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13 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Projector

13 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Projector

Projectors are very expensive and fragile.

It is only by taking good care of them that you will prolong their lifespan and ensure that their performance is at the highest level.

Regularly maintaining all the various parts of your projector, especially the lens, will also ensure that it displays the best image quality.

This article gives you 13 tips that can help you maintain your projector.

1. Check the Warranty

check the warranty of your projector

Different projectors have different warranties. For example, there are long-lasting DLP or LCoS projectors that have long-lasting LED lamps which you can burn out. There are also projectors that have halogen lamps with 24/7 utility that you can’t burn out. Warranties give you limitations on how to use your projector.

2. Always Read the Manual

projector instruction manual with glass and wrench

The manual contains all the information about your projector. It not only guides you in figuring out where the important components are located, but it also gives you recommendations regarding how to best maintain it, especially what to do and how often to do it.

3. Clean it

For you to get the highest quality image from your projector, you must always ensure that it is clean,especially the lens. You must use a lens cloth, one that you can use to clean your eyeglasses, because it is free of any static and will not add any lint on the lens. Your hands, when handling the projector and its other components, must also be clean. This YouTube video can help you learn more about this.

4. Allow the Projector to Cool

Projectors, like other pieces of electronic equipment, can be destroyed by extreme heat. You must always allow it to cool after use.

5. Relax

After shutting down your projector and allowing it to cool, you should not always rush to pack it. This is because you will break or destroy the lamp filaments or wires, or other components by mishandling them. So, relax and take your time.

6. Ensure that there is an Appropriate Ventilation

Ventilation is important for a projector because it emits warm air and heat, which in excess, will destroy it. Appropriate ventilation must be free of any debris or dust, and ensure that there is proper airflow.

7. Do Not Carelessly Turn the Switch On and Off

switch off

You must never be “trigger-happy” and turn the switch on and off at will or playfully. This is because such actions lead to a power surge that will wear out the equipment and mess up its internal circuits.

8. Try to Keep Your Hands Off the Projector

Carrying or touching your projector many times will be a temptation but it can damage the equipment or even hurt you. For example, you should avoid touching a hot lamp because you can get a burn from doing so. The oils from your fingers can also ruin the shine of the projector, hence, the reason why it is advisable to relax before you switch it off.

9. Know the Lamp Life

the projector lamp

When you purchase your projector, you must always properly set up the lamp timer. This is because it will show you whether you need to change the bulbs and/or lamps. It also keeps track of the projector lamp life or the remaining lifespan that has been estimated, ensuring that you are aware of the hours that you should use it.

10. Only Purchase Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Lamps

While OEM lamps will be expensive and you will be tempted to purchase their cheap generic or universal-fit replacements, it is important for you to know that you will damage your projector if you yield to this temptation. These cheap lamp replacements will damage your equipment faster and make you lose out on shorter hours. Only OEM lamps guarantee compatibility.

11. Routinely Change the Batteries

the laser pointer batteries for projector

Projectors that have remote controls or laser point tools have batteries. When these batteries begin to weaken, they will affect the effectiveness of the equipment. Therefore, you must routinely check them and replace them with new ones.

12. Keep Climate Change in Mind

Climate change is an important contemporary topic which you must keep in mind. The machinations of humanity are destroying the environment and you must play your part in reducing your carbon footprint. You can do this through little actions like utilizing the power saver or the economy mode when using your projector.

13. Keep the Storage Area Cool and Dry

After purchasing your projector and unpacking it, you must never throw away the package because it will go a long way in storing it, especially when it is on transit. However, the storage area of the equipment must be cool and dry because if it is not, the likelihood of damage is very high.

The Main Point

If you want to ensure that your projector not only operates at its maximum capacity but also achieves its estimated lifespan, then you must maintain it. These 13 tips will help you to ensure that your equipment operates at its maximum capacity and lifespan. They will also help you to avoid loss as a consumer and investor.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.