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Why is my BenQ Projector Not Responding To its Remote?

Why is my BenQ Projector Not Responding To its Remote?

There is nothing as frustrating as a remote that’s not working. It can drive one nuts, especially when you’ve tried every hack that you can think of. 

You might have already changed the batteries thinking they are the problem, yet they are not. So why isn’t your projector responding to your remote? 


First off, you are not alone: this is a pretty common issue. If you have searched for solutions on the internet, you’ve most certainly seen that many people have the same complaints as you. 

This post will answer why the BenQ projector is not responding to its remote, plus everything else you will need to know about this problem and how to fix it.  You can rest assured that you will find a solution to your battery problem after reading through this piece.

Some of the things that may lead to projector-remote issues include poor battery installation, infrared device signals, a stuck clicker or faulty button, and poor range or reception angle of your projector. 

To fix the remote, you should troubleshoot it to establish if it’s the source of the glitch. The problem will most often than not be in the projector. 

Let’s look into the possible causes and solutions right away.

Why is Your BenQ Remote Not Working Appropriately? 

BenQ DLP video projectors are prominent for their quality display tech and impressive cinema range. Yet, the joy of owning this quality device can quickly shift from 100 to 0 if its remote fails to respond as required. 

So what are some of the reasons your remote could bail out on you?

1. Batteries

rechargable batteries

Undoubtedly, the first thing that comes to mind is that the batteries need to be replaced. Yes, at times, an unresponsive remote could indicate a battery snag.

To ascertain this, check if there is an illumination of the status light on the remote when you press its buttons: no light points to dead batteries. 

Take note that poorly installed batteries also don’t work. So you’ll have to check if the positive and negative sides of the batteries align with those indicated on the remote. 

2. Poor Range

It’s advisable to use the remote within 7-8 meters (22-26 feet) of the device. There should be no obstacles between the projector and the remote. Check if you are operating the remote from a wrong angle or a further distance.

man using a remote control to operate projector

3. Remote not Paired with projector

If this is the first time you are using the projector or remote, there could be a chance that the remote and projector were not paired up correctly during the initial BenQ projector setup. It would help if you turned on remote receivers in the projector’s setup; you can check for this in the projector’s menu system. 

4. Infrared Device Signals

Other third-party factors like fluorescent or direct sunlight may render your remote unusable. Since these projectors come with an IR remote, yours may have received signals from the wrong light source.

5. Damaged Remote

After prolonged usage, some remote buttons may get stuck, thus going to sleep mode. As a result, your projector may have difficulty recognizing its command, making it difficult to operate the device. 

angry man using a remote

6. Issue Lies in the Projector

Most people are often quick to assume that whenever they use their remote, and it doesn’t respond, the problem is in the remote. 

Whereas this is true in most cases, there are certain instances when the projector is not properly plugged, or there is an improper closing of projector latches. 

You can watch this BenQ projector-remote troubleshooting demonstration for a vivid illustration. 

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_Remote control troubleshooting

Now that you know what could be wrong with your remote usability, you’re probably wondering how to fix the hitch. Right?

Keep reading to find out. 

How to Fix a Defective BenQ Remote

Once you figure out what could be causing your remote to be unresponsive, try out the probable solution to see if it works.

1. Replacing and reinstalling the batteries

changing the batteries of remote control

The battery fix is the easiest of them all.

First, turn over the remote control and grip its cover to slide it towards the arrow’s direction. If necessary, remove the batteries installed and put new ones: make certain that the positive and negative sides of the remote align with those of the battery.

Slide back the remote cover in its place till it emits a click sound. Simple right? 

Remember, there are quite a number of things that can destroy the batteries. Never leave the remote in excessively humid or hot environments, and always use the recommended type of batteries by the manufacturer. 

2. Turning on the Remote Receiver

To turn on the remote receiver, go to the device menu and navigate the settings to get the basic system setup. If you find that the remote receiver is turned off, turn it on to the Front/Top/Front Top mode.

Your remote should work appropriately. 

3. Checking on the Remote Control Range

All TV and projector users know what a remote range is. The angle at which you hold your remote is crucial. 

What is the effective range for your remote? According to the BenQ video projector user manual, you should hold your remote at an angle of 30 degrees perpendicular to the projector’s control sensor.

Also, ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the projector because objects easily obstruct the infrared beam. 

a remote and projector

4. Moving your projector to a Dark Location

If the problem is rooted in infrared device signals, the solution is to dim your lights or move your projector to a dark location. Ensure that your curtains are drawn, and lights are turned off to prevent sunlight or fluorescent lighting from getting in the way of remote receivers. 

a hanging projector in a dark room

5. Unsticking Stuck Buttons or Getting a New Remote

Removing stuck buttons sounds easy, and it is! Remove the batteries from the remote, then wipe their entire surface using a piece of fabric, such as a cotton cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. 

Next, you’ll want to cautiously clean around every button and use a toothpick to get rid of the grime inside the buttons. The remote should regain its functionality; if not, it’s time to buy a new remote. 

a new projector remote

It will be unfortunate if you try out all these tips, but none works. However, you can still contact BenQ’s local service center to help you figure out what the problem could be and how you can fix it. 

In Closing

It all adds up to this: it’s very easy to fix a BenQ projector remote issue without contacting a professional, particularly if you know what’s causing the problem. Simply check that the batteries are not due for a replacement, it’s not damaged, it’s paired correctly, and that you are operating within the recommended range.

If your warranty is still valid, however,  you don’t have to go through all this hassle.  Still, it’s wise to check if the batteries and remote positioning are perfect. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.