60+ Siri Commands You Absolutely Need

60+ useful siri hacks to get things done

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60+ useful siri hacks to get things done

Alright everyone, buckle up because I’m about to drop some serious Siri knowledge on you.

We’re diving deep into the rabbit hole of ’60+ Siri Commands You Absolutely Need’—and trust me, it’s not just your average ‘Hey Siri, what’s the weather?’ kind of list.

We’re talking about those life-altering commands and tips and tricks that’ll make you wonder how you ever managed without your trusty virtual sidekick.

So, grab your iPhones, and let’s get this Siri party started—because let’s face it, we’re all just a “Hey Siri” away from becoming efficient wizards, or at least from not having to type everything out like it’s 2010. Get ready to transform your digital life!

How to Set Up Siri

Before we dive into those game-changing Siri commands, let’s ensure Siri is all ears for your commands.

If saying “Hey Siri” feels like you’re talking to a wall, here’s a quick setup guide: Head over to your Settings, then scroll down until you find Siri & Search. Here, you’ll want to enable Listen for “Hey Siri.”

This might prompt your iPhone to ask you to speak a few phrases—consider it a brief get-to-know-you session with Siri to make sure it’s ready to assist, no shouting required.

go to Settings, scroll down to Siri & Search

turn on Listen for Siri or Hey Siri

40+ Practical Siri Commands

These are over 60 cool examples to see what Siri can do. Feel free to play around with the commands and make Siri your super helpful sidekick!

Device and Media Control

“Hey Siri, what’s this song?”

When you’re at a café, enjoying a song you don’t recognize, or your music app surprises you with a new track, simply ask Siri to find the song for you on the spot! 

“Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight.”

Another cool way to do this is by saying “Hey Siri, lumos!,” like you’re Harry Potter moving the wand and casting a spell in the movies!

“Hey Siri, turn on “Do Not Disturb”.”

“Hey Siri, turn up the volume.”

“Hey Siri, turn down the brightness.”

“Hey Siri, play “the boy is mine” on Spotify.”

“Hey Siri, stop the music.”

“Hey Siri, open Youtube.”

“Hey Siri, search for passionfruit cheesecake recipes.”

“Hey Siri, search for images of Maldives.”

hey siri turn up the volume

Call and Message

“Hey Siri, FaceTime my boo.”

“Hey Siri, text my mama saying “I’ll be home late”.”

“Hey Siri, play my last voicemail.”

“Hey Siri, read my new messages.”

“Hey Siri, share this picture with ___.”

“Hey Siri, call ___ on the work phone.”


“Hey Siri, schedule a meeting with ___ tomorrow at 5 PM.”

“Hey Siri, reschedule my 9 AM meeting to 10:30 AM.”

“Hey Siri, when is my next appointment?”

“Hey Siri, add ___ to the meeting with ___.”

“Hey Siri, what’s on my calendar for Tuesday next week?”

“Hey Siri, remind me to water the flowers when I get home.”

“Hey Siri, remind me to buy groceries at 3 PM tomorrow.”

“Hey Siri, create note: ___.”

Time and Date

“Hey Siri, set the timer for 20 minutes.”

“Hey Siri, reset the timer.”

“Hey Siri, set an alarm for 7 AM every Monday.”

“Hey Siri, change my 9 AM alarm to 8:30 AM.”

“Hey Siri, what time is it in San Francisco?”

hey siri what time is it in san francisco


“Hey Siri, show me good seafood restaurants near me.”

“Hey Siri, find a gas station near me.”

“Hey Siri, show me directions from ___ to ___.”

“Hey Siri, add a stop to __.”


“Hey Siri, do I have any new emails?”

“Hey Siri, send a new email to ___.”

“Hey Siri, show me the email from ___ yesterday.”

“Hey Siri, show Jake’s home email address.”


“Hey Siri, what is the sum of 345 and 678?”

“Hey Siri, what is 15% of 350?”

“Hey Siri, what is the average of 25, 36, and 49?”

“Hey Siri, how much is $100 in Japanese yen?”

hey siri what is the sum of 345 and 678

20 Fun Siri Commands and Questions

  1. Hey Siri, do you have pets?
  2. Hey Siri, can you call Santa Claus?
  3. Hey Siri, knock, knock.
  4. Hey Siri, who is the best assistant?
  5. Hey Siri, can you rap?
  6. Hey Siri, beat-box for me.
  7. Hey Siri, read me a haiku.
  8. Hey Siri, tell me a story.
  9. Hey Siri, tell me a joke.
  10. Hey Siri, sing me a song.
  11. Hey Siri, tell me a riddle.
  12. Hey Siri, tell me a bedtime story.
  13. Hey Siri, sing me a lullaby.
  14. Hey Siri, who’s the fairest of them all?
  15. Hey Siri, can I call you Jarvis?
  16. Hey Siri, may the Force be with you.
  17. Hey Siri, give me a hint.
  18. Hey Siri, is the Easter Bunny real?
  19. Hey Siri, I see a little silhouette of a man.
  20. Hey Siri, what does the fox say?

hey siri tell me a story

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