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Total Home FX 800 Series Projector Review

Total Home FX 800 Series Projector kit, first available on the 4th of October 2015 is a projector with features and specifications designed for the purpose of decorating.

Do you love the cheers during a holiday? The colorful Halloween? Or the lively animation of Christmas? This projector is designed for the bliss and color of special occasions and holidays.

As a start for your decoration, this projector comes pre-loaded with colorful Halloween, Christmas, and various animation characters.

If you wish to know more about this festive-built product, you can keep on with this review.


Who is this product for?

group of friends having fun in a birthday party

This projector can be used by anybody for the purpose of decoration. It can project animated pictures that can be used to decorate for special occasions like Halloween, birthdays, or holidays.

If you are looking for an easy way of designing and decorating for any special event without using stickers or paints, this projector kit is a go-to.

You can also make your videos and designs and project through the HDMI port.

As it is a digital decoration projector, it cannot be used for presentation or home theatre. If used for presentation, the words will look blurry.

Unlike its competitors, the total home FX 800 series projector is affordable.

Installation and operation for this projector are easy. This projector comes with a remote control that enables ease of control.

You might have to get a bigger projector screen or simply use a white shower curtain as most times, the included screen may not be big enough for your window.

What’s included in the box?

Total HomeFX 800 Series Projector Kit with Pre-Loaded Seasonal and Holiday Videos, Remote Control, Tripod, Projection Screen, and HDMI Capable
  • Equipped with a single 3.5-inch LCD panel for projection
  • Comes with pre-loaded seasonal and holiday videos including Halloween, Christmas and Celebration...
  • Includes 86.5" diagonal (4-ft. x 6-ft.) white translucent projector screen for easy display onto...

The product package comes with:

  • A white translucent 4 x 6-inch projector screen
  • One total home FX digital projector
  • One remote control
  • One 6-inch adjustable tripod stand
  • Power cable and charger
  • One USB stick
  • Instruction manual

Product overview

Total Home FX 800 has a lot of great features which makes it one of the choices for the festive period. Let’s take an overview of them:


The Total Home FX 800 series projector comes in a lightweight and black design.

It is a portable projector that measures 6.13 x 7.63 x 3 inches and weighs a pound.

There is a tripod included in the kit which can be used for adjustments and projection elevation.


The projector has a rechargeable battery, a power cord, and a charger included in the kit for recharging.


This product is a 1200 lumens projector which makes it bright enough to be used in both dark and not too bright environments.


Total Home FX 800 Series Projector built-in speaker

The projector has 2W built-in speakers and a 3.5mm stereo output.

It also has an output for external speakers in the case whereby you want the sound from the projection to be heard by those outsides.


Equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD panel, the projector features color enhanced brightness. With a 500:1 contrast ratio that produces a fairly colorful image.

The kit includes a 4 x 6-ft white projection screen that can give a maximum image size of about 100 inches. This screen enables easy display onto the windows.

If your window screen is bigger than the projection screen provided, you can use an affordable white shower curtain.

Image projection can be done vertically or horizontally. This depends on how you place your projector on the screen.

The kit also comes with a preloaded USB stick that has about 12 festive videos.


There is a multi-functional remote control. This remote control can be used for volume, selection, and projection among other features.


HDMI port

It has a USB slot that you can connect to play your favorite holiday videos.

Also featuring an HDMI slot, you can use any streaming media device or connect your mobile phones to enjoy watching your favorite videos on most screen sizes.


The Total Home FX series 800 projector is very easy to install.

The first step in the set-up is to hang and position your projector screen against the window.

The next step is to place your projector against the screen and adjust using the tripod to any desired position. Note that if you want a bigger projection, you have to place your projector far away from the window.

Switch on your projector and plug in the USB included in the kit. With the use of your remote control, select any video you would like to project.

You can also connect to any streaming device or mobile device to view your favorite videos.

Here is a tutorial video on the installation of your Total Home FX series 800 projector:

Total Home FX holiday video decorating kit test and review

What we like

We like the portability of this projector. Not only is it portable, but it is also affordable.

The test video on the USB stick is awesome and can be used alone or in addition to other videos for the purpose of the festive period.

What we don’t like

This projector would have ruled our Christmas and Halloween if the lumen and contrast ratio was greater. This would have given us a better image quality.

Customer’s review

a finger with 5 star ranking wooden blocks

The Total Home FX 800 series projector kit has an above-average rating. This indicates that the customers are averagely satisfied with this product.

Below is a summary of the customer’s review

  • It gives a clear picture only when it is projecting on a larger screen.
  • The setup takes a long time.
  • The projector screen was too small for windows.
  • The portable size is nice.
  • The Halloween scenes preloaded on the USB are wonderful.
  • The tripod included in the kit is flimsy and most times can’t withstand the weight of the projector.
  • There is a need for external speakers for more sounds.
  • It is affordable.


A better alternative to the Total Home FX 800 series projector kit is the Crenova Mini Projector. Though a little expensive to the total home projector, it has a better feature.

It features a high technology LCD display, 6000 lumens, and a contrast ratio of 6500:1. This projector is not just limited to festive pictures like the Total Home projector; you can also use it for presentations and watching movies.

Video Projector 1080P Supported, Crenova Mini Projector 6500 Lux Home Movie Projector, 200'' Display Projector, 50,000Hrs LED Life Work with Phone,...
  • 【Big Screen Experience】Support 1080P Full HD with 1280 X 800 native resolution. Home Projection...
  • 【Bright Video Projector】Bright 6000 lumens (550 ANSI), 6000:1 contrast ratio, 90% brighter than...
  • 【Low Noise & Long Lamp Life】The movie projector is lower in noise and more durable than previous...


Holidays and special occasions are made more fun with the Total Home FX series 800 projectors. You can design digitally without having to make a mess.

With just a little expense, this projector gives you the chance to create your designs and project them with ease.


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