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Why Is My Epson Projector Screen Flickering (On & Off at Random)?

Why Is My Epson Projector Screen Flickering (On & Off at Random)?

A flickering projector screen is quite irritating and ruins your enjoyment of an otherwise great movie.

Other times, it can be such a huge distraction that you can’t focus on a presentation for work; or end up making a bad impression on a big client caused by unreliable equipment.

When you’ve invested in a high-quality Epson projector screen, you expect it to work without causing significant issues.

Dealing with projector screen problems can leave you frustrated and wondering, “Why does my Epson projector flicker when it’s relatively new?”

Fortunately, this common issue with projectors can be solved relatively quickly and easily.

There can be many different reasons behind your Epson projector screen flickering. From dust build-up or an old bulb to refresh rate, frame rate, or resolution issues, there are many different causes for flickering.

Depending on the problem, you may need to replace a bulb, switch from Eco mode to Normal mode, or adjust the resolution or frame rate. 

7 Possible Causes of a Flickering Screen

This is a well-known problem with UHP projectors and most often happens when the projector is in Eco mode.

Whether it is on internet forums or in the form of official complaints, users have complained about Epson projectors working fine until they’re put in Eco mode.

When this happens, Epson users notice a flickering screen that can be distracting or downright off-putting.

The following are some of the reasons this may happen.

1. Worn or Damaged Bulb

replace projector bulb

If your Epson projector’s bulb is worn or damaged, it may start to flicker.

Let’s delve into why this happens.

When a bulb is brand new, the cathode and anode it has are sharp.

With age and use, this cathode and anode go from being sharp to a flattened state.

Once they’re flat, the arc jumps across the gap and isn’t very stable. It can be lost and re-established, which results in flickering.

This is common for DC lamps, and it’s perfectly normal for cathodes and anodes to flatten over time.

However, the length of time they take to flatten is variable.

2. Lamp Isn’t Getting Enough Power (Eco Mode)

The reason most people use Eco mode is to reduce power usage and projector fan noise.

However, doing this results in less power getting to the lamp and subsequently causes flickering.

3. Other Components are Damaged

a projector is being repaired

Sometimes, the projector still flickers even after the bulb has been changed.

In this case, the problem may not be with the bulb but with other components.

In fact, sometimes replacing the bulb can damage the other lighting components, which causes the Epson projector screen to flicker.

The other components may also be dusty and have build-up that needs to be removed.

4. Loose Cables

a projector with loose cables

Sometimes, after you’ve already checked the lamp, resolution, and other factors, the reason for the flickering is loose cables.

If video cables are loose, there may be an incomplete connection which causes flickering and blinking.

5. Frame Rate

The frame rate or frame frequency refers to how different images are displayed and is measured in frames per second.

Higher frame rates equal less flickering, so you may need to adjust the frame rate if you see significant flickering on your Epson monitor.

Often, the frame rates between two devices don’t match up, resulting in flickering.

6. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate can also be the cause behind your Epson projector flickering.

Refresh rates are measured in cycles per second (hertz).

So, if you have a refresh rate of 60 hertz, it means that the image displayed is regenerated 60 times every second.

Lower refresh rates show up as flickering.

7. Electrical Surges

power outlet

Whether it’s a faulty wall outlet or voltage surges from the line, there can be fluctuations in the electrical current.

These electrical surges can result in a flickering projector.

7 Solutions To Fix a Flickering Screen

Fortunately, each of the problems we’ve mentioned has a solution. Some are easier than others, but all are manageable and will allow you to enjoy your Epson projector fully.

1. Replace the Worn or Damaged Bulb

a projector component is being replaced

If the problem is a worn or damaged bulb, the solution to fixing the flickering screen is quite straightforward. All you have to do is replace the old bulb with a new one, and you’ll no longer have to deal with the flickering.

2. Switch to Normal Mode

Unfortunately, one of the only ways to clear the flickering with Eco mode is by switching the projector to Normal mode. While this does eliminate the flickering, users should note that it does make the fan louder.

For some, switching to Normal mode for a while and then switching back to Eco mode fixes the problem. However, most people report that to prevent the flickering from resuming, the projector should be used on Normal mode for a few hours to ensure there’s a steadier arc in the bulb.

3. Replace the Damaged Components

The lighting components in the projector are quite delicate and can be easily damaged. They mostly consist of mirrors and prisms that reflect and split light. If these have been damaged, they need to be replaced to eliminate flickering.

If your projector is dusty, you’ll need to thoroughly clean it since the dust can cause it to overheat.

4. Fix the Cables

The solution to loose video cables is one of the simplest ones on this list. All one has to do is fix the cables and ensure that they’re properly connected. Press the cables firmly into place, and the flickering should be gone.

If you’re unable to secure it properly because the cables themselves are loose or damaged, you may need to replace them.

5. Adjust the Frame Rate

adjusting projector images using a remote

The higher the frame rate, the less flickering you’ll notice. This makes adjusting the frame rate an easy way to prevent your Epson projector from flickering.

If the flickering is taking place because of the difference between the frame rate of the video and that of the projector, these can be aligned to minimize and eventually eliminate the flickering.

6. Increase the Refresh Rate

If the refresh rate is the problem, there’s a very easy fix for projector flickering. All you have to do is increase the refresh rate.

By increasing the refresh rate, the flickering becomes so fast that it becomes invisible to the human eye. This means you can watch movies or present topics without even noticing any flickering.

7. Use a Surge Protector

Unfortunately, you can’t stop electrical surges from happening. However, you can buy surge protectors to protect your projector and other electronics from voltage surges.


There are several problems that can cause flickering and lead you to wonder, “Why does my Epson projector flicker?” This can be especially frustrating when you’ve just invested money into a new projector and expect it to function smoothly.

However, problems with light bulbs, dust build-up and overheating, and issues with loose cables and sub-optimal resolution can all result in annoying flickering problems.

Fortunately, you can follow our advice to fix each of the issues mentioned to reduce flickering and go back to enjoying your Epson projector!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.