/Hey Google, lower the volume on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, turn the volume down on living room TV by 27”

“Okay/Hey Google, volume up on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, set the volume of living room TV to 50”

“Okay/Hey Google, mute/unmute living room TV”

Channel Change by Number

Channel Up/Down

“Okay/Hey Google, change the channel to 21 on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, channel up/down on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, next channel on living room TV”

Input Source Control “Okay/Hey Google, change the input to HDMI2”
Playback Control (play, pause, fast forward, rewind, stop) “Okay/Hey Google, fast forward/rewind on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, next song/video/photo on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, go forward/back on living room TV”

“Okay/Hey Google, play/pause/resume/stop on living room TV”

Wrapping Things Up 

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You can absolutely control your Samsung TV with Google Home! However, you must ensure your TV is compatible. Remember, only Samsung TVs released in 2018 and onwards support this function. 

Once you’ve confirmed your TV’s compatibility, you must install the SmartThings app on your phone and connect it to your TV. Only then can you connect your Google Home to your TV by linking your SmartThings app to your Google Home app. 

Once everything is all setup, you’re ready to control your Samsung TV with voice commands. And just like that, your home has suddenly gotten a bit smarter. 

What’s your experience controlling a Samsung TV with Google Home? Do you prefer to use a remote or voice commands to control your TV? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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