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Roku Easter Eggs: Movie References Behind Roku Screensaver (2018 – 2023)

Roku Easter Eggs: Movie References Behind Roku Screensaver (2018 – 2023)

Unveiling the hidden secrets and playful surprises within Roku’s screensaver, the Roku City Stroll, is like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt for movie enthusiasts. 

Step into a world where urban landscapes transform into cinematic wonders, as familiar references and clever Easter eggs await your discovery. 

With each frame, Roku’s screensaver unveils a tapestry of nods to beloved films, transporting you through time, space, and the realms of imagination. 

Get ready to embark on an adventure as we unravel the movie references and hidden gems from Roku’s screensaver, spanning the years 2018 to 2023.

If you can refer to any more movies or if there is any Roku screensaver you want us to figure out the references, let us know in the comment section below.


Paramount+ Roku City Neighborhood (Limited Screensaver Version – May 25 to 29 Only)

The references are constantly being updated by us, so stay tuned to discover all the Easter eggs.

Roku Screensaver 2023 - Paramount Plus Roku City Neighborhood: Roku Easter Eggs
Movie References Hints
Transformers Optimus Prime and Bumblebee (Comics’ appearance)
Star Trek; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Star Trek: Starfleet Academy; Star Trek: Strange New Worlds; Star Trek: Prodigy The Star Trek Starship, shuttlecraft; The building showing Stark Trek’s famous Vulcan salute (hand gesture); Starfleet Headquarters
Bevis and Butthead Bevis and Butthead are watching TV in the house to the left of the Star Trek hall
SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Star and SpongeBob SquarePants
Halo Halo’s helicopter, building, vehicle; Halo Master Chef
Halo or SEAL Team The troops are gripping tightly to the rope and about to descend from the hovering helicopter
Wolf Pack The wolf on the island
iCarly The Space Needle; The house next to the Roku theater and with the woman on the top floor
PAW Patrol The Paw Patrol Tower
RuPaul’s Drag Race The stage
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Four ladies with their pink signature jackets standing in front of Frosty’s Palace – the ice cream parlor
Yellowstone Yellowstone Dutton Ranch
1883 and 1923 spinoffs The old carriage next to the Dutton Ranch
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig on the second floor of the house next to the UEFA Champions League building
Blue’s Clues & You Blue in the ground floor of the same house as Peppa Pig, and Mailbox in front of the same house
Monster High: The Movie The clock tower
Survivor The man on the island holding a torch
Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick The man with his bike in front of the diner (The Hard Deck bar) with a two-plane poster; Rooster or Goose playing the piano in the diner
Rugrats The dinasour – Raptar
America’s Wild Seasons or Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home The two humpback whales near the Golden Gate Bridge

Some other symbol references:

  • Nickelodeon Blimp
  • Paramount+ Mountain
  • Championship League Soccer stadium

Spring Stroll in the Park

Roku Screensaver 2023 - Spring Stroll in the Park: Roku Easter Eggs
Movie References Hints
Spirited Away The train above the water’s surface
Godzilla Godzilla
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory The factory near Godzilla
Neverland Double Rainbows and the skull island
Encanto The house with pinky Jacaranda flowers covered partly (The Magical Casita in the movie)
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids An apple on the table and the shrink ray on the top floor of the house next to Encanto’s house
Shrek The Duloc building 
The Sound of Music  The movie theater’s left poster
Avatar The movie theater’s right poster
Guardians of the Galaxy 1 The baby Groot is listening to music and dancing in the second floor of the house two blocks to the right of the movie theater
Wall-E A little tree is planted in a boot on the first floor of the house two blocks to the right of the movie theater
Vertigo Convent and bell tower
The Great British Bake Off The tent near the bell tower
Amélie Café des Deux Moulins next to the Roku building
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Wonkavator is flying next to the mountain
Lord of the Rings The hobbit houses on the hills near the Eiffel Tower
One Tree Hill The only tree on the hill to the left of hobbit homes
Bridgerton The Ranger’s House
Winnie-the-Pooh The tree house with the beehive on a branch
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Bugs Bunny’s home (a post with a hole)
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off The car on the street
Nope Jean Jacket in the cloud (a cloud with a tail)
The Notebook The boat with ducks around
Moulin Rouge! The windmill near the Eiffel Tower
Little Shop of Horrors The carnivorous plant in a store to the left of the robot statue
The Secret Garden The vine-covered door to the left of the movie theater
Hugo The clocktower glowing orange


Winter Wonderland Walk

Roku Screensaver 2022 - Winter Wonderland Walk: Roku Easter Eggs
Movie References Hints
Christmas Vacation Clark Griswold’s house with Cousin Eddie’s RV
Home Alone The statue is knocked over in front of the door; two paint cans are hanging on the second floor
Elf Mr. Narwhal, in the scene, says “Bye Buddy, hope you find your dad!”
Star Wars An AT-AT 
Frozen Elsa’s ice castle
Peanuts Lucy Van Pelt’s psychiatrist help stand
Small Foot The Yeti
Batman Returns The Penguin’s Duck 
Misery The cabin behind the Duck mobile
Miracle on 34th Street The baseball player balloon in the background
New Years Eve Times Square NYE ball drop (the towers with a ball above, and fireworks)
The Grinch Mount Crumpit
The Shining The Overlook Hotel next to Mount Crumpit
The Day After Tomorrow The Frozen Statue of Liberty
Black Panther The Ancestral Tree
Die Hard Nakatomi Plaza
Superman Superman’s Fortress of Solitude
The Gremlins The Gremlin in the movie theater
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Lamp Post
It’s a Wonderful Life The man standing in the window with a hat above the lampost
The Snowman The snowman wearing a hat
Citizen Kane The Rosebud Sled
Sleepless in Seattle The Heart-Lit Skyscraper
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Technodrome appears in a toy store’s window
Transformers Optimus Prime next to the Technodrome
Happy Feet The penguins
March Of The Penguins The poster on the left side of the movie theater
The Nutcracker The Nutcrackers in the first window of the toy store
My Little Pony Ponies in the last window of the toy store
Apocalypto  The Eclipse
Serendipity The Ice Rink
Soul The Half Note Jazz Club
Better Off Dead The ski slope

Fall Stroll in the Park

Roku Screensaver 2022 - Fall Stroll in the Park: Roku Easter Eggs
Movie References Hints
October Sky The rocket in the background
The Nightmare Before Christmas The wave near the rocket in the background
Signs The mountain with marks and a UFO above it
Purple Rain The “Prince Bike”
Zodiac The blanket under the tree
The Simpsons The alien octopus in the background
Headless Horseman or Beetle Juice The covered bridge (looks like a little house, but it is above a branch of the river) near the alien octopus
Harry Potter The arena with flags in the background near the alien octopus – The Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch Arena
Fly Away Home The ultralight aircraft with birds following, near the Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch Arena
Batman The skyscraper with the “W” on it – The Bruce Wayne Building
Bobby Fischer or Queens Gambit Chess tables in the park (more likely to be Bobby Fischer as it’s in the park)
The Ring The well in the park near the chess tables
Rudy or Any Given Sunday The blimp and the stadium with an image of a guy with his arms up
Coco The Marigold Bridge near the blimp
Hocus Pocus The house with the purple smoking chimney near the bridge
Mary Poppins The four kites
Tangled The lanterns in the river
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial E.T. is on the ground floor of a house
Friends The fountain with a couch in the front
You’ve Got Mail The bookstore and the man with a laptop on the first floor
Poltergeist The TV is on with a creepy silhouette on the second floor of a house
IT The black balloon in front of the house with a TV
Ratatouille The restaurant with a chef sign, a rat on the first floor, and the dining table on the ground floor
Stranger Things The abandoned house
Back to the Future 3 The building is being constructed with a clock – The Future’ Clock Tower in the film
The Big Lebowski The bowling alley

Other references:

  • The TCL Chinese Theatre: to the right of the alien octopus

2018 – City Stroll: Movie Magic

Roku Screensaver | Roku City Stroll: Movie Magic
Movie References Hints
King Kong Kong is on the top of the Empire State Building and fighting against fighter planes
Sleepless in Seattle The Space Needle
Jaws  Fishing boat and shark fin
Titanic  Sinking boat and the iceberg
Mars Attacks!  Spaceship over the House of Parliament (Big Ben)
Mary Poppins The flying shadow in the sky
Lord of the Rings Volcano (Mount Doom) & the dragon (Smaug)
Wizard of Oz The image of the Emerald City
Castaway  The island with a palm tree and a soccer ball 
Spiderman  A man swinging from the Chrysler Building
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  Glowing eyes pop out around the factory
Psycho House Bates Motel – a hand holding a knife in Mother’s window
Iron Man The Stark Towers
Superman  The Daily Planet building
Barbershop  The barbershop 
Rear Window A human with binoculars on the barbershop’s top floors
Alcatraz movies (Escape From Alcatraz; Alcatraz Island; etc.) The Alcatraz island
Pirates of the Caribbean The famous six-sail boat “Black Pearl” and the Kraken
Dr. Who The Tardis (call box)
Back to The Future  The Courthouse (four-pillar clock building) and the skateboard
Ghostbusters  The Ghostbusters building
Forrest Gump The bench and a box of chocolates
Mighty Ducks  The marquee and diner
Singing In The Rain The lamp post and umbrella
Christmas Story The leg lamp in the 3rd-floor window
Conspiracy Theory The three smoke stacks 
The Majestic The Art Deco Theater
Island at the Top of the World Crazy Flying Machine – The Hyperion Airship
Lady and the Tramp The cafe table
The Iron Giant The giant robot
Hunt for Red October The submarine 
Godzilla or Pacific Rim The giant lizard 
Star Wars That’s no moon in the sky (Death Star), between the Stark Tower and Godzilla
Close Encounters of the Third Kind The Devil’s Tower between the Stark Tower and Godzilla
Adams Family The house between the Bistro and the movie theater
The Graduate The woman’s leg with a figure in the background
West Side Story The fire escape
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