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Can Roku Use 5GHz Wi-Fi?

Can Roku Use 5GHz Wi-Fi?

A Roku is a great device to use for streaming your favorite shows.

And if you want to get the most out of your streaming experience, you probably want to use 5 GHz WiFi to stream higher-quality videos.

However, can Roku use 5 GHz WiFi? And if so, can all models use it?

We have found that Roku can use 5 GHz WiFi through dual-band WiFi capability.

This feature allows Roku devices to connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi, so that you have more internet connection options.

However, only certain Roku models have dual-band capabilities.

Can Roku Use 5GHz WiFi?

a Roku box in dark blue background

If you have a Roku streaming device, you probably want to get the most out of it by connecting it to 5 GHz WiFi. 

After all, faster WiFi means a better streaming experience for most people, especially if you like to watch high-quality videos!

However, not all devices are compatible with 5 GHz WiFi, and Roku is no exception.

Through our research, we’ve found that Roku can use 5 GHz WiFi – but this feature is only included in some of its models, not all of its models.

Basically, only models with dual-band WiFi capabilities can connect to 5 GHz WiFi.

The feature is dual-band because it can connect to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi, giving you more internet connection options.

However, since not everyone has access to 5 GHz Wifi, Roku doesn’t consider it an essential feature (as of this writing). This is why dual-band WiFi is limited to certain models.

Why Can’t My Roku Connect to 5GHz WiFi?

If you’ve been trying to connect your Roku device to 5 GHz WiFi, and it’s still not working, there are two possible reasons.

First, your Roku doesn’t have dual-band WiFi capabilities. 

You can double-check this by looking at the box and manual it came with, or by going to Roku’s website and checking the device specifications.

Second, there’s something wrong with your Roku, modem, or router. This could be caused by a wide variety of issues – everything from glitches to mechanical failure – so it will require thorough troubleshooting.

Which Roku Devices Can Use 5GHz WiFi?

Roku Ultra and its remote control on display

If your Roku isn’t connecting to your 5 GHz WiFi, you should first check if the model has dual-band capabilities. 

If it doesn’t, this will save you the time that it might take to troubleshoot something that isn’t even a glitch.

Normally, you can check the manual or the manufacturer’s website to see if it has dual-band capabilities.

But sometimes, you can’t find the manual. Or perhaps you’re planning on buying a Roku device and just want to know which ones have dual-band capabilities.

In that case, no worries! We’ve done all the research for you.

Here is a complete list of which Roku devices can use 5 GHz WiFi:

What Can Interfere with the Roku’s WiFi Connection?

If you think something is interfering with your Roku device’s WiFi connection, you should check to see if everything is working well.

There are six main reasons your Roku device might be having trouble connecting to the WiFi:

  • Weak WiFi signal
  • High video resolution
  • Modem glitches
  • Router channel glitches
  • Too much distance from the modem
  • Too many objects between the modem and Roku

The last two reasons are the most common due to the 5 GHz connection. This is because, as a higher frequency, a 5 GHz connection has a shorter distance. 

In turn, this means it can’t travel as far a distance or travel through as much matter as a 2.4 GHz connection.

If these reasons are present, you will have to troubleshoot your setup.

How to Troubleshoot Roku Connection to 5GHz WiFi?

Sometimes, your Roku may struggle to connect to 5 GHz WiFi, even if it has dual-band capabilities.

In these instances, you will need to troubleshoot your setup.

Since there are several possible reasons for a struggling WiFi connection, we’ll be taking you through several steps that could help.

Check Your WiFi Signal Strength

The first step is to check your WiFi signal strength.

If you have a mobile device, or even a laptop, you can try connecting to your WiFi.

strong wifi signal concept on mobile phone

Then move your device to where your Roku’s location and check how strong the WiFi signal is.

If the signal is less than 4 bars, there is a good chance the WiFi signal strength is the cause of your connection issues.

Lower Your Video Resolution

Even if your setup passes the previous step and your WiFi signal is strong, your WiFi might still have problems with supporting the videos you’re streaming through Roku.

To test this out, try lowering the video resolution on the shows you stream on your Roku. 

If the video resolution is the problem, your Roku should stream smoothly once the resolution is lower, and thus lighter on your WiFi.

Restart Your Modem and Router

pressing the power button on a wifi router

Sometimes you also need to power cycle your modem and router, which may get glitches when turned on for too many weeks in a row.

Simply restart them by pressing their power buttons, or, if they have none, unplugging then replugging them.

Lessen the Distance Between Your Roku and the Modem

If your setup still doesn’t work, the problem might be the distance between your Roku and modem.

Try moving your Roku closer to the modem, and also try removing any objects that are between the two devices.

Walls, for example, can sometimes cause connection problems.

Change the Router Channel

Finally, if everything else doesn’t work, you might need to change the router channel.

Roku device users have reported switching the router to a different channel fixes their 5 GHz WiFi connection issues.

They advise using lower channels, since your WiFi chip may not be very compatible with 5 GHz high channels.


a Roku stick and its remote control

Roku can use 5 GHz WiFi, but only if the model has dual-band WiFi capability.

If your Roku can’t connect to 5 GHz WiFi, there’s either a glitch in your setup or the Roku doesn’t have dual-band WiFi.

27 Roku devices can use 5 GHz WiFi.

Weak WiFi, high video resolution, modem or router glitches, and distance and objects between the modem and Roku can interfere with Roku’s WiFi connection.

You can troubleshoot your setup by checking your WiFi signal strength, lowering your video resolution, restarting your modem and router, lessening the distance between your modem and Roku, and changing the router channel.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.