XGIMI Remote Not Working: Here’s How To Fix It – A Comprehensive Guide

My Xgimi Remote Not Working: How to Fix It?

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What To Know

  • Ensure your XGIMI remote is correctly charged or has fresh batteries, depending on whether it’s a metal or plastic model.
  • Move closer to the projector and check for signal obstructions, and ensure the remote is set to the correct mode for volume or focus control.
  • If issues persist, try resetting the remote, disconnecting all Bluetooth devices, or using the XGimi Assistant app as an alternative control method.

In this article, I’ll guide you through quick and easy solutions for when your XGIMI remote stops working.

Let’s get started!

Check the Charging Status

Make sure your Xgimi remote is charged.

If your Xgimi remote is unresponsive and/or flashing, it may need to be charged.

Ensuring your Xgimi remote is fully charged is different depending on if you’re using a metal or plastic remote. Check which remote your Xgimi uses and follow our suggestions to ensure your remote is properly charged.

Metal Xgimi Remote

Metal Xgimi remotes have internal batteries which must be regularly recharged.

Check the remote’s charging status by observing the LED light found on the top of the device. See what color the light turns when any button is clicked and act accordingly.

If the LED light is blue, the Xgimi remote is fully charged, and you should proceed to the other troubleshooting suggestions found below. Should you notice that the LED light is green, the remote is charged but is unpaired.

If your remote’s light is red, it must be charged or reset (see reset instructions below).

Charge your Xgimi remote using the appropriate charging cable. Allow it to fully charge until the LED light turns green.

Although Xgimi remotes can charge using the projector as a power source, we recommend charging it via a wall socket if you’re experiencing technical issues. This will ensure the remote is connected to a stable power source.

See if the remote is working properly once fully charged.

Plastic Xgimi Remote

Unlike metal Xgimi remotes, plastic Xgimi remotes cannot be recharged. This means that once the batteries die, they must be replaced.

Click any of the remote’s buttons and observe the LED light. If the light is orange, it’s time to change the batteries.

Open the battery mount and replace the batteries. Ensure they’re correctly placed and are the appropriate size.

replace batteries in a remote

If the old batteries are corroded, take care not to touch them and always ensure you’re safely disposing of them according to local regulations.

Move Closer to the Projector

Ensure you are close enough to the projector.

You may be trying to use your Xgimi projector remote while sitting too far away from the device. Try moving 10 centimeters away from the projector and see if your remote works.

keep xgimi 10 centimeters away from the projector

Make sure nothing interferes with the remote’s signal by moving any objects obscuring the path.

If the remote only works when very close to the projector, consider changing the batteries.

Ensure the Volume/Focus Switch is Correctly Set

Make sure your Xgimi remote is set to the correct mode.

Metal Xgimi remotes feature diagonal plus and minus buttons that can control the volume and focus. This handy feature allows your remote’s volume buttons to also control the focus with a flick of a switch.

If your remote’s plus and minus buttons are altering the image’s focus when you’re trying to control the sound, you probably need to change the remote’s mode.

Locate a switch found at the bottom of your remote and flick it the other way to change the mode.

Check if your remote works, and you’re good to go!

Reset the Remote

Try resetting your Xgimi remote.

Like projectors, you can also reset the remotes. However, only the metal Xgimi remote can be reset. If your remote is plastic, try our other suggestions.

Resetting your Xgimi remote is fast and simple. If you’re struggling with connectivity issues or notice that your remote’s LED light is red, it’s a good idea to reset it.

Note that resetting your remote will disconnect it from Bluetooth pairing, so you’ll have to repair it to your projector.

Find the remote’s reset button on the bottom of the device. Use a long, thin, needle-like instrument to press the reset button. Be sure to use a sturdy object to avoid it breaking off in the hole, blocking it.

Pair your Xgimi remote to your projector by pointing it at the projector while holding the return and home buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

press the home and return buttons on XGIMI remote simultaneously to pair with projector

If your Xgimi remote doesn’t instantly pair, don’t panic. Check the remote’s battery and repeat the pairing process until both devices are connected.

Disconnect All Devices from Bluetooth Pairing

Try disconnecting all devices paired to your projector via Bluetooth.

Disconnecting all devices paired via Bluetooth is a good way to give your projector and remote a fresh start.

turn off bluetooth of xgimi remote and projector

Go to System Setup and select Connection/Network Setup. Click on Bluetooth and disconnect all paired devices.

To repair your remote press the home and return buttons together for three seconds. If it does not immediately connect, repeat until the remote is paired.

Control Your Xgimi Projector Through Your Phone

Use the Xgimi Assistant app to control your projector instead.

Did you know that you can control your projector with your phone?

The Xgimi Assistant app (or Xgimi Assistant International on the App Store) allows you to control your projector’s volume, focus, screen mirroring, and more from your phone!

Xgimi Assistant International on the App Store

This is a great option if your Xgimi remote continues to malfunction or if you prefer to use your phone instead. The Xgimi Assistant app makes typing and screen mirroring easy, so searching and streaming content doesn’t become a time-consuming task.

Ensure both devices are connected to the same network before pairing to your projector by selecting it from the Device list.

Now kick back and start streaming!

Watch the video below to learn how to install and use the Xgimi Assistant app.

#XGIMI User Guide - H2 & Z6 Useful Xgimi Assistant

Contact Xgimi Customer Support

Contact Xgimi customer support for additional guidance.

If you’ve tried all of our tips and tricks to get your Xgimi remote to work and it’s still malfunctioning, it may be time to contact Xgimi customer support.

You can contact Xgimi customer support through live chat or email. You can also head over to the official Xgimi website to read frequently asked questions!

Wrapping Things Up

Your Xgimi remote may malfunction, but with a little troubleshooting, you can be back to projects in no time!

Check that your remote is properly charged and reset it if needed. If all else fails, you can always download the Xgimi Assistant app to use your phone as a remote.

If you have any more questions, get in touch with Xgimi customer support.

What’s your experience with an Xgimi remote not working?

Let us know in the comments below!

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