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How to Watch 3D Movies on an Optoma Projector?

How to Watch 3D Movies on an Optoma Projector?

We pay hundreds of dollars a month just to watch movies in the theaters. Yes, hundreds of dollars – and we’re talking about “normal” movies here.

‘How?’ you ask? 

Well, a normal movie ticket costs about $14 in certain places, probably more thanks to COVID. And tickets to 3D movies can easily reach $30 apiece – and again, that’s WAY before COVID hit us!

So, if you love to watch movies, your cost can easily reach hundreds of dollars in a single month. But, if you are someone with enough budget to go out and watch 3D movies in theaters several times a month, you probably won’t feel bothered by the cost. 

But if you’re trying to cut back on spending, your brain is probably reeling by now!

So how can you get the premium 3D experience without breaking the bank? 3D projectors, of course!

Specifically the Optoma Projector. 

Wait, you already have that projector but don’t know how to set it up? We can help you there! 

Getting Your Optoma Projector Ready

Optoma H190X Affordable Home & Outdoor Movie Projector

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Getting a 3D projector is life-changing. 

Now, you can enjoy a premium movie experience in the ease and comfort of your own home. 

We often see celebrities, businessmen, and popular vloggers “flexing” their home theaters, and our first thought is usually about the hefty cost of being able to have one at home.

But thanks to Optoma, you can get a similar experience without drilling a hole in your bank account.

So, how do you set it up? 

Let’s get started! 

What You Will Need

Since you will be working with 3D movies, you won’t be able to get away with using the “normal” home movie equipment. Here’s what you need to get a hold of to make your Optoma Projector work:

  • Optoma 3D Projector
  • A 3D source (such as a 3D Blu-Ray player)
  • 3D content
  • Optoma 3D glasses
  • HDMI

How to Set Everything Up

Now, let’s talk about setting up your Optoma projector for that awesome movie experience at home! Just follow these steps:

  • Plugin your projector to your power source
  • Plugin your HDMI cable
  • Plug the other end of your HDMI cable into your 3D source
  • Turn on your 3D player
  • Turn on your Optoma projector

You need to take a few more steps to set up your Optoma projector. Don’t worry. It’s easy! 

  • Go to the menu
  • Choose “Display” and scroll down to find the “3D” option
  • Change that setting to “DLP Link” if you’re using the Optoma DLP 3D glasses, or change the setting to “VESA 3D” if you are using the Optoma RF 3D glasses

You’re good to go if you are using the Optoma DLP 3D glasses. For RF, here’s one last step you need to take:

  • Connect the RF emitter by taking the larger end of its sync cable, plug it into the back of your Optoma projector
  • Now, take the smaller end of the cable and plug that into the emitter

Helpful tip: If your emitter is flashing blue light, your 3D option is off. Follow the steps above to turn it on. On the other hand, if your 3D option is on, the blue light will turn solid (no flashing).

Finally, we can turn on your 3D glasses! 

DLP 3D Glasses 144Hz Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses

Click image for more info

For the DLP Link:

  • Press the power button in the middle

For RF:

  • Toggle the “On and Off” switch on the side

IMPORTANT: You can’t use those regular blue and red 3D glasses from cereal boxes or bikini magazines. You need the ones made to connect and work with 3D projectors.

Types of Optoma-Compatible 3D Glasses to Check Out

children in 3D glasses watching movie at home

Don’t have your 3D glasses yet? Here are a few good ones that you should definitely check out:


Now that you know how to set up your Optoma Projector, let’s go over a few FAQs that may help you out:

1. Can I Connect my Optoma Projector to My Laptop?

Yes, you can connect your Optima Projector to your laptop.

2. How Do I Connect My Optoma 3D Projector to My Laptop?

It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Shut off both your laptop and Optoma projector 
  • Plug one end of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port in your projector, take the other end, and plug it into your laptop
  • Turn on your Optima projector and wait for it to display the image.
  • Choose the “source” button on your projector or use the remote control. Select the HDMI options where your laptop is connected.
  • Turn on your laptop
  • Go to your laptop’s HDMI settings. This is usually done by holding down the “Fn” key and pressing one of the numbered “F” keys on the top row of your laptop. 
  • Finally, look for an “F” key with a picture of a monitor, a PC monitor, a VGA port, or texts containing the words “CT,” “VGS,” or “LCD.” Choose that, and you’re all set!

Enjoy your movie nights! 

3. Does My Player Have to Be 3D-Compatible?

Yes. If your player is not 3D-compatible, you won’t be able to watch 3D movies.

Sony BDP-S6700 4K Upscaling 3D Streaming Home Theater Blu-Ray Disc Player

Click image for more info

Well, it might play, but the graphics will look funny.

4. Where Can I Buy 3D Movies Online?

There are several stores online where you can buy 3D movies. But here are a few suggestions:

5. What 3D-Player Brands are Available?

black Blu-ray disc player

Here are some great 3D-compatible disk players:


Cool, isn’t it? 3D-compatible projectors and players give you an awesome movie experience at home without the added cost of traveling to the theaters, buying tickets, and paying for overpriced soda! 

We hope the steps we provided above helped you install your Optoma Projector! Let us know how everything went in the comments below.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.