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[Review] Smithsonian Planetarium Projector: A Sensational Kit for your Night Sky Exploration

Do you want to indulge your child’s interest in Science with a fun and educational toy?

Don’t you know that you can have a solar system and constellation inside the comfort of your room?

Here’s your ultimate solution.

Presenting the Smithsonian Planetarium Projector that will eventually bring the night sky into your room.

This is the next best exploration kit to be enjoyed by the whole family.

With this kit, you will be enchanted with the rotating star pattern and HD images of planets, nebulae, moons, astronauts, spacecraft and other celestial bodies.

Released on July 1, 2015, the product made waves in the toy industry because of its astonishing features that are perfect for future astronomers.


Who is this product for?

children dream of flying into the sky

You heard it right.

Schoolchildren aged 8 and up will enjoy playing and learning with Smithsonian Planetarium Projector like they never did before.

Here’s the thing.

Parents must involve themselves in assisting their kids because things can go wrong if they let their youngsters assemble the kit. It contains small parts that can be dangerous to toddlers under 3 years of age.

The kit is affordable for everyone. It is a great gift for your kids.

What’s included?

What comes with the product?

Inside the box include one (1) Dual Planetarium Projector for everyone to enjoy learning about outer space and see the different planets projected into their wall or ceiling.

Showering your walls and ceilings with glimmering stars is a great way to enjoy bedtime.

A single Star Background Slide will perfectly complete your night sky view.

There are three (3) Changeable Slide Discs to make different image combinations.

Just like any toys in the market, it comes with a manual with detailed instruction.

Overview of features

The overwhelming features of Smithsonian Planetarium Projector makes it a perfect choice for your kid’s birthday present. With this kit, you can also follow up your child’s astronomy lesson in school.

What’s interesting in this product is the inclusion of all 8 planets, not to mention a black hole, Milky Way, satellites, space station, and more.

The three discs included contain 12 images on each.

The three buttons have amazing functions.

The first button will make the stars rotate in a circular motion while the second button allows you to see the image.

Holding the third button down can make the stars rotate and at the same time, see the image clearly.

Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium and Dual Projector Science Kit, Black/Blue
  • A Dual Function Planetarium Projector brings the Nighttime Sky into your room
  • A Rotating Star Pattern of the Northern Sky is projected with 24 HD Space images
  • Choose HD images of Planets, Nebulae, Moons, Astronaut, Space Craft and Other Celestial Bodies

What we like

The kit contains a Dual Function Planetarium Projector that can magically turn your room to a starry night sky.

It also includes a Rotating Star Pattern of the Northern Sky which amazingly projects with 24 HD Space images. These HD images include images of planets, nebulae, moons, astronaut, spacecraft and other famous celestial bodies.

Still want more?

You can enjoy more than 50 marvellous combinations of different galactic images that will catch everyone dumbfounded.

The product is small and sleek with a dimension of 10 x 7 x 10 inches and lightweight at 1.85 pounds.

This remarkable kit is relatively easy to set up and use.

The kit also includes a 15-minute timer that shuts down automatically which means you don’t need to exert more effort shutting off this thing. It’s convenient and great at night when going to bed.

What we don’t like

A piece of advice though: don’t let your kids break it too fast because this toy is made from plastic.

Another thing is that some of the images included are old school slides.



Easy to assemble
Ease of use


Remote control


Comes with great features that are worth your money
Customer Service


Responsive to customers

How to use this kit?

If you want to use this kit, you can refer to the tutorial video below:

Smithsonian Planetarium Projector

The instructions in the manual are very easy to figure out. The focus ring (the smaller lens between the two) is responsible for projecting rays of the different cosmic bodies in the disc.

The three buttons located atop the projector are the ones making the projection either stationary or rotating. You also need to have a screwdriver which will be used to open the back side of the projector for the three AA batteries.

There is a slot under the projector where you can place the disc. The three discs are safely kept inside their storage areas located just adjacent to the three buttons.


Having included recent photographs of the planets and the stars, the Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector is one alternative to turn your child’s place into an exploration room.

One distinct feature that makes this projector stand above the rest is its adjustable stand. With this stand, the projector’s angle can be adjusted perfectly according to your preferences.

Discovery Planetarium Projector is made of very innovative design that features two layered domes that are used to project rotating cosmic bodies very slowly. It truly shows how immersive your child’s exploration will be at a very young age.

This kit contains 32 slides on 4 reel discs that can spark curiosity and interest. This is a healthy way to replace video games and smartphones from your child’s world. Discovery Planetarium is a budget-friendly projector, too.

You can check it out!

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector for Children with Rotating Stars Night Sky Mode and Stationary Slides Mode with Planet, Constellation, Solar...
  • VIEW STARS, GALAXIES, PLANETS, AND SPACESHIPS: With the fascinating Discovery Kids Planetarium Space...
  • TWO PROJECTOR MODES: STATIONARY AND MOVING: The projector is double sided and features two different...
  • 32 PHOTO SLIDES ON 4 REEL DISCS: The Discovery Kids Space Projector features 4 discs of 8 slides...

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The realistic images of cosmic objects that are seen from a small yet easy-to-assemble planetarium kit can be very useful during your children’s retreat, or simply during their bedtime.

Excellent as a gift, the Smithsonian Optics Room Planetarium Projector is also perfect for early exploration habits.

Although not completely a good representation of our universe yet this is an amazing and valuable substitute.

This mini planetarium is a great way for someone who is trying to feel relaxed, soothed and clear-minded.

Playing with this kit can bring happiness to the entire family.

It provides tranquillity for someone who wants to feel calm. The kit can give priceless moments to everyone which make this product worth recommending.


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