6 Smart Corner TV Setup Ideas for Your Living Space

6 corner tv setup ideas

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Finding the perfect corner TV setup can transform your living space into a cozy and modern haven.

Whether you’re working with a small space or a larger living room layout, there are plenty of corner TV design ideas to consider.

From mounting your TV on the wall by the window to creating a stylish setup in the bedroom, the possibilities are endless.

You can even incorporate a fireplace for added warmth and ambiance.

DIY enthusiasts will love the creative ways to place the TV in the corner, complementing your decor and couch arrangement perfectly.

6 Corner TV Ideas

TV Stand

If you’ve got a cozy corner in your living room and you’re wondering how to make the most of it, a corner TV stand might just be your perfect pick. 

Not only does it offer storage space, but it also adds a touch of style to your room. 

A well-chosen corner TV stand with the right style can help you achieve a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing entertainment setup in no time.

Corner TV Stand

A corner TV stand is a fantastic choice if you want to achieve a balanced and stylish appearance in your living space. 

a living room with corner tv stand and a fireplace

These TV stands are specially designed to fit snugly into the corners of your room, which are often challenging to fill. 

Typically, people resort to using bookshelves, lights, or potted plants in these spaces. 

TV positioned in a corner of a living room

However, a corner TV stand excels at both the aesthetic and functional aspects of filling that corner void. 

It not only looks great but also serves its purpose perfectly.

a corner tv stand in a living room

For a stand with a modern vibe, you can check out this Maxwell Classic Corner Stand from Walker Edison .

And if you’re more fond of farmhouse style, you might find the Amerlife Corner TV Stand  to be the ideal option.

Normal TV Stand

Well, truth be told, having a corner TV stand isn’t an absolute necessity. 

a corner tv stand in a living room with a fireplace

However, if you’re not a fan of that empty corner space, then opting for a corner stand would be a good choice. 

Tv in a corner next to windows

On the other hand, regular TV stands work just fine too, as long as they’re not overly lengthy and don’t eat up too much room. 

a corner stand with TV on top in a living room

The key is to position your stand so that the TV aligns perfectly with your preferred viewing angle, and you should be all set.

a corner tv in living room with a fireplace

You have the flexibility to pick a TV stand style that complements the theme of your living space.

a corner tv stand in a living room with a fireplace

Position Your TV in the Corner Above Your Fireplace

If you happen to have a fireplace in the corner of your room, be it an electric or traditional, here’s my thought: why not put your TV right above it?

a living room that has a corner fireplace with tv on top of it

It’s a smart way to utilize that space right above the fireplace. 

If you have a conventional fireplace, ensure that the area is well-insulated, so the heat from the fireplace won’t reach your TV. 

a living room that has a corner fireplace with tv on top of it

You definitely wouldn’t want your TV to suffer from long-term heat exposure or, even worse, pose a fire hazard. 

a living room that has a corner fireplace with tv on top of it

Corner Wall Mount

As far as I’m aware, this choice may not be the most common one. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a brilliant space-saving idea!

You can easily install your TV on the corner walls above your TV stand or fireplace, or simply let it hang there with nothing below.

How to Mount My TV to a Corner Wall?

TV mounted in the corner of a living room

I searched high and low, but it seems there aren’t any mounts specifically designed for corner installation. 

Nevertheless, you can mount the TV to one of the corner walls with mounts equipped with articulating arms.

TV mounted in a corner of the living room

With those mounts, you will have the flexibility to position your TV just the way you like it. 

I suggest going for a sturdy option, perhaps one with a dual-arm configuration, like the TV mount offered by Mounting Dream 

This way, it can securely support your TV’s weight even when extended for a long period of time.

Mounting Dream UL Listed TV Wall Mount for Most 42-84 Inch TV, Full Motion TV Mount with Swivel and Tilt, TV Bracket with Articulating Dual Arms, Fits 16inch Studs, Max VESA 600X400 mm, 100 lbs,MD2617

Other Methods

Adjust TV’s Orientation

Just as the name implies, with this method, you will have the flexibility to effortlessly adjust the TV to align perfectly with your ideal viewing angle. 

tilted TV in the corner of living room

Picture this: you can pivot the screen slightly to the left for that immersive movie night or tilt it to the right when catching up on your favorite TV series. 

Meanwhile, your trusty TV stand gracefully occupies the corner, ensuring that no inch of your living space goes to waste.

titled tv in the corner of a room

Now, don’t get me wrong, this method is undoubtedly a champion when it comes to practicality and saving some hard-earned cash.

It’s the kind of solution that makes you nod appreciatively at its ingenuity. 

titled tv in the corner of a room

But, if you’re like me, someone who values the harmony of aesthetics in their living space, there’s a lingering sense of unease. 

It’s as if the perfect viewing angle comes at the expense of the room’s overall visual appeal.

Use a Floor Stand

TV floor stand

Now, the final option I’d like to talk about in this post is the TV floor stand. It’s not just dependable, it also saves you space compared to a traditional stand. 

Plus, it gives you the freedom to adjust your TV’s height, much like a wall mount would. 

tv in corner of a living room

So, if you’re looking for a versatile and space-saving solution, a TV floor stand might be just what you need.

You can opt for a minimalistic stand or a stand with some storage space depending on what you need.

Wrapping Things Up

And there you have it, six fantastic ideas for corner TV setups to enhance your living room and bedrooms. 

Whether you prefer a cozy, traditional setup or a modern, space-saving solution, these options offer a variety of styles to suit your taste and make your living room and bedrooms more enjoyable places to relax and entertain. 

So, go ahead and transform that neglected corner into a focal point that adds both functionality and charm to your space. 

Happy decorating!

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