TalkTalk Router Lights, Explained

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What To Know

  • TalkTalk router LED lights provide indications like no power, internet connection status, and setup modes based on their colors and patterns.
  • For specific light indications, consult the given table to determine the appropriate troubleshooting method and solutions.
  • Troubleshoot by soft resetting, checking cables, factory resetting, running a connection test, or contacting TalkTalk’s customer service.

When your TalkTalk router displays a myriad of colors, understanding what they signify can be daunting.

This guide sheds light on these enigmatic signals, from the disconcerting flashing orange to the alarming red.

Leveraging the knowledge of our tech experts and insights directly from TalkTalk, ‘ll offer practical solutions tailored to specific light patterns.

Delve in to decipher your router’s language and restore seamless connectivity.

Lights’ Meanings

Consult the table below to decode what your TalkTalk router model’s lights mean. 

Note: An “x” means that this light color/status is not applicable to the device. 

Devices Colors Solid Light Blinking/Flashing Light
All No Light Router/Wi-Fi Hub doesn’t have power
Wi-Fi Hub Amber or Orange 
  • For less than 15 minutes: Wi-Fi Hub may be verifying your connection (fiber connections can take time)
  • For more than 15 minutes: Physically working fine but no internet connection 
Starting up
White or Blue Internet connection is fine Has not been authenticated correctly to access the internet
Amber or Orange & White x Wi-Fi Hub is connecting to the internet
Eero (Mesh Wi-Fi System) White Connected to the internet Starting up & connecting to the internet
Blue Eero app is connected and in setup mode Broadcasting Bluetooth
Green x Multiple Eeros have been detected
Yellow x An unapproved power source is detected
Red Not connected to the internet x
Router Red Not connected to the internet x

Now that you understand what your TalkTalk router lights mean, it’s time to get troubleshooting. These simple troubleshooting tasks will help resolve most router glitches and problems. 

While these troubleshooting solutions may seem advanced, they couldn’t be easier to perform. 

Let’s learn how!

Troubleshooting Based on Lights

talktalk router's lights, internet light is red

Devices Lights Solutions
All No light
  • Check the power outlet
  • Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into the Router/Wi-Fi Hub and outlet
  • Check the power outlet & power cord’s conditions (e.g. Is it damaged, rotting, torn, etc.)
Wi-Fi Hub Solid Amber/Orange Light (for more than 15 minutes)
  • Soft reset & power cycle
  • Reconnect the cables
  • Factory reset configuration
  • Run a connection test
  • Contact TalkTalk’s customer service
Flashing White/Blue Light
  • Soft reset & power cycle
  • Factory reset configuration
Eero & Router Flashing Yellow Light (Eero)
  • Soft reset & power cycle
  • Reconnect the cables
  • Try another power source/outlet to check if the one you’re currently using is faulty
  • A damaged power cord may also cause the router’s light to flash yellow when it’s plugged into an outlet
  • Alternatively, your Eero may have an internal issue, so you’ll need to use another node while waiting for the broken one fixed (Contact TalkTalk’s customer service for more information about repairs and replacements)
Solid Red Light (Eero & Router)
  • Contact your ISP to ensure they’re not experiencing any internet outages
  • Soft reset & power cycle
  • Factory reset configuration
  • Check the internet cable (securely connected or not, its status, etc.)
  • Check your ISP’s internet plan

General Troubleshooting Methods to Try 

1. Soft Reset & Power Cycle

This method will drain your router’s power and reboot it, giving it a chance to re-establish a strong connection to the server. 

Step 1: Unplug your router’s power cord for 30 seconds or more. 

Step 2: Plug it back into power and, if it has a power switch, turn it on. Otherwise, your router will reboot automatically. 

2. Reconnect Any Cables

two ethernet cables, black and white ones

Loose or improperly connected cables will undoubtedly affect your router’s Wi-Fi speed and stability. So, it’s best to ensure that your router is properly connected to the rest of the hardware. 

Step 1: Disconnect all cables from your router. 

Step 2: One by one, reconnect each cable to your router, ensuring you’re plugging them into the correct ports. If you’re not sure which ports the cables should be connected to, consult the TalkTalk article Check your router setup for model-specific setup instructions. 

This is also a good way to reset your router and ensure there aren’t any underlying problems with the hardware. We also recommend taking this opportunity to ensure every cable is in good condition and replace them as needed. 

3. Factory Reset Configuration

If your router’s lights are orange and white, or red, there may have been a wrong configuration, leading to a failed internet connection. If soft resetting and power cycling your router do not resolve this issue, you may have to factory reset the configuration by following the steps below. 

Step 1: Ensure your router is plugged in and turned on before finding its Reset pinhole. 

Step 2: Press the Reset pinhole button using a long, thin object (e.g. SIM ejector) for 30 seconds

Step 3: You’ll notice your router lights turn off. Once they reilluminate, you can try reconnecting your devices to it and ensure it’s working properly.

You can watch the video below to learn how to factory reset your TalkTalk router’s configuration.

Resetting your router

4. Run a Connection Test

If you’re still struggling to establish a steady internet connection, consider running a connection test

To do this, go to the TalkTalk Service Center in a web browser on a computer connected to your router. Log into your account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection test. If the test results reveal any issues with your network, follow the necessary solutions to resolve them. 

5. Contact TalkTalk’s Customer Service

customer service featured image

If none of the troubleshooting solutions listed above have resolved your problem and you suspect your router may have some serious underlying features, consider reaching out to TalkTalk’s Customer service. 

You can contact their customer care via their live chat function or by calling 0345-172-0088 during their working hours

Wrapping Things Up 

Your TalkTalk router’s LED indicator lights can communicate its status, including if it’s properly connected to the internet and if its power source is approved. 

If your router’s network isn’t working properly, observe its lights before consulting the above table to figure out the best plan of action. You may need to soft/hard reset your router, run a connection test, check its cables, or in some cases, contact TalkTalk’s customer service for additional guidance. 

TalkTalk’s customer service will also help you with any repairs you need to make. 

What’s your experience decoding a TalkTalk router’s lights? Did our troubleshooting tips help you solve your router problems?

Let us know in the comments below!

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