20+ Stylish and Practical Kitchen TV Ideas for Every Home

a tv in the corner in a kitchen

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In the heart of every home, the kitchen isn’t just for cooking—it’s a hub of daily activity and casual socializing.

Integrating a TV into this space can enhance the experience, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows while you sip on your morning coffee or prepare a family feast.

Let’s explore 25 chic and clever kitchen TV ideas that cater to both your viewing pleasure and your interior design aesthetics.

Kitchen TV Layout Ideas

Your kitchen, the central hub of your home, deserves a touch of modern comfort without compromising on style.

A well-placed TV can be the cherry on top of your kitchen design, offering a cozy nook for morning news or your favorite cooking shows.

1. Subtle Elegance

a wall-mounted tv in a kitchen

Put a stylish TV above your kitchen counter on a white brick wall. It’ll give your kitchen a subtle appearance.

This is where you can sip your morning coffee, catching up on the headlines without losing that serene kitchen vibe.

It’s a little trick I love for keeping my kitchen functional yet stylish.

2. Loft-Inspired Look

a big wall-mounted tv in a kitchen

Place your TV on a simple, white wall amidst hanging industrial lights and a high ceiling for a loft-inspired kitchen setting.

It’s a smart way to keep the entertainment within view, whether you’re dining or prepping meals.

This is a personal favorite setup for laid-back weekends, where the aroma of fresh coffee and morning talk shows blend seamlessly.

3. Luxury Style

a tv in a luxury home

If your kitchen flows into your living area, choose a spot for your TV that feels like a natural extension.

Kitchen tv 1

Creating a space where you can easily look at your favorite cooking show while trying out a new recipe is the idea here.

kitchen tv 2

It’s all about convenience and enjoying your cooking time.

4. Wood Accent Harmony

a tv in a luxury home

You can make your TV blend beautifully into your kitchen by placing it in a wooden niche.

This adds a cozy touch that matches the earthy colors in your kitchen.

The mix of wood and modern technology creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

It’s a design choice that brings a sense of peace whether it’s a busy morning or a quiet evening.

5. Modern Gallery

open cooking area with a tv on wall

Anchor your TV on a crisp white stand, which provides a striking contrast to a darker, textured kitchen wall.

It’s like hanging art – the screen adds another layer of interest to your kitchen without demanding too much attention.

I find it’s a great conversation starter when guests lean against the counter with wine in their hand.

Wall-mounted Ideas

Mounting your TV on the wall isn’t just about saving space; it’s about creating a focal point that ties your kitchen to the rest of your living space.

Each wall-mounted TV setup here is more than a way to binge-watch; it’s a statement of style and function.

1. Structured Decor

a tv near dining table

Mount your TV on a crisp white wall beside a striking geometric-patterned accent.

This adds a modern touch to your kitchen and makes the TV a part of your kitchen’s artistic style.

It’s a strategy I’ve used to break up the monotony of a plain wall, creating an engaging visual flow that draws the eye naturally from the screen to the surrounding design elements.

2. Space Saver

a small tv in a neat kitchen room

Even in a multi-purpose space, a wall-mounted TV can look right at home.

Above the washer and dryer, it’s perfectly placed for catching up on a cooking tutorial or keeping kids entertained while you sort the whites from colors.

It’s a multitasking lifesaver in my own bustling home.

3. Rustic Meets Modern

a small tv on a brick wall

There’s something about brick walls that gives a kitchen character.

Add a TV to the mix, and you’ve got a rustic-modern hybrid that feels cozy and connected.

In my experience, it’s the ideal way to enjoy lazy brunches with a side of morning news.

4. Streamlined Style

a tv on wall near a dining table and kitchen

Mount your TV beside contemporary shelving for a seamless integration that speaks to both form and function.

This setup is about utilizing space smartly, keeping your culinary essentials on display while ensuring your favorite cooking shows are just a glance away.

In my kitchen, this approach has been a game-changer, offering both convenience and a touch of modern design.

5. Casual Comfort

a tv in front of a sofa and kitchen

Affix your TV to the wall with an easy view of your kitchen’s seating area.

This layout invites you to enjoy a casual catch-up on daily shows while sipping your morning espresso or waiting for the oven timer to ding.

It’s a homely touch that has made my own kitchen feel more like a living space, where cooking and entertainment coexist effortlessly.

Corner Wall Ideas

Corners are often underused spaces in kitchen design, but with the right touch, they can become the perfect spot for your TV.

These corner TV setups make the most of every inch, proving that entertainment can find a home in the coziest of nooks.

1. Compact Classic

a tv is mounted in a corner of a kitchen

Tuck your TV into a corner above the countertop in a classic kitchen setting.

This spot utilizes vertical space wisely, keeping your cooking area clear while providing the perfect angle for viewing from any spot in the kitchen.

It’s a practical solution I recommend for smaller kitchens where every square inch counts.

2. Window-Side Watch

a tv placed next to a window

Mounting your TV in the corner near a window allows for natural light to complement your screen time.

This setup ensures that the TV doesn’t dominate the room, but remains easy to view whether you’re dining or whipping up a meal.

It’s a placement I’ve found to be just right for those who love a bright, airy kitchen.

3. Rustic Edge

a tv mounted on brick wall with wooden floating shelf

A corner TV above a floating rustic wooden console can give a modern kitchen a dash of homely charm.

The raw textures of the brick paired with the warm wood create a perfect balance, making the TV console look like it’s part of the decor.

4. Colorful Creativity

a tv in the corner in a kitchen

For a kitchen with vibrant backsplash tiles, positioning your TV in the corner above adds a modern twist to the traditional.

It’s a way to embrace color and pattern without letting the TV become the sole focus.

I’ve always been partial to this lively approach, which allows the kitchen’s character to shine through.

Small Space Ideas

When kitchen square footage is at a premium, smart placement of a TV can enhance the space without overwhelming it.

These clever setups show that small spaces can still deliver big on both style and functionality.

1. Use A Swivel Mount

a tv in a swivel mount

In a compact kitchen, I recommend attaching your TV to a swivel mount in the corner for versatile viewing angles, whether you’re dining or prepping.

It’s a solution that works wonders in my own snug apartment, providing entertainment without sacrificing precious counter space.

2. On A Refrigerator

a tv on a refrigerator in a kitchen room

For a small kitchen corner, consider placing or mounting your TV above the refrigerator.

This keeps the TV out of the way but easily viewable from the cooking and eating areas.

It’s a neat trick that I’ve seen work beautifully in tiny home designs.

3. Mount on Shelving

a tv on a shelving

Incorporating your TV into the shelving that flanks your kitchen workspace is also a great idea.

This not only saves space but also integrates the TV into the overall design, making it a part of the kitchen’s architecture.

I love how this setup allows for decorative items and practical kitchen tools to live side by side with the TV.

4. Mount on Divider Wall

a tv on a divider wall

Here’s another cool trick to try – mounting your TV on a wall bracket in the corner that bridges the kitchen with the living area.

This strategy maximizes underused corner space and creates a visual link between the two areas.

It’s a chic and space-efficient approach I recommend for open-plan living.

Cabinet Ideas

Integrating a TV into your kitchen doesn’t mean sacrificing style for function.

With a creative cabinet design, your TV can be smartly hidden or displayed in a way that adds to the room’s ambiance.

Let’s explore cabinetry that turns your entertainment system into an elegant feature of your kitchen.

1. Hidden in Plain Sight

a tv in a wooden cabinet

If your kitchen has a cozy, wooden ambiance, think about a TV cabinet that matches your cabinetry.

When it’s not in use, the TV can hide in a niche that blends with the cupboards, almost disappearing.

I’ve used this design in my own kitchen, and it helps maintain a kitchen-focused atmosphere.

2. Open Shelving Elegance

a tv in a modern kitchen room

Positioning a TV on open shelving amidst decorative items can create a balanced look.

The key is to ensure the TV size fits neatly within the shelf space, preventing an overcrowded appearance.

It’s a setup I’ve admired in a friend’s apartment, where the TV blends with vases and books to tell a story of modern living.

3. Stand-Alone Statement

a tv on a white wall in front of a white sofa

A well-crafted cabinet with a built-in TV can serve as a stylish piece of furniture in itself, anchoring the living area and adding character to the space.

It’s a permanent setup that lets you enjoy TV from different angles, ideal for entertainment while dining or cooking.

In my experience, this setup is perfect for those who like the kitchen as part of their entertainment area, creating a friendly atmosphere.

4. Compact Corner Mastery

a tv on a long console in front of a sofa

In cramped spaces, a small TV cabinet in a corner or against a short wall works wonders.

This smart choice keeps your TV in sight without crowding the area.

It’s perfect for smaller apartments with open kitchen-living layouts, allowing you to stay informed with the news while cooking without sacrificing valuable space.

Pro Tips: Utilize Flat Screen TV for Saving Space

Flat screen TVs have become a staple in modern home design, offering sleek and stylish options for integrating technology into our living spaces.

In the kitchen, a flat screen provides the perfect blend of entertainment and functionality without compromising on style.

1. Eye-Level Setups

You can opt for a wall-mounted flat TV to complement the clean lines of a modern kitchen.

Getting the TV’s height just right is important. If it’s too high, it might strain your neck while cooking. If it’s too low, it could get splashed with food.

a tv in a kitchen with eye-level set up

I’ve set up my TV in the kitchen at eye level, right from my favorite chopping spot.

It’s great for following recipes or enjoying a series while I prepare meals.

This keeps the kitchen modern, and the TV feels like a window to my favorite shows.

2. Away from Cooking Area

a tv mounted away from the cooking area

In a minimalist kitchen, it’s a great idea to mount your flat-screen TV on a plain wall away from the cooking area.

This simple setup matches the clean design of the space, giving it a sleek, modern feel.

The flat screen feels like a window to the world while keeping everything looking uncluttered and neat.

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