Vizio TV Input Not Working? 9 Expert Fixes for Your HDMI Issues

a Vizio TV

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What To Know

  • Common Vizio TV input issues include not recognizing HDMI, being stuck on one input, and spontaneously changing input.
  • Solutions range from trying different HDMI ports, soft resets, and adjusting the laptop’s resolution to contacting Vizio technical support.
  • Vizio TV input can be changed using a remote, the TV’s control button, or the Vizio Mobile app.

Experiencing difficulties with your Vizio TV inputs?

Whether your television isn’t recognizing HDMI connections or remains stuck on a single input source, it’s a frustration no one wants to face.

In this article, I’ll address some common input issues and offer a range of solutions, guiding you through step-by-step troubleshooting with detailed instructions.

So, let’s jump in and restore seamless functionality to your TV input.

Common Input Problems

Refer to the table below to discover which solutions to try if you’re experiencing any of the listed input problems. Then, head to the next section for detailed instructions for each solution. 

Input Problems Solutions
My Vizio TV Won’t Recognize the Input (No Signal)
  • Try Another HDMI Port
  • Unplug All the Cables & Perform a Soft Reset
  • Try Using Another Source Device or Cable 
  • Check & Replace the HDMI Cable If Needed 
  • Adjust Your Laptop’s Resolution
My Vizio TV Is Stuck on One Input / Can’t Change the Input
  • Simply unplug that input source device from your Vizio TV, and it’ll automatically change to the next available input
  • If your TV’s stuck on Live TV or the Home screen, following the simple instructions below may help you fix it:
    1. Turn off your TV and unplug its power cable.
    2. Disconnect the input cable from your TV.
    3. Long-press the TV’s power button located on its control panel for 10 seconds.
    4. After 60 seconds have passed, plug the input cable back into your TV and reconnect it to power.
  • Update the Vizio Firmware 
My Vizio TV Keeps Changing the Input
  • Your Remote’s Input Button May Be Faulty
  • Try Another HDMI Port
  • Unplug All the Cables & Perform a Soft Reset
  • Try Using Another Source Device or Cable 
  • Check & Replace the HDMI Cable If Needed 

If you don’t see your input-related problem listed above or the solutions don’t resolve your issue, try performing all the troubleshooting tips listed below one-by-one. 

Note: Solutions 8 and 9 should only be used as a last resort after you’ve tried all the other solutions.

Detailed Instructions for Each Solution

Now that you’ve identified the possible solutions to your problem, let’s learn how to carry them out! 

Follow the instructions listed below to fix your input-related issues. 

1. Try Another HDMI Port

unplug an hdmi cable from a tv's hdmi port

Sometimes, TV ports can become corrupted and, consequently, stop working. This will prevent your TV from recognizing the input source. 

So, it’s a good idea to try connecting your input source device to another HDMI port and see if that does the trick. 

Unplug your external device from your TV’s initial HDMI port (taking note of which port you use for future reference) before plugging it into another port. Then, change your Vizio TV’s input to display the new HDMI port. 

If it works, you’ve found the culprit and can start displaying your external device. Otherwise, proceed to the next recommended solution.

2. Unplug All the Cables & Perform a Soft Reset

unplug a power cord from the outlet

Simple hardware glitches can cause your Vizio TV to struggle to recognize your external input source or change inputs. 

So, unplugging all the connected devices and soft resetting your TV may be the best course of action to fix this problem. 

Step 1: Power off your Vizio TV before unplugging all the cables you can (e.g. HDMI, power cable, VGA, etc). 

Step 2: Once 30 seconds have elapsed, reconnect all the cables to your TV. 

Step 3: Power on your TV and see if you can display your input source. 

Note: If your source device has a USB power cable (e.g. Roku, Fire Stick, Chromecast), remember to plug it into a wall outlet using a USB power adapter instead of plugging it into your TV’s USB port. Using your TV to power your source device may prevent the TV from recognizing it due to the lack of power.

3. Try Using Another Source Device or Cable 

If you suspect your TV’s port is working correctly, it’s a good idea to verify its functionality by connecting another source device or cable to it. At times, your source device or cable may be broken, stopping your TV from recognizing that any source device has been connected. 

Step 1: Disconnect the initial source device and/or cable from your TV. 

Step 2: Connect the other source device and cable to your TV and see the results. 

If another source device or cable works with your TV, then you know that the original accessories you were using are the culprit. 

4. Your Remote’s Input Button May Be Faulty

If you’re not sure how to change your Vizio TV’s input without a remote, head to the final section to learn how. If you can successfully change the input using that method, then your remote’s broken input button may be the problem. 

Try one of the following three methods to fix the issue. 

1. Clean the inside of the remote control by following the steps below.

  • Remove the battery mount cover on the back of the remote before taking out the batteries.
  • If you don’t see any screws in the battery mount, you should be able to pop open the remote by sliding and twisting a thin, firm object (e.g. flat head screwdriver, wine opener’s foil cutter, metal nail file, etc.) in the remote’s horizontal seam.
  • Separate the remote’s rubber keypad from the case. Notice the rubber keypad’s conductive contact points and make sure that the input button’s point is in good condition. Then, thoroughly wash the entire rubber keypad using mild soap and water. Once washed and rinse, ensure the keypad is completely dry.
  • Use rubbing alcohol and Q-tips to carefully clean the keypad’s buttons and contact points. Then, dry off the keypad with a clean paper towel.
  • Next, it’s time to clean the circuit board with rubbing alcohol and fresh Q-tips before drying it off.
  • Reassemble your remote, popping the case together to hold everything in place.
  • Put fresh batteries into the battery mount, replace the mount cover, and see the results. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to clean the inside of a remote. 

How to Fix & Clean Your Remote Control Buttons

2. Change the Vizio TV input without the remote (proceed to the last section for instructions). 

3. Purchase a replacement remote.

5. Check & Replace the HDMI Cable If Needed 

hdmi cable on a table

Like everything else in life, HDMI cables do not last forever. Your cable may be rotting, missing pins, or have a broken connector. Needless to say, this will prevent it from doing its job correctly. 

So, say goodbye to your favorite audio-visual cable and buy a working replacement.

I recommend the Amazon Basics High-Speed 4K HDMI Cable  as it’s high-quality and durable. 

6. Adjust Your Laptop’s Resolution

When connecting your laptop to your Vizio TV, you must ensure that their resolutions are compatible. So, it’s best to check your laptop’s output resolution and ensure it’s supported by your TV. 

Follow the directions below or read our article to learn how to change your laptop’s output resolution. 


Step 1: Open the Start menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings.

Step 3: Go to System

Step 4: Click on Display.

Step 5: Open Display Resolution.

Step 6: Select a compatible resolution from the drop-down menu. 

highlight display resolution 1920x1080 on Windows


Step 1: Head to the Apple menu.

Step 2: Open System Preferences.

Step 3: Go to Display

Step 4: Click on Resolution.

Step 5: Head to Scaled.

Step 6: Select a compatible resolution. 

select default resolution on MacBook Pro

7. Update the Vizio Firmware 

If you suspect that your Vizio TV firmware may be glitching, try updating it. This will rid your TV of any firmware-related bugs and give you access to the latest features. 

Follow the instructions below to update your Vizio TV. 

Step 1: Hit your Vizio TV remote’s Menu key. 

Step 2: Find and open System

Step 3: Click on Check for Updates. If there are any, download and install them.

8. Factory Reset Your Vizio TV

If you’ve cleaned or replaced all of your TV and source device’s components but still can’t correctly adjust the TV input, you may need to factory reset your TV. 

While tedious, this is an effective way to ensure your TV isn’t malfunctioning due to a glitch in the software. 

Note: This process will wipe your TV’s data and apps, forcing you to re-enter and re-install them. 

With the Remote

Step 1: Click the remote’s Menu button.

Step 2: Under TV Settings, go to System

Step 3: Scroll down and select Reset & Admin

Step 4: Click on Reset to Factory Settings. 

Step 5: In the pop-up menu, click on Reset

Watch the video below to learn how to factory reset your Vizio TV with its remote. 

Vizio Smart TV: How to Factory Reset Back to Original Default Factory Settings

Without the Remote

Step 1: Find the control buttons on the back of your TV. With your TV on, simultaneously press the Volume Down (-) and Input buttons until you see a “Reset to Defaults” message on-screen. 

Step 2: Then, long-press the Input button for 10 seconds or until a “Memory is being cleared” message appears. 

Step 3: Wait for your TV to reboot before setting it up again. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to factory reset a Vizio TV without its remote.

Vizio Smart TV: Factory Reset without Remote Control (Buttons on TV)

9. Reach Out to Vizio Technical Support

Nothing is going as planned and none of the solutions have fixed your never-ending input-related problems on your Vizio TV. 

While I don’t have any more troubleshooting tips to offer, Vizio technical support might. 

Bear in mind that Vizio warranties usually only last a year, unless you’ve paid to extend it. If your warranty is expired, you may have to pay for any repairs yourself. 

Vizio technical support is reachable from Monday to Friday (7 am to 11 pm CST) and on Saturday and Sunday (7 am to 8 pm CST). 

You can reach them via SMS by texting 205-301-3729

They also have a live chat function. 

Finally, you can call one of their skilled agents by dialing (844) 254-8087.

female customer support operator

Make sure to provide them with your TV model number and summarize which troubleshooting solutions you’ve already tried. 

3 Easy-As-Pie Ways To Change Vizio TV Input (With & Without the Remote)

If everything is working correctly, changing your Vizio TV input should be a piece of cake! 

Don’t worry if you’ve lost or broken your remote. You can change the input without it and it couldn’t be easier!

Let’s learn how to adjust your Vizio TV input with or without its remote in a few simple steps! 

With the Remote

Step 1: Find your remote’s Input key and press it to reveal the Input menu.

Step 2: Highlight and select your desired input. 

Step 3: You should now see your source device on-screen.

Without the Remote 

Is your remote on the fritz? No problem! 

You can change the TV input without it using the TV’s button or the Vizio Mobile app.

Using the TV’s Button

Look for your Vizio TV’s control buttons on the back of the unit. Here, you should find an Input button which can be pressed repeatedly to toggle through your TV’s inputs. 

Using the Vizio Mobile App

The Vizio Mobile app (formerly the Vizio SmartCast Mobile app) can be used to control all Vizio TVs produced in 2015 or later

In order to download this app, your smartphone must be: 

  • Android 8.0 or higher
  • iOS 13.0 or higher

Once you’ve confirmed that your smartphone is compatible with the app, follow the instructions below to install it and use it with your Vizio TV. 

Step 1: Turn your Vizio TV on and ensure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smartphone. 

Step 2: Download the Vizio Mobile app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

Step 3: Sign into the app as a guest. 

Step 4: Tap Select Device. If your TV and smartphone are connected to the same network, the app should find your TV in a matter of seconds. 

Step 5: Once the app has found your TV, tap Get Started

Step 6: Select your TV’s name from the list. 

Step 7: You should now see a 4-digit PIN on your TV screen. Type this PIN into the keypad in the app. 

Watch the video below demonstrating how to pair the Vizio Mobile app to your Vizio TV.

How to Setup/Pair SmartCast Remote App to Vizio SmartCast TV

Step 8: Once the app is set up, find and tap the app’s Input option to adjust your Vizio TV’s input. 

Wrapping Things Up

If you’re struggling to change your Vizio TV input, you may need to try a few different solutions depending on your input problems. In most cases, it’s a good idea to try another HDMI cable/port, soft reset and update your TV, and adjust your laptop’s display resolution. 

In the worst-case scenario, you may need to factory reset your TV or contact Vizio technical support for more solutions. 

Once you’ve resolved your input problems, you can change your TV input using the input button on the TV remote or control panel, or using the Vizio Mobile app.

What’s your experience troubleshooting your Vizio TV input problems? Which one of our solutions helped you finally resolve your issues? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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