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BenQ Projector No Power: How To Fix It?

BenQ Projector No Power: How To Fix It?

The BenQ projector is one of the most recognized video projectors out there.

With the manufacturer’s quality products, BenQ projectors are best-fit for work and home.

But that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible. Like other technological devices, BenQ projectors have their respective flaws.

Sometimes there are instances such as getting dead pixels and dust on the screen or the projector itself not turning on.

Don’t worry! This can be solved easily. 

Today, we’ll be helping you with your BenQ projector not turning on.

Let’s dive right in!

What Should I Do If My BenQ Projector Won’t Turn On?

For starters, there are quick-fix solutions for the BenQ projector   not turning on. This problem can be solved depending on your situation. Do stick around to check other solutions.

Reset your BenQ projector

Reset an office projector for the no power issue

Make sure the remote control of your BenQ projector is working and not the cause of this problem.

A hardware or software issue can cause your BenQ’s no power issue.

With this, you will need to reset your BenQ projector.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug all cables from your projector
  2. Press the on and off button for approximately 10 seconds
  3. Wait for an hour
  4. Reconnect the projector power cable

If this works, your BenQ projector can safely turn on again. Then, reconnect all of the cables. But if it still doesn’t work, proceed to read more troubleshooting solutions.

Maintenance problem

Your BenQ projector can no longer turn on because of an appliance maintenance problem. After all, a video projector is a fragile piece of hardware that requires care and attention.

The ventilation filters prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the projector. But over time, the filters can soon block the air vents. 

Don’t let your BenQ projector get dusty. dust filter from a device

Always clean when you find the smallest amount of dust on your projector. Remember to be careful and gentle when cleaning the projector. Always use applicable cleaning products and spray.

For a more in-depth cleaning tutorial, check out BenQ’s tips on projector maintenance

But if your BenQ projector was accidentally dropped and suffered a fall and impact, this can lead to internal damage.

Power problem

When your BenQ projector doesn’t turn on overnight, and the lights are off, there is a problem with its feeding process.

  1. Check if the connections are okay. The cables must be securely attached to their ports and aren’t damaged.
  2. Check if the wall outlet is working. Insert another working device into the socket to check. If it does not come back on, you have a defective outlet that needs repair by a licensed electrician.
  3. Your BenQ projector must be fully charged before powering on.


The BenQ projector can also experience overheating. 

The device can detect if the temperature is too high for the projector. The temperature sensor automatically stops the projector’s operation. 

These are the possible causes:

  • A blocked ventilation hole can be a reason. Your device must have at least a 50cm clearance space for proper ventilation. 
  • The environment/area isn’t suitable for the projector. Take your projector out of direct sunlight and place it in suitable conditions.
  • A temperature sensor doesn’t work properly.
  • A problem with the fan. Wait for the projector to cool down and return to normal temperature before restarting.

Moreover, the projector’s lamp can also cause overheating.

Technical Problems When the BenQ Projector Won’t Turn On

When your BenQ projector stops working and won’t turn on, it can be a technical issue, or there is a component problem inside. 

It’s better to replace the defective part to avoid permanent damage to your BenQ projector.

1. Component problem

A component in the BenQ projector can break down. Several malfunctions can occur, and your BenQ projector can stop working entirely. 

Risky components inside the projector include the power supply board, the motherboard, the lamp, and the motherboard.

2. Lamp problem

a time-worn projector lamp

The projector lamp is the most fragile and can wear out fast. With only a limited lifespan, you have to replace it entirely.

These two lamps provide sufficient longevity for your projector:

  1. Mercury lamps usually last around 2,000 and 6,000 hours
  2. While LED lamps can last for as long as 20,000 hours 

If the BenQ projector lamp fails, it can be caused by these problems:

  • Improper connection with the connector
  • A burnt-out bulb
  • An old and dying lamp
  • The lamp overheats

With this, you can change the bulb entirely or change the frame and bulb.

But if you have already changed the lamp, the usage counter of the lamp can be the reason why your BenQ projector isn’t turning on. This happens when you exceed the usage hours of your projector.

3. Powerboard problem

A faulty power supply board can also cause your BenQ projector to not turn on.

Each component in the circuit is essential. To access the power board, you will have to disassemble the projector.

On the other hand, always be careful, you might get electrocuted. 

From the power outlet, unplug the projector. Then, wait for a 30-minute cool-down period.

But you can check the inside of your BenQ projector. Disassemble by removing the front and back cover. 

inside a disassembled projector

Here’s a checklist of what you can do:

  • Check if the components are damaged, burned, melted, or blackened.
  • Voltage must be working in the power supply board and its components. You can check this using a multimeter.
  • Check the capacitors for blown fuses or if they are swollen. You can use a multimeter..

As a side note, contact BenQ support. Don’t risk your BenQ projector from server malfunction without professional maintenance. This can lead to more repair costs and losing the device’s warranty.

4. Call professional support

When all else fails, call professional support. They will definitely know what to do.

You can contact BenQ support here. It’s better to always seek help from a professional dealer or a repair service for electronic devices.

If you have a defective BenQ projector, check it for warranty coverage to avoid costly repair.


We hope we shed light on why your BenQ projector doesn’t have power.

Even the slightest bit of problem calls for immediate attention. 

You wouldn’t want your BenQ projector to suffer major damages in the long run. It’s better to maintain your projector constantly to keep it in good shape.

There are various solutions to this problem. 

We hope you fixed your BenQ projector!

Have any questions or concerns?

Let us know in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.