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How to Update BenQ Projector Firmware?

How to Update BenQ Projector Firmware?

Ever notice a little red dot on your BenQ projector system settings?

You might have ignored it before, but this time, you’re ready to give your projector the system upgrade it needs.

Keeping the firmware of your projector updated helps its performance in many ways. 

It removes bugs present and resolves ongoing system issues, adds in new features, levels up settings, and adds support to existing software.

For BenQ projectors, you can update the firmware via a manual update or via a USB stick. 

And unlike other devices where system upgrades can take hours, projectors are relatively simple machines and these upgrades can be done in minutes. You can leave it updating while you’re finishing a chore or working out!

Before you get started, make sure you have a USB stick ready and you have found your projector model on BenQ’s website. Each projector has different firmware updates, so best to search it first.

We’ve summarized the steps below to update your BenQ projector firmware, so you don’t have to! 

How to Update BenQ Projector Firmware?

For the BenQ HT3550 projector , you can update the firmware by following these steps:

[BenQ FAQ] Projector_How to upgrade firmware for HT3550
  1. Head over to BenQ’s website and download the latest firmware version. Select the zip file named “” and paste it to your USB stick.
  2. Unzip this file.
  3. Insert the USB stick into the USB 3.0 Media Reader port found in your projector.
  4. Get your projector’s control and head over to “System Setup” and click “Advanced.”
  5. From here you’ll see a long list of tabs but click on “Firmware Upgrade,” usually found at the bottom of the list.
  6. Once you see “Firmware Upgrade,” click the “Ok” button. Select “yes.” 
  7. Wait for the update to be fully over. 
  8. While waiting, you will notice several changes in your screen:
    • The bottom half of the OSD will disappear. This is normal and part of the process.
    • The BenQ logo will appear at the center.
    • There will be reminders to keep your power on.
  9. After the update is finished, you will see a pop-up notification saying that the upgrade was successful. 

How do I update the firmware of the portable models like the BenQ GV30 ?

  1. Head over to BenQ’s website and download the latest firmware version. Select the zip file named “” and paste it to your USB stick.
  2. Unzip this file.
  3. Connect this USB drive into the ports found in your projector. Connect it to USB Type C port for your GV30 device.
  4. Connect your projector to power and click “Projector Menu” found on the remote control of your devices.
  5. From the projector menu, go to “System” and then “System Update.”
  6. Select “USB Update” on the options. Take note, “USB Update,” the first item listed, and not “Firmware Update.”
  7. Wait for the update to be fully over. Do not unplug the power to your projector. Avoid touching buttons as well.
  8. Once the firmware upgrade is complete, your projector will automatically restart.


1/ I successfully pasted the zipped file on the USB stick but it doesn’t seem to work, nor appears on the firmware selection. What should I do?

an issue with the format of the USB

For cases like these, it’s usually an issue with the format of the USB. Before you paste the files on your USB stick, go to “File System Option” and select “FAT32” in the options from the pop-up menu.

If the USB is fixed already, redownload the files and paste them again on your USB stick.

2/ Oh no! It says “Upgrade Failed.” Do I need to restart the process?

Unfortunately, you will need to start the process again. If it still doesn’t work, contact BenQ online or go and visit your nearest BenQ servicing center.

3/ Do I need to update my firmware? My projector seems to be working just fine.

reasons update BenQ projector firmware

The answer is yes. And there are several reasons why this is important.

The most apparent reason is to update the current systems and to add on new features. By having the most updated features, you’d notice a change in the performance of your projector. These usually involve improvements in the color and lens movement settings.

Linked to this is the prevention of the device being obsolete. By having the latest features and commands, your projectors can handle any content, software, and even devices used with it.

And lastly is the removal of bugs, glitches, and other things that could slow down the processing of your projector. We hate it when some functions don’t work upon clicking or if it takes 3 seconds for your device to load a function. Get rid of all of these by doing the update!

4/ How often do I need to update?

time to update projector firmware

The answer is simple – every time there is an update available for your device! 

These firmware upgrades usually span a period of months, so you don’t have to worry about weekly or monthly checks with your projector.

Once you see the notification present in your settings menu, or when you receive an update from the manufacturer, then it’s a sign to start the process.

5/ Any precautions before I proceed with the firmware upgrade?

firmware upgrade

The main watch-out for projector upgrade is to make sure that the firmware file is the correct file for your device and model. 

If you apply an upgrade not intended for your model, the usual consequence is that some functions will no longer be operational. This is a bit technical, but in simpler terms, the old microchips and algorithms will be overridden with the new one. Thus, leading to the inaccessibility of some programs and features.


One of the simplest ways to give your projectors, or any other device, proper care and maintenance are doing a firmware upgrade. With just a few clicks and in a short amount of time, you can see a drastic improvement in the overall performance of your projector, while keeping it up to date.

It’s not always that you get a prompt to update your projector, so don’t ignore it once you receive their signals!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.