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Why Is My Projector Flickering?

Why Is My Projector Flickering?

There are many different reasons why your projector might have trouble displaying a stable image.

The first thing you should do is make sure that there isn’t anything obvious that could be causing the issue. Make sure that when the image is flickering, no one in the room is walking around or putting something in front of the projector.

It might sound silly, but these small things could be what is at the root of your issue. If you still can’t figure out what is causing the image of your projector to flicker, you likely have a larger issue.

These issues can range from things that are easily and immediately fixable to problems that are more serious.

Check to See If the Projector Is Stable

projector on a table

Before you go looking too far into what is making your projector image flicker, check to make sure that the projector itself is stable, and not wobbling.

If you have the projector set up on top of a table, or sitting on stacked objects to make it taller, make sure that it is sitting correctly. Check both the bottom of your projector and the bottom of whatever your projector is sitting on to make sure that they are flat surfaces.

It can be easy for something as simple as an uneven table leg to make a projector seem like it is flickering.

If you found an issue with the stability of the projector or the surface the projector is on, make any necessary adjustments and see if that helped the image stop flickering.

Check the Projector’s Power Source

If you have your projector plugged into something, make sure that the connection is secure.

This could either be a plug connecting it to a power source or to an image source, such as your phone or computer.

Press the plug to make sure that it is all the way inside of the projector, the power source, and the image source. Any loose connections on these could be the reason that you are having problems with your projector flickering.

When you have verified that every connection is made correctly, you can move onto other reasons why your projector might be flickering.

Test Different Inputs

projector plugging into laptop through usb cable

If you can’t figure out what is going wrong with your connection to your projector, you should try using different inputs to figure out if the issue is with the projector itself.

For example, if you are using a computer to connect to the projector, try to use a different computer. You could also try using a different device in general, such as a cell phone instead of a computer.

You could also try to look at the projector without anything putting in an image. The projector will have a base screen that you can use to access the settings, so see if this color is still flickering when you don’t have anything attached to the projector to provide an image.

If the settings menu of your projector is flickering, you likely have a problem with the projector itself rather than any connection to the projector.

If that image is stable, then there might be a problem with either the way that you are connecting another device to the projector, or a problem with the cable that you are using to connect these devices.

The Light Bulb Is Going Out

projector lamp light

Light bulbs in projectors will need to be replaced. If you have used your projector a lot, and either have never changed the light bulb or haven’t changed the light bulb recently, this could be your issue.

An old light bulb could be causing many different problems, flickering included. If you have noticed things such as a poor or blurry image, dimness, or unclear colors in your projector, it’s highly likely that the flickering is caused by a light bulb that is burning out.

This would be a simple fix. All you would have to do is purchase a new light bulb and replace the old one.

If you have replaced the light bulb and the image is still flickering, you probably have a larger issue that will take a little more effort to solve.

Other Components Have Broken

If you change the lightbulb but the image is still flickering, there are other components inside your projector that might need to be replaced. Check out the video below:


The light bulb isn’t the only part of a projector that produces an image. There are mirrors that reflect the light, too.

It’s also possible that your projector is overheating, too. If your projector looks dusty, you might need to give it a quick clean before it will work properly again.

Too much built up dust in the projector’s system can cause it to overheat, which would worsen the image the projector can produce over time.

Electrical Surges

a woman turns on an electrical surge

The flickering could be a problem related to your electricity source.

Check to see if there are any issues with other devices in your home or with the same power source that the projector is using.

It might also be helpful to try and connect your projector to a different outlet, if possible.

Even if you do not plan to use your projector from the location of a different outlet, testing it somewhere else will tell you if the issue is coming from one outlet in particular, of if there are electrical surge issues throughout your home.

To fix an electrical surge issue, all you need to do is buy a surge protector.

Frame Rate

The frame rate is something that you will be able to find in the settings of your projector. It refers to the amount of image frames your projector is showing per second.

The higher the rate, the more stable the image would be. Try to increase the frame rate slightly to see if this has any effect on the flickering of your projector.

If you are inputting an image or video into the projector from another device such as a computer, you will need to check the settings on both to make sure that the frame rates match with each other.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.